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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Friends - West Australian Makers - Miss Vincent

Hello there Maddabling readers. What does your weekend hold? Spring weather on the South Coast is a little unpredictable, today in a matter of hours, it went from bright sunshine to pouring rain and thunderstorms. Bushwalking may need to go on hold for a bit. This week it is my great pleasure to introduce to you all a new Friday Friend and West Australian maker, meet sweet Sarah of Miss Vincent
I am the first to confess that I am a shoe and bag girl, so it is no wonder I fell in love with the goodies that are stashed in the Miss Vincent Etsy store. Let me share some with you now. 

Firstly, the "BETTY" iPad bag. This could be a perfect gift or you could always keep it for yourself. It has a detachable shoulder strap or can be used in a clutch style. This little bag is padded, has a front pocket, comes in dotty spotty denim with a stripe blue/white lining. 
With Summer just around the corner, why not treat yourself to a new beach bag - the HANNAH Large stripe tote comes in Summer Brights of natural, lime and hot pink. This cute bag is made from twill canvas, has a plain cerise lining, and two handy pockets; a zip front pocket and a large inside pocket. 
I love the AUDREY Toile de Jouy style linen mix large frame bag, it has two inner compartments, double snap clasp, aubergine lining and a  tan leather strap. Very Stylish and practical :) 
Readers, I invite you now to take a little you time and indulge in some light reading. I hope you enjoy The Fabric of Miss Vincent. Have a fantastic weekend everyone xo♥
The Fabric of Miss Vincent
Who is Miss Vincent? Miss Vincent consists of just me, working from my apartment in Fremantle. I do bits and pieces where I can, but I also look after my 12 month old full time, so I squeeze as much as I can into his nap times!
How did your handmade journey begin ? I have loved making things since I was a child, and the first thing I remember sewing was a monster toy called Hector, which I made on the sewing machine with  my older sister's help, probably when I was  8 or 9.  Although I was pretty academic as a child, I focused on art at school as that was my big passion, and that led me to do a degree in multi media textile design in the UK.   
I went straight from Uni to working for a big fashion company as a trainee buyer,  and worked my way up to buyer over the years. It was a great way for me to combine my creativity with business and organisational skills, and took me all over the world.  When my fiance and I moved to Australia about 2 and a half years ago, I couldn't find a job in WA in the same industry, so I set up my hand making business. 
What inspires you ? I get inspired every time I see a new collection of fabrics (either in stores or online) and tend to go a bit crazy buying up all the patterns and prints that appeal to me most,  because I have so many ideas about what I'm going to make with them. I get a buzz from quirky or unusual colour combinations, and I love to put an unexpected lining or trim on one of my bags or purses. Nature and the changing seasons always inspire me, and especially flowers. People watching is a good source of inspiration. My little son Charlie has inspired me to expand my product range to include fold out baby change mats and baby bags, and a few baby toys.  
Tell me about your creative side, how did you get started?
If I wasn't doing Miss Vincent I would be filling our house up with even more handmade cushions / patchwork quilts and re-upholstery projects that we don't really need (it's a small 2 bed apartment!) because creating is what I love doing.
What are your current sources of inspiration?
Someone was looking for a particular item from me at my last market,  which wasn't something I have made yet, so that is what I'm working on at the moment - sourcing the parts from the far east, and then I will draw up the pattern and make a prototype before I make a bunch of them in time for my next market. 

What mediums do you work with, do you have a favourite ? 
Fabric, fabric, fabric! I do find laminated cotton particularly satisfying to work with, but I love sewing any beautiful printed fabric, especially Liberty print ones, which are always such high quality prints in beautiful colour  combinations. 
I would like to move into leather working in the future, but will need to invest in more specialist equipment before I can do so.

Do you have a favourite technique? I love the final stage of making a bag, when the finished lining and the outer are stitched together and turned right way out to magically create the finished bag.  I always love that feeling when  you push all the fabric through the hole you've left, and the bag is born.
What kind of things do you create? I make frame bags in various sizes (from mini coin purses to double compartment larger sized ones with leather straps). Also tote bags - not on Etsy yet but see attached images. Laminated wipeable baby change clutches that fold out to be change mats (not even photographed yet but I will do so this week and send you images or the Etsy link). I also make a lot of earrings and hair slides but find its not worth the time it takes to photograph and upload them all to my Etsy shop, so I just sell them at markets. 
Likewise the greetings cards and baby toys that I make. The greetings cards are all printed reproductions of my original watercolour paintings. 

Do you have a favourite piece that you have made? My current favourite is the neon pink spot tote! 
What are your future plans and dreams? When I have more time I would love to do more wholesaling to shops, and expand the range. I would also like to have production runs made of some of the styles, because hand making everything is limiting (although I do love the hand making, and find it rather therapeutic).

Do you have any exhibitions or markets coming up? I have been accepted into the Christmas Upmarket at UWA at the end of November.
You can find out more here: www.perthupmarket.com.au
Lovely readers, would you like to see more? Here is how you can connect. 

Buy beautiful things from Etsy here:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sugar and Spice - Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes is today a collection of Sugar Skulls, 
not exactly Sugar and Spice ;) Enjoy xo♥
Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Felt Brooch from TheDollCityRocker
Black Sugar Skulls Classic Guitar Pillow Softie from VoxandDolly
Sugar Skull Temporary Costume Tattoos Makeup from SugarTats
Sugar Skulls Dress from VintageGaleria

Sugar Skull Tattoo Art Purse from NeverDieArtOnDemand

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Friends - Australian Makers - Rulitos

Hello readers, it's Friday again and time for me to introduce to you all a new Friday Friend and Australian Maker. This creative hails from Melbourne, which we recently had the pleasure of exploring. I want you all to meet the super lovely Nerea of Rulitos Jewellery
Nerea makes beautiful pieces from sterling silver, copper, brass, oxidised silver, leather, stainless steel, plastic, found objects, rivets, hardware, buttons, thread, toys....let me share some with you now. 

