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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Friends - Australian Artists - Pastel Valley Studio

Hello readers, welcome to Friday. It's a long weekend in the West, hoping that it will be filled with fine weather and a fair yet entertaining AFL Grand Final. What do you have planned? This week it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you a talented maker and Australian Artist - meet sweet Clare from Pastel Valley Studio! 
Let me share some of the gorgeous creatures Clare creates by hand with you all. Firstly meet this cutie, what a heirloom for a special child (or grown up) to have as a top shelf toy. Meet the 50's inspired Party Hat Bear Art Toy. Isn't he the greatest? 
How beautiful is this piece - Hummingbird Textile Wall Art
It would add a touch of artistic elegance to any room.
I also really love the mischievous Hypno Cat Large Art Toy. Doesn't he just look like trouble with a capital T? How did that ice-cream cone end up where it did? 
Dear readers, I invite you now to pop your feet up, grab a cuppa and turn the virtual pages as you take a Peek Inside Pastel Valley Studio. Have a fantastic weekend everyone xo♥
A Peek Inside Pastel Valley Studio
Pastel Valley Studio is my haven for dreamy, expressive and often odd little characters. I have been creating toys for the past few years and just love seeing each personality evolve. I have always enjoyed art that leaves a space for the imagination, so I try to leave some open ends when creating.
I studied Textile Design at RMIT and graduated in 2008. I was lucky to land a creative job for the following four years. This role felt like a roller coaster ride and provided a good insight to commercial design. Whilst this was happening I felt a strong calling to start my own creative business and combine my two passions, art and textiles. So I started Pastel Valley Studio, a small space filled with inspiring fabrics, colour, photography, adopted toys and dolls.
Each toy that I make has a hand painted face; I use acrylic paint, soft brushes and work on a canvas-type fabric. I paint the faces first, and then form the bodies to enhance the personality of the character. Then comes my favourite part, fabric selection. I just love going through fabrics, buttons and ribbons and putting together a collection that speaks to me. I don’t use commercial toy patterns, I like to sculpt and shape the toys as I go. They need to have nice curves and be able to sit up by themselves. The process is slow and it takes many hours to make each one, but I enjoy every second of the process and it is pure joy for me.
Currently I have work in a few group shows, one is Schmancy in Seattle (10th anniversary show!), the other is in Fawn Gallery in Melbourne. I was also proud to be part of ‘Toy to the World’ a fundraising show to help fund AIDS research earlier this year.
My ideas are endless, custom pieces are welcome and I just wish that I had more time in the day to bring them all to life! Thank you for reading about my little adventure so far and including me in your lovely group. 

You can find some of my work in my online store:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dress me Up - Wednesday Wishes

Lovely items found by searching "dress, handmade" on Etsy, 
all by Australian makers.
I hope you enjoy this edition of Wednesday Wishes xo♥
vintage paper folded dress wall art from awreckofbirds
Origami dress - birthday from ChienoWa
The Gunners Daughter Box pleate dress by ApartofmeAPOM
Garland Vintage Dress and Peep Toe Shoes from RubyCanoeDesign
Dress made of dresses Art Print notebook from MegiBead

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Friends - Australian Makers - Boutique 789

