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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Friends, Australian Etsy Artists - frankideas - Blogtoberfest Day 28

    rubber necklace, red felt necklace, rubber jewelry, modern jewelry, red felt balls

Happy Friday lovely blog readers, and welcome to day 28 of Blogtoberfest. I can't believe how quickly this month has gone and that I have managed to put together a legible blog post each and every day. It has been a huge personal challenge and I think I would like to give it another go next year.

Today I am thrilled to introduce an Australian Etsyian whose creations I have admired for quite some time now - meet the gorgeous Rowan from frankideas.

Rowan makes stylish and individual jewellery creations from felt, rubber, paper and also makes ruffle collars, button jewellery, wearable art. I love these pieces that are non-conformist and challenge the idea of what jewellery is and what it should be made from.

For example, I give you the  rubber and pearl statement necklace,

rubber and pearl necklace, rubber jewelry,  statement jewelry, modern jewelry,  wearable art, green rubber, avant garde

a stunning brown ruffle collar bib necklace made from brown vinyl with black backing,
brown ruffle necklace, ruffle collar, bib necklace, collar necklace, sculptural, statement necklace, avant garde, fall fashion
and this completely fabulous paper necklace. 

paper necklace, paper jewelry, first anniversary, red flower necklace, anniversary gift, wedding anniversary

Oh and can I mention that I am completely smitten with the simple design and striking contrast of these red and black rubber earrings !
red rubber earrings, rubber hoop earrings, modern earrings, red, black
Dear readers, it's time for you to relax, sit back with a cuppa and biscuit perhaps, and enjoying flicking through the virtual pages of the frankideas journal. See you all tomorrow for Blogtoberfest Day 29 xo

the frankideas journal.

Hi my name is Rowan, my jewellery and accessories company is called frankideas and ... I am female!

My parents named me after the tree with red berries never realizing the angst it would cause me growing up. Imagine it, red hair, freckles and a boy's name = not cool, seriously not cool!! The only way to survive was to be an individual ... so I was.

red tassel earrings, fringe earrings,  red and silver earrings. long  earrings

Actually I grew up in a pretty amazing environment in NZ, surrounded by cutting edge design for the 1960's and 70's. My father is an architect, who at that stage was influenced heavily by Alvar Aalto so we were surrounded with Scandinavian furniture and wonderfully textured wallpapers and homemade screens and textiles, modern architecture and wild, native plants in free flowing landscaped gardens - very different from all the neighbours in their traditional houses with chintz and manicured gardens

floral necklace, paper necklace,  first anniversary jewelry, paper flower necklace, anniversary gift,  romantic necklace,

New Zealanders tend to be creative and inventive, something to do with isolation and shocking weather. As a family we always seemed to be involved in a project; making paper beads for curtains from architectural magazines, sticking fabric on walls or gathering volcanic rocks for landscaping. I remember painting a huge sliding door in my bedroom with masses of tiny images I'd copied from fashion magazines -another project that I never quite finished.

agate bracelet, gemstone bracelet, chunky bracelet, grey and honey.

I escaped from NZ in the early 80's and have lived in Sydney ever since. I count myself as an Australian, having now spent more of my life here, but still love to return to wonder at the continued amazing creativity that is to be found in NZ. I guess frankideas is an extension of those early influences -the name is meant to refer to honest, straight forward designs, uninhibited by convention.

flower pendant, rubber necklace, rubber jewelry, modern jewelry, black

frankideas accessories are created from an eclectic variety of materials that include felt, rubber, paper, textiles, plastic and found objects -basically anything that captures my imagination or sparks an idea. The aim is to create pieces that are individual, striking and reflect the wearer’s personality, fashioned for the woman who is passionate about design and colour.

modern earrings, cool earrings, sterling silver ear wires,  sculptural earrings,

Based in Balmain, frankideas design ethos is about exploring colour, materials and detail, resulting in a bold range of jewellery that is wearable art. I like to recycle but I also like to adapt. I guess I’m interested in thinking outside the square.

pearl and rubber necklace, rubber necklace, modern jewelry, avant garde necklace.  rubber jewellery. rubber and pearl pendant, minimalist

I constantly mean to be more disciplined in my approach to design, but have never been able to focus on one single project at a time and instead overflow out of my studio with numerous designs at various stages in a chaotic mess that often takes over the entire house - much to the disgust of my long suffering family.
fabric necklace, textile necklace, romantic necklace,  fall fashion, pastel greens, orchid hush and quarry

I often discover half finished projects months later that might then evolve into something that others might, hopefully, be interested in. I'm an insomniac that often works until 2 or 3 am, something that has been difficult to manage with a family of elite athletes and swimmers who often need to be got to swimming squads at 5 in the morning! Needless to say I would not survive without a nana nap most afternoons! With my youngest son sitting HSC at the moment I am looking forward to the next stage of my life...with more time to spend on uninterrupted creativity, chaos and design indulgence!!!

fringe necklace, paper jewelry, paper necklace,  primitive style,  tribal influence, teal and black, spring fashion

Dear readers, want to see more (or do some shopping *wink*), here is where you can connect with frankideas :

Buy beautiful things on Etsy here :

Connect on facebook here :

or follow frankideas sweet tweets on twitter here :

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