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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Treats - Wednesday Wishes

Today, Wednesday Wishes is inspired by Easter Treats - enjoy ♥xo

Happy face egg tattoos with Easter party hats printable pdf from Belinism
Knitted Easter Bunny Egg Cosy from heaventoseven
Pastel easter egg chocolate fudge gift pack from occasionalsweets
Knitted Easter Bunny with Basket and Eggs from SnugglyCritters
Set of seven speckled painted plaster bird eggs by Kuberstore

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Craft Swaps, Home Grown Olives and Cherry Coconut Cacao Icecream

Hello readers, sorry for the lateness of the weekend blog post - Maddabling has felt a little under the weather for the past couple of days. Tonight I share with you Craft Swaps, Home Grown Olives and Cherry Coconut Cacao Icecream. Happy Reading! 
Craft Swaps
The DUST Team Quarterly Craft Swap is a wonderful opportunity to share handmade goodies with your team members. The January - March Swap for 2014 recently finished and I can now share with you the handmade goodness we exchanged. It was a tri-way swap this time, there were three participants so we each received and sent two gifts each. I wrapped up two pretty parcels to send out, one to Wilma of Empress Wu and one to Meggan of Art Nomadix. 
 Here is a snap of the goodies I sent to Wilma of Empress Wu
and the photo album I sent to Meggan of Art Nomadix. 
And if you give you also receive and I admit I was so spoilt by these two DUSTy Divas. Here is the parcel I received from Wilma 
and here are the goodies I receive from Meggan (I do apologise Meggan, I found it tricky to photograph the gorgeous freeform crochet bag you sent me).
Home Grown Olives
The Olive Tree I was given for a milestone birthday has produced a real abundance of fruit this year, and for the first time we may have enough to preserve. I just have to find a recipe now! It's all very exciting. I really hope we get it right and have delicious olives to eat in a few weeks/months time! 
Cherry Coconut Cacao Icecream 
So we got an icecream machine. Not a top of the range model, but one that will get the job done. And she is a bright cheery Sunshine Yellow. I try not to eat a lot of dairy as it doesn't agree with me so much, so I tried this "ice-cream" recipe made from coconut cream. Here is how I did it! 
Cherry Coconut Cacao Icecream 
2 x 440ml cans Coconut Cream 
Morello Cherries to taste (as many or as few as you like) 
Maple Syrup to taste (approx 1/4 cup) 
Cacao powder to taste (blend into maple syrup as it will mix more easily)
1 Cup Water

1. Put ingredients into ice-cream machine and churn until a sorbet/icecream consistency. Enjoy. 
Note: you can also put ingredients into a food processor and blend, freeze, blend, freeze etc until same consistency is achieved. 

Well lovely readers, that wraps up Craft Swaps, Home Grown Olives and Cherry Coconut Cacao Icecream. See you all tomorrow for a new Wednesday Wishes Blog Post xo♥

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Friends - Local Makers - Wonky Pot Pottery

Happy Friday lovely Maddabling readers. What did your week hold? We got our first ice-cream making machine which I am keen to road test on the weekend. I am going to try some fruit and coconut cream based sorbet-ish frozen desserts. Was thinking on a black cherry, coconut cream with a touch of cacao powder and dessicated coconut to make a choc-cherry-coconut, the possibilities are now truly endless! This weekend will see Maddabling share with you the gorgeous goodies she recently received from the DUST Team Craft Swap and an Easter Egg project too :) 