Hello everyone, the weekend is nearly here. What is everyone up to? No big plans at Maddabling HQ after the big hike last weekend. This week I have a new Friday Friend to introduce, meet the lovely Jess. the maker and creator of all the nice things found at Boutique 789.
Jess says: "Boutique 789 serves up a delicious selection of décor, fashion and curios to feed your appetite for cuteness!" 
Let me share some of my finds with you now. I am seriously loving this set of 3 sweet heart owl wall hanging collages with applique fabric on canvas. 
Just about the same amount as I love the concept of the 
Emergency Birthday Survival Kit; an itty bitty credit card size mini cake bunting on the go. I think this could get you out of a spot of I forgot your Birthday trouble :) 
Who likes quiet toys? This one is inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and is suitable for toddlers; it's designed to teach threading skills and is very educational quiet toy.
Ok readers, time for you to turn the virtual pages and read a little more of The Boutique 789 Book. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did. Have a fantastic weekend everyone xx
The Boutique 789 Book
Hi! My name is Jess.
By day I am a full time personal assistant to two demanding bosses – Mr Three and Mr Five. By night (and pre-school days!) I am the one-(wo)man-show behind Boutique 789. The store’s name comes from my adorable nephew’s favourite joke (this must be read with a lisp...and a little bit of dribble running out your mouth)
Why was 10 scared?
Because 789!
My Nanna taught me to sew at the age of three (before I could write). Nanna was a Polish refugee during WW2, fleeing to Australia with nothing but her husband and 3 children. Her sewing skills were self taught, making clothes for herself from old pillowcases in the beginning but soon able to turn her hand to ANYTHING. My sister and I had few store-bought clothes growing up. Nanna made everything. 
No really – everything. 
From undies, (eew!) to swimmers, school uniforms to ugg boots. 
I miss her. A lot.
My mother insists “sewing skips a generation” so I became Nanna’s side kick. Creating and problem solving using the items I have on hand has been instilled in me since my earliest memories and has been the gift that keeps on giving – I have used these skills in every facet of my life. It led me to my career as a fashion designer/developer, my first business making and selling handbags at markets (in the olden days - before internet shopping LOL) to making my wedding dress.
Now that I am a stay at home mum my interests have changed and so was born my new venture Boutique789, a collection of décor for nurseries and kids rooms. I enjoy making mobiles, wall hangings, bunting, cushions... pretty much anything child-related but there is so much more to come!
I am inspired by everything, a cliche but true. It can be slightly maddening actually. I try to keep away from Pinterest... it can really fry my brain! Since I started a dedicated design diary (which resembles George Costanzas’ wallet - for the Seinfeld fans out there) it has helped organise my thoughts. It is choc-a-block full of ideas that my hands just cannot keep up with. Cake toppers (of the non-edible variety), and kids clothing are high on the priority list. Oh, and lots more for boy’s rooms, I keep getting side tracked by pretty stuff.
Stay tuned Folks!
Boutique 789 fulfills a need to express my creativity (in a medium other than Clag glue and tissue paper!). It is also a kind of challenge to myself to see what I can come up with using the items I have on hand. In addition to the thirty-plus years worth of project left overs and salvaged bin-bound fabrics and cut up garments from my working days, I have inherited my Nanna’s entire shed and sewing room FULL of supplies. Don’t get me wrong – the local Spotlight staff know me well... but I am trying my best to stay away.
For a while there I was slightly obsessed with collecting vintage doilies and napkins. Much of my current work is inspired by or incorporates these items. The birdy mobiles made from re purposed embroidered vintage napkins are my current favorites, they are truly unique, one-off pieces!

The People’s Choice Award however goes to the Little mouse Hot Air Balloon, originally created as a gift for a friend. It is timeless, gender neutral and able to be customised for any room. In short it’s just a little cutie!
I enjoy the process of designing and creating but especially love the feeling when somebody else admires my finished product. I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery of work and would be delighted if a item made you smile so much you just had to have it! Why not pop in for a visit?

You can find me: 
on Etsy: www.etsy.com/store/boutique789

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nautical Kitsch - Wednesday Wishes

These sweet finds were found by searching Nautical Kitsch on Etsy I hope you enjoy this Wednesday Wishes Wishlist ♥
retro mermaid nautical wall hanging from buckaroosmercantile
Kitsch Cream Nautical Anchor Hair Bow Accessories Rockabilly Pin Up 50's Retro from Urbancandyemporium
Vintage Sailboat Applique Wrap Skirt from madvintage
Nautical Sailor Swallow with heart from Loloandstitch

Mermaid photo on Hollywood blvd from StarForeman

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Walking amongst Wildflowers and Apricot Bliss Balls

Hello lovely readers, my apologies that the weekend blog post is a tad late, now that it is Tuesday and all. Tonight I share with you Walking amongst Wildflowers and Apricot Bliss Balls. 
Happy Reading xo♥
Walking Amongst Wildflowers
Spring is the most beautiful time on the south coast. There are so many walk trails and the spring sunshine combined with bursts of brightly coloured and unusual wildflowers is just divine! Here are some snaps from a recent walk in Mt Martin botanical park. I hope that they inspire you to get out and about this coming weekend :)  
Apricot Bliss Balls
I have been experimenting a lot with bliss balls lately, this is yet another variation. They will keep for up to a week in an airtight container or pop them in the freezer for a ready snack. This makes approximately 15 balls. Note: I added in about a tablespoon of white chia seeds to my mix. You can find the original recipe here: 
Apricot Bliss Balls 
300g dried apricots
1/3 cup crushed almonds or unsalted macadamias, even better if toasted
2 tbsp organic coconut oil
1-2 tsp coconut nectar, honey or agave (optional)
A few tablespoons of dessicated coconut

Blitz dried apricots in a food processor or blender and take care to not overheat your blender.

