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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Friends - Australian ETSY Artists - Splodgepodge

Ducklings Art N0. 0048 watercolor painting (print)

Hello dear Readers ! Welcome to another Friday - what have you planned for the weekend ? I am hoping to take my Dad out somewhere for a belated Fathers Day lunch or coffee - he was away for Father's Day visiting my sister some 900km's away from here. I spent part of Father's Day baking a pasta bake for him to heat up on his return home. It's always nice to get home from a trip away and not have to cook. Spring has officially sprung in the Southern Hemisphere but where I am we are still waiting for a little more spring sunshine and a little less spring rain !

This week I have a fabulous Australian ETSY artist to introduce to you - meet Louise from Splodgepodge !

Louise's paintings are simply divine and perfectly capture moments in time - the expressions and poses of the animals and birds she paints are so real !

For example,  I wonder what mischief this little Foxie Puppy has been up to   .......

And what did this pretty Bluebird hear - something made her look around over her shoulder

Bluebird ART Large print of watercolor painting

I also love the way that Louise captures the Australian way of life and our love of the great outdoors

Gone Fishing Original Acrylic Painting- SALE- REDUCED

and I heart the way she captures nature in this gorgeous close up of a Busy Bee !

Busy Bee - Pink Flower Original Acrylic Painting

Dear readers, I would love you to accept my invitation to take some You  time, to take a visual journey through the world of Splodgepodge ! Remember, that Louise has kindly let me use her images in this blogpost, please respect her copyright and don't use or reproduce these without her permission.

Wishing each of you the most wonderful of weekends.

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Squirrel art painting No 0071 - animal print of watercolor painting

The Splodgepodge Scoop

Who is Splodgepodge?

Splodgepodge is the Etsy shop created by Louise De Masi.

My Photo

I am a primary school teacher by day and a passionate artist by night. I am a mother to three children (all grown) and I adore animals!

Rabbit ART print of watercolor painting

How and When did your artistic journey begin ?

I have always been passionate about art. When I was at school I used to love drawing and art was my favourite subject. One of my teachers at high school entered a graphite drawing of mine in a competition and I won a prize. You can see the drawing here : http://louisedemasi.blogspot.com/2011/05/old-drawings.html

That's all it took for me to be hooked for life.

I took up painting after I completed a sign writing course at TAFE in 1995. That was when I discovered that I could paint as well as draw. I began teaching painting at a folk art studio near my home in 1996 and I did that for 13 years. I completed one year of a two year Fine Art Certificate at TAFE. I must complete this one day!! In 2006 I decided to pursue my life long dream of becoming a primary school teacher so I enrolled at university. I graduated from uni in 2009 and I have been teaching ever since. Painting, however is still my number one passion and I love to teach art to my students.

What inspires you ?
Goldfish ART  print of watercolor painting

I adore animals and they feature in a lot of my art work. What really inspires me though is the play of light on a subject. I am drawn to the differences in light and dark. For a painting to be successful there needs to be a good contrast between shadow and highlights.

What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite ?

I work in watercolour, gouache and acrylic paints. Watercolour is my favourite medium and I only decided to try it a few months ago. I am glad I did because I am enthralled with the medium. I love the way the paint takes on a life of its own and I have to try to coax it in doing what I want it do. I have had a few disasters but many of those can be saved with the application of some gouache.

What kind of things do you create ?

I paint small watercolour paintings of animals. I sell these on Etsy along with reproductions of my originals. I also paint with acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Do you have a favourite piece that you have made/created ?

I put a piece of myself into every painting that I create and I am almost sad when I sell one. I have so many favourites. I am really happy with my Willy Wagtail watercolour painting. He is one of the first watercolours that I did and I don't think I could ever part with him :
Willie Wagtail No. 025  Bird print of watercolor painting
I love this one of my dog too ................
Dalmatian Dog Chelsea No. 0024 print of watercolor painting -(Splodgepodge)

and I also love this painting on canvas that I completed recently.
Row Boat ORIGINAL acrylic painting - (Splodgepodge)

What are your future plans/dreams/aspirations ?

I would love to retire and paint full time. I have a dream of becoming a watercolour teacher and travelling the world teaching workshops. I am one to chase my dreams so hopefully one day soon !!

Botanical Art Poppy watercolor painting (print)

Would you like to learn more and discover other wonderful paintings by Louise ? Check out these links :

Do some online shopping at the SplodgePodge Etsy shop :

Follow Louise on Facebook :  

or do some reading at Louise's Blog :


Custom Pet Portrait watercolor original painting OOAK


  1. wow you're very very good!! you make me want to improve my skills

  2. Really wonderful work - so glad you have been featured - a wonderful talent.

  3. Thanks ladies. I'm honoured to be here!! Thanks to Samara for the feature.

  4. What a great choice of profile Samara! These are some of the most beautiful watercolours that we have seen in ages. Much inspired.

    Thanks for the share.

  5. I am so pleased at the responses to this post, I haven't seen such beautiful watercolours of animals before and was chuffed to be able to feature Louise - who should be very proud of her work !

  6. What lovely creations. The Willie Wagtail has caught my eye in particular. I know you've already said you couldn't bear to part with it, so may I ask your permission to print a copy 4x6 inches (basic photo size) and frame it for my desk? Some Aboriginal people believe that Willie Wagtails are the spirits, visiting to watch over us. I had one come right up to me and bounce around my feet a week or so after my mother died, and ever since, they have been a lovely reminder of her.

    I'm an artist too (not anywhere near as good as you, but I enjoy dabbing!) so I would never print out someone's work without asking their permission first. Please let me know if this is ok with you.

    with thanks
    Deb from Newcastle

    1. Hi there Deb - you can contact Louise from SplodgePodge through her Etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/Splodgepodge