This week it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to a new Friday Friend and local maker - meet the super talented team - Vicki and David from Wonky Pot Pottery. 
I first met Vicki at the Denmark Arts Market a few years back, quite by chance. We got chatting as creatives do....
I have found this dynamic duo create an endless array of the loveliest things from clay including gorgeous jewellery
the sweetest coloured bowls
fantastic gift tags
and waaaaay too many other wonderful goodies to share with you!
I invite you to find out more from the lovely Vicki as she tells you The Tale of Wonky Pot Pottery below. 
The Tale of Wonky Pot Pottery
Wonky Pot Pottery was named by our son using the ‘wonky pot’ on 
the bench. This was a wheel thrown then altered large open bowl 
that was waiting to go out to the Oranje Tractor Winery for
display and sale. After much laughter the name stuck!
Pottery was something I had always dreamed of doing. A cancer 
journey meant early retirement and a change in direction with 
my life. I found peace and a sense of achievement when working 
with clay. To accomplish the simplest of tasks with clay, you 
have to be completely in the moment. You can’t be rushing or 
fussing, the clay must be approached with sensitivity and 
consideration to its limitations. David was soon caught in the 
spell of working with clay too, to take wet earth and create an 
object of simple elegant form that is functional but beautiful
For now our passion is for wheel thrown pieces of a style that
could be described as functional ware. Our pieces are to be 
used and enjoyed. We strive for that new technique that will 
open possibilities. To find new ways to take the basic form and 
then alter or decorate or use a luscious glaze to enhance but 
not remove its ‘function’ and elegance.
We regularly make items such as bowls of every size, jugs and 
pouring batter bowls, platters, mugs and accessories. A new item
that races out the door as fast as they are made are Yarn or
Knitting bowls, your ball of wool sits inside and the thread 
runs out either a hole or a slot.  I have worked with customers 
to make many colourful and individual designs that were given 
as special and unique gifts. We welcome custom design enquiries
across our range.
Bendigo Bank Great Southern Art Trail 2013 was our first
exhibition with our pottery, held at the Oranje Tractor Winery
in their newly expanded Cellar Door and CafĂ© area. 
David demonstrated on the wheel most days (which was amazingly 
helpful for new stock for the markets) and I demonstrated 
decorating and design styles. We will be returning to the
Oranje Tractor Winery for the 2014 Great Southern Art Trail.  
Pam and Murray have the best coffee and food, in the loveliest 
Organic Gardens around!
David is currently building an extension to my shed to install 
a larger gas kiln that will take our work down another clay 
path. He also has a full time ‘day’ job that limits his time 
in the studio at the moment but it is lovely to spend creative 
evenings at our wheels being serenaded by the neighbouring frogs.
This Years Market Season is nearly over. We are next at the 
Denmark Arts Market on Easter Saturday. 
The 3rd of May sees us participating in the Vintage Street Fair 
at the Vancouver Arts Centre. 
Our very last market for the season will be the Torbay Hall
Markets on Sunday the 4th of May, a fun and friendly day.
Our Facebook page will help you keep up  with the latest 
In the development of our business we will be looking to expand 
into online markets and eventually a web page of our own. But our 
core focus will remain the challenge and satisfaction of making 
quality pottery, continually learning and experimenting. 
We love that our pottery becomes part of peoples homes and lives,
the joy of knowing that our work has been chosen with care as a 
gift for someone they love or a piece they have bought for
themselves. This is the reward that has no price. 
It is why presenting our pottery at Markets is an important
part of the process, in development of styles and designs, 
and getting to know who our customers are and what will suit 
their needs the best.  

Dear readers, do you want to see more Wonky Pot Goodness? Here is 
how you can connect.
Become a follower on Facebook here: 
Catch Wonky Pot Pottery in person at:
The Denmark Arts Market on Easter Saturday 19th April 2014 
The Vintage Street Fair at Vancouver Arts Centre on 3rd May 2014
The Torbay Markets at Torbay Hall on Sunday 4th May 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rascally Rabbits - Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes is today inspired by Rascally Rabbits, which seem to be appearing in alarming numbers coming up to Easter.
Enjoy xo♥
Easter Bunny stuffed teacup felt plush toy "Tilly" from WishsongCreations 

 A pair of Origami Easter bunny baskets in brown paisley print from handmadebymoishop
Bunny Tea A4 Art Print from kirbeeart
Golden needle felted bunny. Monty is fluffy soft and such a sweetie! from Beadzzbears
Sweet Easter Bunny Cushion Cover, Cottage Chic with Vintage Trims from ThePaisleyFive

Monday, April 7, 2014

Elephant Cove, All that Glitters and Chicken + Sweetcorn Soup

Hello lovely readers and welcome to the Weekend Blog Post. 
Today I share with you all Elephant Cove, All That Glitters and Chicken + Sweetcorn Soup. Happy Reading xo♥
Elephant Cove
Elephant Cove is located on the South Coast near Denmark, in the William Bay National Park. It is home to the huge ancient cracked boulders that are named Elephant Rocks. To be truthful, they do look like just like a herd of Elephants paddling in the shallow waters of Elephant Cove.
It was a really bright sunny day when we visited and the sheltered waters were an incandescent shimmering turquoise ♥ We were so disappointed that we forgot to pack our bathers! 
I can't recall a visit to this magical place before and it is truly breathtaking. I would love to visit here again and explore some more.  
All That Glitters
I haven't felt the urge to make an Etsy treasury for quite a while now.... however over the weekend I went in search of All That Glitters - this pretty and unusual Sparkly Treasury was created.You can view it in full here: 
Chicken + Sweetcorn Soup
We had dinner guests over on the weekend and we had a home made chinese takeaway at home feast of sorts. I made Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup and I confess that this was one of the most AMAZING tasting soups I have ever made at home. A last minute hitch (i.e. no sesame oil in the pantry) meant that the final ingredient was omitted but it still tasted great. I found the recipe here: 
Chicken + Sweetcorn Soup 
1 litre salt-reduced chicken stock
2 garlic cloves, crushed 
420g can creamed corn 
125g can corn kernels, drained, rinsed 
3 green onions, thinly sliced 
2 cups shredded cooked chicken 
2 teaspoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce 
2 egg whites, lightly beaten 
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil 

1.Place stock, garlic, creamed corn, corn kernels, half the onion and 1 cup cold water in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Cover. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low. Simmer for 5 minutes. 
2.Add chicken, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce. Stir to combine. Simmer for 10 minutes or until heated through. 
3.Gradually stir in egg white, then oil. Divide between bowls. Top with remaining onion. Serve.

Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed reading about Elephant Cove, All That Glitters and Chicken + Sweetcorn Soup. See you all on Wednesday for a new edition of Wednesday Wishes xo♥

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Friends - Local Makers - Little Willow Soaps 'n Stuff

Hello there lovely Maddabling readers - welcome to Friday and a brand new edition of Friday Friends! What has your week held? 
I have found it is getting harder to get out of bed in the mornings, the Autumn chill has certainly started to set in. 

This week I introduce to you all a new Friday Friend and Local Maker; meet the very talented and soapy creative - Leanne of Little Willow Soaps 'n Stuff! 
Maddabling has been using the wonderful products that Leanne makes, let me share my experiences with you. Firstly, the "Frank Is Getting Fresh With Myrtle" Emulsified Sugar Scrub. Deliciously refreshing, this divine scrub will leave you beautifully scented with a gorgeous blend of Essential Oils including Frankincense and Lemon Myrtle, your skin will love you as it is moisturised by nourishing plant oils and butters.  
Next let me tell you about some of the beautiful natural soaps that Leanne makes. Clockwise from Top Left is "Calendula Is Mary's Gold" - citrusy, woody and fresh, "Rose Would Like To Say Aloe Vera" - the creamiest handmade soap I have ever used, "Frankincense That Rose Is Walnuts" - earthy and spicy with a little scrubby action and "Breakfast For My Skin" - the most gentle and pure blend of honey, oatmeal and almond milk. 
And I must say, I love the creative word play that Leanne uses when she names her products - they do amuse me :) I am very keen to try the foot scrub next and to stock up on some more of the most delectable soaps! 
Dear readers, I can't wait to catch up with Leanne at her upcoming stall at the Denmark Markets, if you are in the area, pop in and say Hello! and that Maddabling sent you :) I invite you now to kick back, even if for a short while and enjoy The Little Willow Story. Have a fantastic weekend xo♥
The Little Willow Story
The Little Willow story started in 2012 with two wonderful 
friends of mine who are also soap artisans, making soap naturally. I was inspired by their wonderful products….the look, feel and the amazing aromas the infused through my senses. 
With their encouragement, belief in my ability and their never tiring willingness to provide answers to my questions….and about a billion hours of youtube research, I finally made my first batch of soap! 
From that first batch, I was hooked and have never looked back. Even though my very first batch being a scrubby soap that I made WAY too scrubby and ended up unusable. 
Each batch made is a new lesson, you never stop learning. There are always new ingredients and recipe combinations to try! I make my soaps using the ‘cold process’ method, using plant based oils and butters. During my journey of formulating recipes I have discovered the controversy of using ‘Palm Oil’, as well as the passionate debate against ‘Sustainable Palm Oil’, so I have formulated my recipes to be ‘Palm Oil’ FREE. 
I love trying new ingredients like plant extracts, aloe vera gel, milks, honey, yoghurt, fresh fruits/vege even beer! The aim for my product range is to be NATURAL, as I know quite a few people (and have now met many more) that have skin that is intolerant of commercially bought products. 
I enjoy making products that benefit the skin and may help relieve the effects of skin issues. I also love products that leave your skin feeling loved, so I added a body scrub to my range as well as a foot scrub. 
As a lover of lip balms I developed my own with a list of ingredients you can actually read. 
Bath truffles for a luxurious soak. A little fizz that releases shea and cocoa butters to moisturize. 
Candles for a touch of romance. 
Smell can be one of the most evoking and pleasurable senses the body has.... flooding you with past memories of childhood, happy times, places and emotions, as well as creating a ‘Bookmark’ to a present moment or experience to be remembered at another time when the same aroma is inhaled once again. 
So when you see my stall at the upcoming Easter Market in Denmark I invite you to come and set your sense of smell free and enjoy the aromas on offer! 

Dear readers, do you want to see more? Here is how you can connect. 

Become a follower on Facebook here: 

or you can place an order by emailing Leanne direct at