Add crushed nuts, coconut oil and coconut nectar. Blend until just combined. (Alternatively, you can use your hands to mix the nuts, coconut oil and coconut nectar into the blended apricots in a bowl.) Scoop contents out into a bowl with a mini spatula. Mixture can be sticky so try not to slice your fingers with the blades! Take a small amount of the mixture and roll into small balls between your palms. 

In a separate bowl, dip and evenly coat each apricot ball with a good amount of dessicated coconut. If you have the time, you can also lightly toast your dessicated coconut prior to coating the balls. Toasted coconut is wonderfully nutty and aromatic.

Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed Walking amongst Wildflowers and Apricot Bliss Balls. See you all tomorrow for a new edition of Wednesday Wishes. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Friends - West Australian Makers - Knitted Window

Hello Friday. I can't believe the weekend is almost here. Orchid hunting is on the agenda for me this weekend, hiking down here on the South Coast. What are your plans? Anyhow, it's time for me to introduce to you all a new Friday Friend and West Australian maker, meet the lovely Rheana of Knitted Window. 
Knitted Window specialises in creating sustainable eco friendly statement jewellery. Here are some of my favourites. How pretty is this Faceted Eco Friendly Resin Ring in Watermelon Gold?
With Summer just around the corner, you could make this your very own Summer Statement Piece; loving this Life's a Beach Eco Friendly Resin Bangle.

Or for something more delicate yet not understated, try the stunning Ocean Blue Cube Eco Resin Necklace with Flakes of 24 Carat Gold. This is sure to be a talking point each time you wear it. I just Adore! 
Readers, I invite you now to pop your feet up, perhaps enjoy a cup of tea and read Looking Through the Knitted Window. Have a fantastic weekend xo♥
Looking through the Knitted Window

How and When did your handmade/artistic journey begin ?
I am located in a little country town called Northam in Western Australia and I have been producing pretty things as KnittedWindow since 2012.

What inspires you ?
I'm a science nerd. Chemistry physics, biology. You name it. I love science. I always have. Just ask my mum. 

Mother “Rheana what's this in the fridge?"

Me "DONT TOUCH IT!!!! It's an experiment!!!" 
- age 9
I love having the power to make a liquid into a solid. I love the thrill that if my measurements, atmospheric pressure and temp aren't 100% perfect it will fail.

And why jewelery? Because I'm a bit of a girl (sometimes)

How it all began?
My first experience with resin was building a race boat with my dad. Calculating, measuring, mixing, working within a timeline before it cures. 

Then one cold winters night while building boats in the shed. I left the resin under a light and one poor lost little moth soul fell into the resin. This moth (May he rest in peace) is preserved....... FOREVER!!!! Wow! How cool is that? I felt like a scientist from Jurassic park. 
Then the real experimenting began. What else can be put in resin? Which resin? How can I make shapes? 
It has been a long process to get the quality I have in my store today. There have been a lot……... and I mean a lot of failures. 

Tell me about your creative side, how did you get started? 
I’ve always been creative, and a little bit different. I’m not one to go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing. I studied photography for three years and started my life out as a photographer and comes in handy when I'm taking photos of my work.
What are your current sources of inspiration? 
The best inspiration comes from everyone else’s minds. People are the best inspiration. When ever I show a piece to someone they always start listing ideas, some are crazy, some are already on my list, but most are absolutely brilliant. (The why didn't I think of that? moments)

What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite ?
All our products are 100% Eco Friendly. We use bio-derived eco resin to create our little pieces of prettiness. Sourced from bio based renewable materials sourced as co-products or from waste streams of other industrial processes, such as wood pulp and bio-fuels production. 

Our feathers are from a cruelty free farms. They are raised organically and humanely for their entire lives and are naturally shedded feathers.
Our plants, wheat and moss are pesticide free and as natural as they can be, and are hand picked by myself  or are from little farms from around the globe. Even our 100's and 1000's items are made locally in Australia. Our packaging and gift boxes are also made from recycled material.
Do you have a favourite piece that you have made/created ?
I can never choose a favourite, Every new item I add to the store is my favourite, but if I had to choose it would be between the Steampunk because its amazing, It's made with deconstructed watch mechanisms, if you look closely you can see tiny cogs, watch handles, tiny screws and more tiny cogs.
and the wheat bangle because it reminds me of the days when I lived on a wheat farm.
What are your future plans/dreams/aspirations ? 
At the moment I love selling online, It gives me the freedom to work the hours I want. (and go to work in my pj’s) I have a few boutique stores selling my line, and I would love to have a few more around Australia. 

Dear readers, would you like to see more? Here is how you can connect. 

on the Knitted Window website here: