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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - missisaau

                                eco friendly recycled newspaper pencils - Story Book by missIsa on etsy
Hello lovely readers - it's Friday again ! How quickly the weeks seem to pass. I have noticed that the sun is rising earlier, the promise of longer sunshine hours and warmer Spring weather is finally here.

The lovely Julie-Ann, a DUST team leader was laid to rest on Monday. You may remember that Julie-Ann, was involved in a plane crash some weeks ago - at the time, it claimed the life of her daughter and the Angel Flight Pilot. Julie-Ann fought a brave fight, but has now been reunited with her beautiful daughter, Jacinda.

Some very brave DUST ladies attended Julie-Ann's funeral on behalf of DUSTers everywhere - a heartfelt thank you to Melanie of wiccked, Jade of Scherre and  gazpachosoup, Liz of hundredsofbuttons & her hubby Graeme and Robyn of Rivergum.

Melanie and Jade compiled a beautiful book on behalf of the DUST team to present to the Twigg family,  the cover art was created by Melanie and the book contains the messages sent in by DUST team members with their donations for the Twigg Family. This random act of extreme kindness makes me fiercely proud to be a part of the DUST community.

Rachel ( of missisaau ) wrote this beautiful post on facebook for Julie-Ann and I thought it was fitting to share it here :

On the Threshold

This is not death’s dark portal,
‘Tis life’s golden gate to me,
Link after link is broken,
And I at last am free.

I am going to the angels,
I am going to my God;
I know the hand that beckons,
I see the holy road.

Why grieve me with your weeping?
Your tears are all in vain,
An hour’s farewell, beloved,
And we shall meet again.

Jesus, Thou wilt receive me
And welcome me above;
This sunshine which now fills me
Is Thine own smile of love.

Horatius Bonar

R.I.P. dear Julie-Ann, you may be gone but will never be forgotten.

Now to the matter at hand. I have a fabulous Friday Friend to introduce to you - this week I want you to meet a sweet DUSTy Diva by the name of Rachel, of missisaau !

Rachel makes really lovely things - from paper ! In fact she has a little ETSY shop full of gorgeous stationery made from recycled and repurposed papers. And she has some big NEWS - Over the next few months missIsa will be changing over from wood cased pencils to recycled newspaper pencils! YAY! missisaau will be so much more eco friendly! Keep an eye out on her listings and photos which will begin to show the changes.

One of the wonderful things about the pencils made by Rachel is that they can be customised ! I had the pleasure of working with Rachel on a custom order for my brother in law who is mad for Dickens - a set of pencils for his birthday last year wrapped in text from Bleak House. Needless to say they were a hit !

I also purchased a set of pencils for a friend who has a great love of with maps !

Directions Graphite Pencils

I must also mention, I am particulary partial to the pretty paper garlands, they are just so lovely don't you think ?
Handmade Recycled Paper Garland - heart by missIsa on etsy

Dear readers, time to brew a cup of tea perhaps and take the weight off your feet so you can read about and browse more paper goodness from the marvels that are missisaau ! Have a fabulous weekend xo

p.s. don't forget to check out Maddabling Spring Clean Giveaway - see the link below for details and a happy snap of the prize pack. A chance for you to get creative and to win some pretty things. Entries close on the 25th September. http://maddabling.blogspot.com/2011/09/maddabling-spring-clean-giveaway.html

the marvels of missisaau  

Who is missisa ?

missisa is just little ol' me working away from my study in Ballarat, Australia trying to keep warm and drinking lots of green tea. The name comes from my sister's nickname for my daughter.

How and When did your handmade/artistic journey begin ?

I have always had a deep love of business and I come from a family who instilled in me a deep respect for handmade things. When I found etsy I thought I'd found nirvana! As I got into crochet, sewing and paper crafts the most natural next step was to sell what I made.

What inspires you ?

Winter. Wind whistling through closed windows. Crochet and funny tv. Blossoms and thick jackets.

10 Repurposed Paper Stickers . Seals Atlas by missIsa on etsy

What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite ?

I'm not sure that I have a favourite. I love all of it and I want to learn more!

love story confetti by missIsa

What kind of things do you make/create ?

I make stationery and paper gifts for people who love handmade and and saving the planet! Almost all my work uses recycled paper that would otherwise be burned or landfill. I get a huge amount of joy and satisfaction saving an otherwise fabulous book from being landfill and turning into something adorable.

Do you have a favourite piece that you have created ?

Hmmmm. I think I most love the seals and stickers and the paper flowers. Actually, everyone loves the paper flowers.

What are your future plans, dreams, aspirations ?

Honestly, I'm not sure. I want to study sociology at university and continue to raise awesome kiddies. I want more sleep and less stress. If anyone works out a way to be totally at peace and have it all, please let me know!

tiny star paper garland - pink by missIsa on etsy

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eco friendly paper flowers by missIsa on etsy


  1. Lovely post, Maddo.

    And Rach, I think I'm mostly there, and I'd guess that you're really not as far away from that as you think!

  2. Great post, lovely to get to know a duster a little better!

    Thanks :)

  3. this is a lovely post.
    I just love those paper flowers