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Monday, September 8, 2014

Abandoned Laneway, Spring Blooms + Bandicoots and Creamy Coconut + Strawberry Icypoles

Hi readers, hoping you had a fantastic weekend. In this weekend blog post I share with you Abandoned Laneway, Spring Blooms + Bandicoots and Creamy Coconut + Strawberry Icypoles. 
Happy Reading xo♥
Abandoned Laneway
There is a laneway near the town centre that can best be described as abandoned. I have been meaning to explore the delapidated buildings along this stretch for a while. It was a bright Sunday morning and the shadows were beautiful to capture in black and white. These houses must have been quite grand in their time and the WA Worsted and Woollen Mills used to be a bustling industrial hub. It is sad to see these buildings in such a state of disrepair.  I hope you enjoy these happy snaps.
Spring Blooms and Bandicoots
On the same sunny Sunday, a boardwalk stroll showed up some beautiful wildflowers like this Southern Cross. Spring is certainly in the air. 
We also happened to cross paths with a bandicoot enjoying the spring sunshine. 
This stunning Dryandra formosa has burst into flower in our native garden at home too. I love the spring blooms! 
Creamy Coconut + Strawberry Icypoles
I had left over fresh strawberry sauce that needed to be used up. I added some coconut milk and made icypoles! Recipe is below. You could also add in some cacao nibs for that chocolate element. Enjoy! 
250g Fresh Strawberries 
Juice of half an orange
Splash of Pure Vanilla Essence
Tablespoon of Raw Honey
Half a tin of coconut milk 

Blitz strawberries, orange juice, vanilla essence and honey. 
Stir in coconut milk. 
Pour into Icypole moulds and freeze. 

Note: ingredients can be adjusted to personal taste. 

Dear Maddabling readers, I hope you enjoyed Abandoned Laneway, Spring Blooms + Bandicoots and Creamy Coconut + Strawberry Icypoles. Have a fantastic week, see you on Wednesday for a new edition of Wednesday Wishes x 

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