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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nautical Kitsch - Wednesday Wishes

These sweet finds were found by searching Nautical Kitsch on Etsy I hope you enjoy this Wednesday Wishes Wishlist ♥
retro mermaid nautical wall hanging from buckaroosmercantile
Kitsch Cream Nautical Anchor Hair Bow Accessories Rockabilly Pin Up 50's Retro from Urbancandyemporium
Vintage Sailboat Applique Wrap Skirt from madvintage
Nautical Sailor Swallow with heart from Loloandstitch

Mermaid photo on Hollywood blvd from StarForeman

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Walking amongst Wildflowers and Apricot Bliss Balls

Hello lovely readers, my apologies that the weekend blog post is a tad late, now that it is Tuesday and all. Tonight I share with you Walking amongst Wildflowers and Apricot Bliss Balls. 
Happy Reading xo♥
Walking Amongst Wildflowers
Spring is the most beautiful time on the south coast. There are so many walk trails and the spring sunshine combined with bursts of brightly coloured and unusual wildflowers is just divine! Here are some snaps from a recent walk in Mt Martin botanical park. I hope that they inspire you to get out and about this coming weekend :)  
Apricot Bliss Balls
I have been experimenting a lot with bliss balls lately, this is yet another variation. They will keep for up to a week in an airtight container or pop them in the freezer for a ready snack. This makes approximately 15 balls. Note: I added in about a tablespoon of white chia seeds to my mix. You can find the original recipe here: 
Apricot Bliss Balls 
300g dried apricots
1/3 cup crushed almonds or unsalted macadamias, even better if toasted
2 tbsp organic coconut oil
1-2 tsp coconut nectar, honey or agave (optional)
A few tablespoons of dessicated coconut

Blitz dried apricots in a food processor or blender and take care to not overheat your blender.

Add crushed nuts, coconut oil and coconut nectar. Blend until just combined. (Alternatively, you can use your hands to mix the nuts, coconut oil and coconut nectar into the blended apricots in a bowl.) Scoop contents out into a bowl with a mini spatula. Mixture can be sticky so try not to slice your fingers with the blades! Take a small amount of the mixture and roll into small balls between your palms. 

In a separate bowl, dip and evenly coat each apricot ball with a good amount of dessicated coconut. If you have the time, you can also lightly toast your dessicated coconut prior to coating the balls. Toasted coconut is wonderfully nutty and aromatic.

Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed Walking amongst Wildflowers and Apricot Bliss Balls. See you all tomorrow for a new edition of Wednesday Wishes. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Friends - West Australian Makers - Knitted Window

Hello Friday. I can't believe the weekend is almost here. Orchid hunting is on the agenda for me this weekend, hiking down here on the South Coast. What are your plans? Anyhow, it's time for me to introduce to you all a new Friday Friend and West Australian maker, meet the lovely Rheana of Knitted Window. 
Knitted Window specialises in creating sustainable eco friendly statement jewellery. Here are some of my favourites. How pretty is this Faceted Eco Friendly Resin Ring in Watermelon Gold?
With Summer just around the corner, you could make this your very own Summer Statement Piece; loving this Life's a Beach Eco Friendly Resin Bangle.

Or for something more delicate yet not understated, try the stunning Ocean Blue Cube Eco Resin Necklace with Flakes of 24 Carat Gold. This is sure to be a talking point each time you wear it. I just Adore! 
Readers, I invite you now to pop your feet up, perhaps enjoy a cup of tea and read Looking Through the Knitted Window. Have a fantastic weekend xo♥
Looking through the Knitted Window

How and When did your handmade/artistic journey begin ?
I am located in a little country town called Northam in Western Australia and I have been producing pretty things as KnittedWindow since 2012.

What inspires you ?
I'm a science nerd. Chemistry physics, biology. You name it. I love science. I always have. Just ask my mum. 

Mother “Rheana what's this in the fridge?"

Me "DONT TOUCH IT!!!! It's an experiment!!!" 
- age 9
I love having the power to make a liquid into a solid. I love the thrill that if my measurements, atmospheric pressure and temp aren't 100% perfect it will fail.

And why jewelery? Because I'm a bit of a girl (sometimes)

How it all began?
My first experience with resin was building a race boat with my dad. Calculating, measuring, mixing, working within a timeline before it cures. 

Then one cold winters night while building boats in the shed. I left the resin under a light and one poor lost little moth soul fell into the resin. This moth (May he rest in peace) is preserved....... FOREVER!!!! Wow! How cool is that? I felt like a scientist from Jurassic park. 
Then the real experimenting began. What else can be put in resin? Which resin? How can I make shapes? 
It has been a long process to get the quality I have in my store today. There have been a lot……... and I mean a lot of failures. 

Tell me about your creative side, how did you get started? 
I’ve always been creative, and a little bit different. I’m not one to go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing. I studied photography for three years and started my life out as a photographer and comes in handy when I'm taking photos of my work.
What are your current sources of inspiration? 
The best inspiration comes from everyone else’s minds. People are the best inspiration. When ever I show a piece to someone they always start listing ideas, some are crazy, some are already on my list, but most are absolutely brilliant. (The why didn't I think of that? moments)

What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite ?
All our products are 100% Eco Friendly. We use bio-derived eco resin to create our little pieces of prettiness. Sourced from bio based renewable materials sourced as co-products or from waste streams of other industrial processes, such as wood pulp and bio-fuels production. 

Our feathers are from a cruelty free farms. They are raised organically and humanely for their entire lives and are naturally shedded feathers.
Our plants, wheat and moss are pesticide free and as natural as they can be, and are hand picked by myself  or are from little farms from around the globe. Even our 100's and 1000's items are made locally in Australia. Our packaging and gift boxes are also made from recycled material.
Do you have a favourite piece that you have made/created ?
I can never choose a favourite, Every new item I add to the store is my favourite, but if I had to choose it would be between the Steampunk because its amazing, It's made with deconstructed watch mechanisms, if you look closely you can see tiny cogs, watch handles, tiny screws and more tiny cogs.
and the wheat bangle because it reminds me of the days when I lived on a wheat farm.
What are your future plans/dreams/aspirations ? 
At the moment I love selling online, It gives me the freedom to work the hours I want. (and go to work in my pj’s) I have a few boutique stores selling my line, and I would love to have a few more around Australia. 

Dear readers, would you like to see more? Here is how you can connect. 

on the Knitted Window website here: 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spring Sprung - Wednesday Wishes

Spring is here. Today, Wednesday Wishes is inspired by items found using the "Spring" as the search word on Etsy. I hope you love these Spring Sprung handmade Aussie finds ♥
Spring Ballerina Art Toy from PastelValleyStudio
Vintage Retro Pretty Spring Pastel + Ivory / White Multi-Colour Floral Flag Bunting from MerryGoRoundHANDMADE
Fiery Sunflower Swing Dress, Vintage Inspired Size 14 available from thethreewhiterabbits

multi-colour orchid flower headband from kisforkani

Pink Cotton Spring Fashion Scarf from Sesenarts

Monday, September 8, 2014

Abandoned Laneway, Spring Blooms + Bandicoots and Creamy Coconut + Strawberry Icypoles

Hi readers, hoping you had a fantastic weekend. In this weekend blog post I share with you Abandoned Laneway, Spring Blooms + Bandicoots and Creamy Coconut + Strawberry Icypoles. 
Happy Reading xo♥
Abandoned Laneway
There is a laneway near the town centre that can best be described as abandoned. I have been meaning to explore the delapidated buildings along this stretch for a while. It was a bright Sunday morning and the shadows were beautiful to capture in black and white. These houses must have been quite grand in their time and the WA Worsted and Woollen Mills used to be a bustling industrial hub. It is sad to see these buildings in such a state of disrepair.  I hope you enjoy these happy snaps.
Spring Blooms and Bandicoots
On the same sunny Sunday, a boardwalk stroll showed up some beautiful wildflowers like this Southern Cross. Spring is certainly in the air. 
We also happened to cross paths with a bandicoot enjoying the spring sunshine. 
This stunning Dryandra formosa has burst into flower in our native garden at home too. I love the spring blooms! 
Creamy Coconut + Strawberry Icypoles
I had left over fresh strawberry sauce that needed to be used up. I added some coconut milk and made icypoles! Recipe is below. You could also add in some cacao nibs for that chocolate element. Enjoy! 
250g Fresh Strawberries 
Juice of half an orange
Splash of Pure Vanilla Essence
Tablespoon of Raw Honey
Half a tin of coconut milk 

Blitz strawberries, orange juice, vanilla essence and honey. 
Stir in coconut milk. 
Pour into Icypole moulds and freeze. 

Note: ingredients can be adjusted to personal taste. 

Dear Maddabling readers, I hope you enjoyed Abandoned Laneway, Spring Blooms + Bandicoots and Creamy Coconut + Strawberry Icypoles. Have a fantastic week, see you on Wednesday for a new edition of Wednesday Wishes x 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Friends - West Australian Makers - Kwai Jewellery

Happy Happy Friday lovely readers, it's the first week of Spring! Still waiting for the warmth to filter through; we have had plenty of spring rain so far :) The wildflowers down on the South Coast are starting to filter through and the whales are coming in closer to shore on their journey home. 
This week it is my absolute pleasure to introduce a new Friday Friend and West Australian maker, meet sweet Tabitha of Kwai Jewellery :) 
Tabitha makes everything from bags to unique jewellery to snuggly doggie minky blankets. Let me share some favourites that I found while browsing the Kwai Jewellery pages :) 

These elegant Amethyst Chandelier Earrings are just beautiful and would add a touch of glam to any outfit! 
Next is this bright (bring on Summer) Crucifix Bracelet made in a rainbow of colours - it's made from cool Turquoise and Howlite crosses. 
Our canine friend loves to share our snuggly throw rug, maybe it's time to get her one of her own....this Minky Blanket should keep any dog or puppy happy :) 
Dear friends, I invite you now to take some time out to read The Tale of Kwai Jewellery. Have a fantastic weekend, don't forget to stop and breathe in that fresh spring air, look out for wildflowers and most importantly enjoy yourself!
The Tale of Kwai Jewellery
I have always had a creative streak, ever since I was a little girl making clothes for my dolls. I then made clothes for my daughters when they were small, then did cross stitch and other embroidery projects. My mother taught me how to crochet and knit and I was always very good at art, sewing and other creative subjects at school. 
When I moved back to Perth after getting out of the Airforce I needed a distraction and started beading, that is when things really kicked off in that department. I collected lots of different types of beads, eventually moved into making more elaborate types of jewellery. I used to make just gifts for family and friends. Bead knitting and crocheting was something I did often, not so much anymore. My style and type of craft always evolved and changed and I dabbled with making purses and bags. Whilst my passion is really in bags and purses, I do just love creating in general.
I was urged to sell my things by friends and family and I came up with Kwai Creations, which was my first market stall at the Bassendean Markets here in Perth, WA. The results were mixed. Some things sold very well while others did not. I did find myself creating things FOR the market, rather than selling my things AT the market. I felt my style got a bit lost in translation and I wasn’t able to really sell some of the stunning more expensive pieces I had painstakingly spent hours creating bead by bead. I decided that that particular market was not for me.I then opened an ETSY store. I set up my website with a cohesive collection of bracelets and earrings with a skulls theme. The Kwai Skulls Collection was born. 
It encompasses skulls and crystals, sterling silver and pearls, together in a stylish yet simple design. I designed my logo around KWAI – which is my middle name and came up with a heading, logo, packaging, business cards and fully fledged professional label and catalogue all under Kwai Jewellery.

My inspiration comes from being challenged, seeing things in nature and in the shops and on TV that are beautifully intricate and to try and replicate. I have made a few stunning bridal necklaces, bridesmaid necklaces or ball necklaces that resemble snowflakes, that were made by picking up individual beads and stringing them together one by one. (picture included crystal on neck – this is the fire opal version. 
Whilst time consuming, the outcome is something really special
I have recently used resin and discovered all the wonderful things you can make with that. Definitely creates one a kind items that are impossible to re-create because of the way the resin sets, with the things you set inside it. Lots of fun to work with, albeit a little messy! I think I actually prefer making one of a kind items. It just happens that some things cannot be copied no matter how hard you try, which is not always a bad thing unless you make something absolutely amazing and WANT to make it again.

My partner has also helped me with a few projects. He likes working with polished semi-precious gemstones and similar items. One of my favourite pieces, he created with me and it is really special. Blue goldstone is one of my favourites and the fairy just sits with the stone in a really gorgeous one of a kind necklace. 
I use Swarovski Crystals only as I think they are the best and I make sure I make my jewellery to last. I use only the best components and metals and offer a workmanship guarantee. One thing I really dislike, is buying a necklace to go out somewhere and it breaks after the first wear!!

I am going to open another ETSY store for bags and purses, keeping my jewellery separate from my other creations. Hope to get that organised in a few weeks once I have finished putting the finishing touches on a new little line of coin purses and a few bags. I have been hard at work, coming up with a few different sized handbags, simple yet stylish mid sized leather and vinyl goods with matching coin purses.
Online marketplaces make it so much easier to reach everyone and I can be found on;
Kwai Jewellery’s own page:  http://www.kwai.com.au
I am looking at getting into another market near my home, possibly the Kalamunda Markets. This will be something new for me to strive towards. I will also be looking to start doing some jewellery with silver clay and enamelling. I think that way I will be able to create things from the bottom up, truly one of a kind pieces. I would like to come up with that one item that really wows everyone and make my life around it, creating a business that is not only sustainable, but popular and fun, that I can make a living from too.