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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - CrafteeCC

Another Friday, another working week over. Hope you are all happy and well ! I have been enjoyed experimenting with my camera in the spring sunshine (although the sunshine is hiding at the moment), went to a fab market last weekend, am looking forward to the AFL Grand Final tomorrow and hoping that Collingwood get over the collywobbles and win the Premiership Cup - my Dad will be so proud of them if they can ! Although, I may not hear the end of it for a while !

After a couple of days in the city for work, I am happy to be home again - although I did get to visit my fave music store - 78 Records !  I have been enjoying some new music - Seeker Lover Keeper (Individually, they’re three of Australia’s most innovative songwriters. Sally Seltmann specialises in narcotic, dreamy, sweeping pop, aided by layers of cotton-soft vocals, pianos and synths. Holly Throsby is known for summoning melodies that sound beautifully crumpled, worn and decades-old, and matching them with hushed, cutting lyrics that read like a Carver short story. Sarah Blasko writes haunting songs that veer from intimate ballads to orchestral showstoppers, and sings with what’s now one of the most recognisable voices in Australian music)

and The Jezabels ( a Triple J Unearthed Band) debut album Prisoner  (Genre: Indie, Pop, Region: Sydney, NSW, Members: Hayley Mary- Vocals Heather Shannon - Piano Nik Kaloper - Drums Sam Lockwood - Guitar, Sounds Like: Arcade Fire, Cyndi Lauper, Sarah Blasko, Influences: David Bowie, The Killers, Shakespeare's Sister) - both are good solid Aussie bands !

Anyway time to get back to the Friday Friends Feature ! This week I am thrilled to introduce a new DUSTy Diva and Friday Friend - meet the creative Cathy from CrafteeCC (Cathy's Creative Corner). 

Cathy makes the most adorable cards and make-up bag sets - she says in her shop announcement that

"If you see something you like, but would prefer it in a different colour, let me know and I will see what I can come up with. I would be most happy to be able to help you."

I love that Cathy is happy to work with her buyers to create something personalised - there doesn't seem to be enough of that around these days !

I really do want to share some of the lovely things I found whilst browsing Cathy's online stores. How cute are these sweet Clown Place Cards - they would be the perfect addition to a child's birthday party table

and I really love the style of this beautiful retro styled new Baby Boy card - such a gorgeous sentiment too !

This Make-up bag and matching tissue purse in Burgundy are much nicer than the mass produced ones you can buy at the chain stores don't you think ?

And I hoot oops I mean heart this lovely Owl purse too ! Although the owl purse has been SOLD, a little birdie (aka Cathy)  has told me it can be reproduced !

Dear friends, I now extend to you an invitation (a clown shaped one perhaps *wink*) to read more about Cathy in this Friday Friends feature - Cathy's Crafty Chronicle. Have a lovely weekend and be kind to one another - see you next week !

Cathy's Crafty Chronicle

Hi, my name is Cathy and I craft under the name of CrafteeCC.

I was born in Bootle, Liverpool, UK in 1960 and came to Australia in 1965. I am currently not working and have decided to describe myself as ‘semi-retired’ instead of unemployed. I enjoy most handcrafts, after being introduced to knitting and crocheting by my Mum in the early 70’s. Mum had a stroke at 35 and had to teach herself how to knit and crochet again – so we learned together. I also enjoy card making, quilting, sewing, beading and cross-stitch. Being the new owner of a Nikon D3100, I also dabble in a bit of photography. Actually, I am not too sure which task I am enjoying more - the crafting or the photography.

In the 90’s I was introduced to Rubber Stamping and papercrafts took over the spare room, much to the lighthearted disgruntlement of hubby with all the glitter getting absolutely everywhere. I now stamp regularly and design and create personalized greeting cards for family and close friends, as well as the occasional custom order for work friends.

My favourite craft tool of the moment is my personal cutting machine, the CraftROBO/Silhouette.
My most favourite creations of late have been made using the CraftROBO. I designed a Baby Stack Rings card that actually rocks and some Baby Onesie Shaped Cards that can be utilized as Invitations as well.

I am particularly pleased with a few of my latest creations using the CraftROBO. This Baby Book was initially made for a family member and is now available in my ETSY store and will also be available in my Madeit Store very soon.

In My Sewing Room, I get a lot of pleasure from making up purses and tissue holders which have proven really popular for some of the charities I am involved in. Here are some of the items I have made that have been sold to raise funds for Queensland Floods

I have donated the following purses for an upcoming Quiz Night for TLC Pregnancy and Infant Loss Australia http://www.teddyloveclub.org.au/

My hope for the future is that I can continue to support my chosen charities and build sales in ETSY and Madeit to a level that I can remain ‘semi-retired’ and not have to go back out to work - I am enjoying being home far too much !

