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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Diva's Part 13 Felicia Fairy

Welcome to the Friday Friends blog post. Lucky Number 13 - Introducing my colourful Dusty Diva; the gorgeous Emma from Felicia Fairy
I have long been an admirer of the funkiness of Felicia Fairy and had this custom monster bag designed and made for my niece's birthday

and this is me in my Felicia Fairy Patchwork Scarf
and this is me in my Felicia Fairy Patchwork Headband
and this is another of my many many handbags - it was too cute not to add to my collection !

Anyway, please sit back, relax and enjoy the Felicia Fairy story x

Felicia Fairy

Hi my name is Emma, I am a stay at home Mum (and Mum-to-be!) and the brains and hands behind feliciafairy.
I've been making things with my hands from a very young age, and have always enjoyed activities taught to me by my Mother - cooking, baking, knitting, hand-sewing. I've been dying fabric and clothing for around 15 years.
My technique has changed over that time, and now I really love to use lots of bright, bold colours. I also love playing with reclaimed fabrics to make bags, quilts and clothing for big girls and little girls.

I've often accused myself of having Craft ADHD - and at any one time might have a few different projects on the go - a scrapbook page, a quilt cut out and ready to piece, a garment I'm knitting, a crossstich project (in fact, I really do have all of those on the go right now). I'm not very good at sitting still, so even when watching TV at night I'll be drawing, or knitting, or stitching something!

I love to surround myself with handmade things, ones that I have made or ones passed down by family members. Buying handmade is important for people and the planet, and my favourite things to buy are clothing, baby toys, jewellery and soaps.
Another favourite activity is rescuing handmade items from a lonely fate! Our baby has a pile of soft crochet blankets in her cupboard, all the colours of the rainbow, that I have saved from op-shops. Handmade pottery in op-shops just needs to be loved! Many of our potplants are in handmade pots I've saved from a dusty fate on an opshop shelf.

My newest addiction is Yarnbombing. Check out my new blog at
Yarn Bombing is a form of Yarn Graffiti, completely removable and designed for the sole purpose of brightening people's days!

Go on ! Check out the lovely Felicia Fairy goodies for yourself at :

Etsy Store : www.feliciafairy.etsy.com

Facebook Fanpage : http://www.facebook.com/FeliciaFairy

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist - Escapism

Don't we all dream of escapism at some point.............











Versatile Blogger Award

I want to express a HUGE heartfelt thank you to the lovely Veri-Tea of Joie de Tea for this lovely piece
and of course for the much appreciated Versatile Blogger Award. This is my first blog award so I guess you can tell I am pretty excited.

The requirements of the award are as follows:

Thank the giver and link their blog in your post.

Share seven things about yourself.

1. I love art and all it encompasses

2. I can't wait for the first harvest from our newly established vege garden.

3. I spoil our pets WAY too much

4. I love exploring the handmade world.

5. I love the smell of cookies baking

6. My favourite style of music is Indie or Alternative

7. I love arthouse and foreign language films over mainstream cinema.

Pass the reward to 15 recently discovered blogs.

I haven't been in the blogging world for all that long but there are a few people that have truly supported me in my blogging endeavours and I want to recognise them with this award.

Del of deliciousdesignz

Bri of petaliferous

Kim of savagekitten

Deb of twocheekymonkeysdesigns

Jess of messy-bessie

Karen of newearthsoaps

Laura of lunabellaoriginals

Jess at epherielldesigns

Violet of artshushus

Samone of redletterstudio

Vickie of Redeem Designs

Judy of summerstreetfair

Sarah at handpouredcreations

Helena of littlemoandfriends

and to everyone at the Awesome DUST Team dustteam blog

Contact the bloggers to let them know about the reward.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - Red Letter Studio

Hello lovely Friday !

With pleasure I introduce a new Friday Friend - Samone - the Dusty Diva behind Red Letter Studio

I was incredibly lucky to win a Red Letter Studio prize pack a little while back and was so impressed with the goodies I received !

I ordered some more of the cute snail mail labels though as seem to be using them up quickly and they add that really personal touch to letters and parcels.
In fact I am pleased to say that they are travelling more than me, having been used on post to the USA, Russian Federation, United Kingdom plus several Australian states including Western Australia, NSW, Victoria and Queensland!

Now it's time for you to settle in with a cuppa and read through Samone's story - enjoy !

The Story of Red Letter Studio

My name is Samone and I am the chick behind Red Letter Studio.

I started RLS about two years ago, and it just kind of developed from my love of design and typography. I've been a Graphic Designer for over 10 years and I have a day job in cross-media marketing which keeps me on my toes!

Red Letter Studio designs stationery and invitations, and creates custom design solutions for your event or business,

including logos and brochures and the like.

We like to do everything by hand, using earth-friendly materials, and create stuff that really speaks to its user and viewer, and is unique and individual!

Not only does Red Letter Studio create specialised stationery and design to suit our clients, but we have a pretty unique style too.

We also like to illustrate, so often our stuff includes original artworks too.

I love interpreting a client's brief and creating art that hopefully visualises exactly what they were trying to describe to me in their brief! My aesthetic is best described as Hand-drawn, almost vintage-style illustrative style, with contemporary type and often bold colouring.

We use quality recycled materials, like post-consumer recycled paper, envelopes and card, and we are really conscious of our waste too!

I like to keep every last little scrap of everything and re-use what I can.

I live in Melbourne, I got married earlier this year and I have to say that being a Mrs now is pretty damn cool. I love my family and friends and try and make as much time as possible for them, but I do love being so busy and working lots too! Down time includes going for a run, watching an arty film, reading Frankie mag or listening to some tunes.

Here is where you can find more Red Letter Studio goodness - and I can personally vouch for the craftmanship and quality of these gorgeous products !

website: www.redletterstudio.com.au

blog: www.redletterstudiomelbourne.blogspot.com

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Melbourne-Australia/RedLetterStudio/118034061554415

Made It: www.madeit.com.au/redletterstudio

Etsy: www.redletterstudio.etsy.com