Want some of these goodies for your very own ? Or would you like to read more about Cathy's crafty pursuits ? You can connect here :

Follow Cathy's blogs :



Buy lovely things online through ETSY 




Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dreamy Dresses - Wednesday Wishlist

1. Describing a totally whimsical and lovely state of mind or experience.
2. Having outstanding, superlative, or extraordinary qualities.
Synonyms for Dreamy: gorgeous, fabulous, incredible, unbelievable, beyond expectations, out of the ordinary, amazing, delightful, surprisingly beautiful.

definition from the Urban Dictionary  May 28, 2005 Urban Word of the Day

I think that each one of the ethereal creations in the sublime fashion photographs below meet this definition - they are definitely dreamy dresses ! And it also shows that Indie Fashion designers are thriving amongst the handmade community. Enjoy xo
Pink pale asymetrical dress
Pink pale asymmetrical dress by MissBunnydoll
Sweetheart Party Dress with Hand Dyed Tulle Skirt - Clouds of Cotton Candy
Sweetheart Party Dress with Hand Dyed Tulle Skirt - Clouds of Cotton Candy by ouma
Ruffled Dress-Peachy Almond
Ruffled Dress-Peachy Almond by LaCostureraShop
Anne Marie
Anne Marie by OliviaDeur
Angel Tears Dress
Angel Tears Dress by Archella
To The Sea Dress 50s Vintage Inspired Custom Sundress in Ocean Green Silk and Ecru Lace Any Size Color and Length
To The Sea Dress 50s Vintage Inspired Custom Sundress in Ocean Green Silk and Ecru Lace by SuzyBerry
It Must Have Been the Roses
It Must Have Been the Roses by clairelafaye

Monday, September 26, 2011

And the winner is........

Hi everyone - this is a super special blogpost to announce the winner of the Spring Clean Giveaway !

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who entered. Before I announce the winner, I just have a couple of other things to share with you.

Firstly I wanted to share this set of happy snaps - I went and visited Del of DELicious Designz at her weekend market - the Alison Hartman Gardens are such a stunning setting don't you think ?

I picked up the sweetest little ornament - a seahorse !

I am not sure yet where he will live but I had to take him home !

And have you received the latest copy of *bespoke* zine in the post or electronically yet ?

I was so excited to have an article published "Nanna's Vintage Treasures"  -  I would really love you to check it out for yourselves !

I was equally excited to be to be the lucky *bespoke* subscriber winner of this really cute Hungry Designs Polaroid Camera Brooch - which "has been drawn and coloured by Hungry Designs' very own Amanda Whitelaw and cannot be found anywhere else.Illustrated and then laser cut out of wood, it's funky and unusual." Be sure dear readers to check out the many wonderful treasures on the Hungry Designs site !

I wanted to share these too - I have been experimenting a little with colour editing on some photos I took recently - what do you think ?

Ok now back to business ! I enlisted the help of random org to draw the winner of the Spring Clean Giveaway ! I tallied up the entries which in total points came to 23. I put the numbers into the magic random.org random number generator ..........
and the lucky winner with number 19 is Melanie ! Melanie has a lovely ETSY shop called wiccked, if you like what you see, you can follow her facebook page ! I will be in contact Melanie to arrange to send your pretty things to you ! This was Melanies poem :

                                                Sun shines, breeze whispers
                                               rain falls wet earth my garden
                                                 bursts with new spring life.

Again, sending a big big Thank You to everyone who entered, I loved reading your very creative poems, comments and haikus !

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Friends - Australian ETSY Sellers - My Little Pixels

Hello lovely readers, it's Friday ! Yay ! I have been away in the city this week for work and always find it so wonderful to get home again. There is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed ! I am noticing more and more Spring Growth in our garden, the Kangaroo Paws are developing flowers for the first time (we only planted these in March this year), there are blueberries forming on the Blueberry bushes and the Nectarine Tree is filled with blossoms - don't you just love the magic of Springtime !

Speaking of magic - wait 'til you see the work of Anna of My Little Pixels - my Friday Friend and Australian ETSY seller for this week !
Anna hails from beautiful Tasmania and says this in her ETSY profile  :

" My life changed the day I received my DSLR for my birthday; suddenly, ordinary things became potential photo-ops and the beauty in the everyday jumped out at me and commanded my attention. It was like putting on a pair of reading glasses; everything suddenly became much clearer."

This certainly shows in Anna's amazing photographic and design works, I will share a few of my favourite images with you now, I hope you are as captivated as I was with the pretty colours and images. They really do speak volumes for themselves, so this week I have chosen not to add additional commentary - I really do heart these ones very very much.

8x8 Fine art photography print - I Crave Cupcakes - vintage inspired cupcakes fine art photograph print pink pastels flower
5x5 Fine art photography print - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - daisy botanical fine art photograph print - blue sky yellow photo
Paris Dreaming - Fine art photography pink- 5x7 print - fine art photograph print pastels clickety wall art Eiffel Tower
Seriously lovely readers, don't these images just take your breath away with their simplicity and beauty ? I invite you now to have a cuppa, to immerse yourself in a visual journey and learn more about the Anna and the Magic of My Little Pixels. Wishing you all the most fabulous weekend with lots of spring sunshine xo

The Magic of My Little Pixels

My Little Pixels is a one woman show; an offshoot of my obsession with photography and design. The name My Little Pixels, is just a whimsical term for all my digital creations. I have always been pretty creative from a young age - when I was a little kid I loved to draw and make clothes for my Barbies!

My mind is always conjuring up different things to do. I rarely ever become bored, so I have a growing list of projects I'd like to get stuck into but will probably never have time. My family have owned a craft store since I was 14, which has only spurred on my creativity and love of handmade.When I'm not with my camera, I can usually be found sketching and designing at the computer. I also love sewing and making clothes, accessories and bags - but at the moment I just don't have the space or time, so I've had to put those activities on the back burner!

What inspires you?

I am inspired and probably obsessed with the idea of creating art and beauty from the most ordinary objects or situations. My favourite possession is my macro lens, because this really allows me to see the ordinary in a completely new way. I'm inspired by the colours of summer, blossom in the spring, and the free falling leaves in autumn, dandelions, raindrops and the ocean. Living in Tasmania, our winters are quite long, cold and bleak - so I am yet to find the beauty in that particular season!

What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite?

At the moment, I am working mainly with photography, but I am hoping to start creating linocut prints from my designs in the future. At the moment I am really enjoying the creative process of photography -
everything from the taking of the photo to post-processing on the computer and creating a beautiful surreal piece of art.

What kind of things do you make/create?

I make, what I call, mini artworks from photos I have taken. I produce them in sizes from 4x6 all the way up to 12x18. Every work I create, I imagine being placed on someone's wall. I am also working on a series of
2012 calendars, mini Polaroid-size photo prints, and note cards. I also design wall art from my own sketches, which I will be listing on my Etsy store in the near future.

Do you have a favourite piece that you have created?

This is such a hard question to answer. I am in a constant state of wanting to improve my work, so even though something is 'finished' and on sale, it never feels quite finished to me. I always look at what I have created and try to think of ways to improve it. But generally, my favourite pieces are those that are very abstract or have a surreal, dreamy quality to them. I'm not interested in documenting reality through photography, so if I can make something appear more magical than it actually was, I am very happy.

What are your future plans, dreams, aspirations?

As a design student, my dream is to make a living from my creativity. In a general sense, I want stress less about the little things and keep myself focused on the big picture.

Readers - do you want to see more ? Here is where you can find more of Anna's beautiful work to look at or buy :



Anna advises as at 17th September 2011, her website is still in progress - here it is for future reference :


You may also like to catch sweet tweets on Twitter :


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fantastical Feathers - Wednesday Wishlist

fan·tasti·cal·ly adv.Synonyms: fantastic, bizarre, grotesque, fanciful, exotic
These adjectives apply to what is very strange or strikingly unusual. Fantastic describes what seems to have slight relation to the real world because of its strangeness or extravagance: fantastic imaginary beasts such as the unicorn. Fanciful applies to what is strongly influenced by imagination, caprice, or whimsy: a fanciful pattern. Something exotic is unusual and intriguing: painted landscapes in exotic colors.

from the http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fantastical

Fantastical Feathers is the theme for this weeks Wednesday Wishlist - I hope you love it xo

p.s. time is running out for you to enter the Maddabling Spring Clean Giveaway - entries close 25th September 2011 - click the link below for more details and to see the prize pack on offer xo


Feather dress Custom Order Only
Feather dress Custom Order Only by ThomasLeeDesigns
Love Eyes - Mod Psychedelic Feather Eyelashes w/ Rainbow-Colored Hearts and Swarovski Crystals - By Moonshine Baby
Love Eyes - Mod Psychedelic Feather Eyelashes w/ Rainbow-Colored Hearts and Swarovski Crystals - By MoonshineBaby
Aztec Chic - Big bold chunky feather necklace X
Aztec Chic - Big bold chunky feather necklace X by noemiah
Vibrant Feather Earrings in Tear Drop Design, Coral and Electric Blue
Vibrant Feather Earrings in Tear Drop Design, Coral and Electric Blue by Stilltreejewellery

Peacock Feather Ankle Cuff with Satin Ribbon

Peacock Feather Ankle Cuff with Satin Ribbon by jdotdesigns

Canary Yellow and Turquoise Feather Earrings. Yellow Feather Earrings. Colorful Feather Earrings
Canary Yellow and Turquoise Feather Earrings. Yellow Feather Earrings. Colorful Feather Earrings by noogal
A different Derby: The Nest
A different Derby: The Nest by CDCustom
Handmade Grizzly Feather with thin stiff feather Hair Extensions Clip In 002
Handmade Grizzly Feather with thin stiff feather Hair Extensions Clip In 002 by greenfuture
Red Silk Feather Cuff. Burgundy Peacock Wristlet. Ruby Statement Corsage.
Red Silk Feather Cuff. Burgundy Peacock Wristlet. Ruby Statement Corsage by RawHemline