I love the simple elegance of this Sterling Silver Geometric Cord Bracelet in Magenta waxed cotton.
This would make a super cute stocking stuffer - it's a Llama Brooch come tie-pin or lapel-pin. 
I also adore this beautiful rain drop sterling silver whimsical pendant. It is such a timeless design. 
Dear readers, it is time now for you to indulge in some me time, to read The Book of Rulitos. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, remember to be kind to one another xo 
The Book of Rulitos
I have been making things with my hands as long as I remember. Mum was forever crafting when I was a child (our 80’s home saw many bottles of craft glue and endless meters of lace) and my mechanic/handiest-man-on-earth dad never put down his tools, so I grew up loving crafty things and tools and hardware.

My great uncle in Argentina was also a jeweller; watching him work metal always fascinated me.
As a teenager I started making jewellery out of beads, leather, wire, hardware and found objects, from there it was only a very short jump to silver smithing. My awesome stylish friends inspire my work; I’m a bit of a dag myself but I often eye my friends and their styles and wonder what they would enjoy wearing.

Sterling silver is my absolute favourite metal to work with. I love how it looks rough, or super shiny, textured, oxidised, I love sawing through a fresh sheet or melting tiny bits into new creations. Most of my favourite pieces have been custom requests. I particularly like kinetic pieces I’ve made like this little clapper-board a client ordered for her bestie’s short film launch.
My pie-in-the-sky dream would be to go back to school full time to do a for-reals smithing course. There are endless techniques to learn and skills to hone! Lengthy study and hands on tutoring would be a luxurious dream come true. In the meantime, I happily keep tinkering away, learning through trial and error (+ the occasional tantrum or happy accident).
This year I  will not be having a pre-Christmas market stall as I have been the past few years BUT (dum-dum-dummmm) I am opening my wee studio in the burbs for the FIRST TIME on the first weekend of December where you can come and see my wares, maybe pick up a Christmas pressie or two or just stop in for a cuppa. I am so excited (and quite nervous)! Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook or Instagram closer to December for the details.
You can find me on Instagram or Twitter: rulitos_ls
or buy my wares on Etsy: www.etsy.com/au/shop/Rulitos81

get tangled in rulitos!
discover the rulitos website here: 
Buy lovely things on Etsy here:
Become a follower on Facebook here: 
and follow sweet tweets on Twitter here: rulitos_ls

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Friends - West Australian Makers - Modern Homewares

Hello and Happy Friday to you all. What's on your agenda this weekend? Are you crafting or baking or spring cleaning? Perhaps none of the above. Today it is my great pleasure to introduce to you a new Friday Friend and West Australian maker, meet sweet Helen of Modern Homewares. 

I love the things that Helen makes. Especially the casserole carriers that you will see later in this blog post. In the mean time, let me share some finds with you that make housework and your living space that little bit more fun! Why not glam up the chore of ironing with a vibrant patterned ironing board cover! 
These pretty patterned cushions are beautiful and would make a statement in any room. 
There are lots of styles to choose from!
Lovely Maddabling readers, I will leave you now to explore 
The Wonderful World of Modern Homewares. Why not enjoy a cuppa while you read this story. Wishing each and everyone of you the most fantastic weekend xx 
The Wonderful World of Modern Homewares 
Hello!!  My name is Helen and I’m a mother of two beautiful boys and live in sunny Perth. I have been creating for as long as I can remember.  I think when I was around 16 I was making most of my own clothes, not because from lack of money just because I couldn’t justify the cost of clothes plus to be honest I didn’t like the fashion available at the time.
Now I’ve moved onto home wares, with 3 males in my house I need to pretty things up a bit.  My Etsy shop used to be called Pretty in Purple but I changed it as I was always being asked “Oh so what do you make?”.  So to be more direct with what I create, my shop is now called “Modern Homewares”.
I’m one of those weird people that love to walk into a fabric store and just breath in the smell of the fabrics.  And that is what inspires my creations, along with current fashion trends.  I try to incorporate current season colours into my table runners and cushion covers.  Personally I like bright bold colours but that’s probably obvious when you look at my items.
I suppose I started creating to sell when a lot of other mums do.  When your kids are little and you want to earn some extra money without leaving home and still able to be a mum at the same time.  Now my oldest is almost ready for high school and I’m still at it – it’s like an addiction!
I mostly make ironing board covers, cushion covers, casserole carriers, table runners and anything for the home.   Hot off the sewing machine are some beautiful and very affordable Christmas table runners. Next for the cutting table will be some very stylish cushion covers…….
I sell on Etsy and Madeit and I’m always after new facebook friends so please pop on over and like my page.  Or better still like my page and share it with your friends!!!

Find Modern Homewares on Facebook here:


Buy lovely things from Modern Homewares on Etsy here: 

and on Madeit here:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Punctuation - Thursday Thoughts

Punctuation. A little bit of word geekery for the Thursday Thoughts blog post today. Enjoy xx
Punctuation, Miniature Book, Matchbox art from GreenChairPress
Custom Alphabet, Numbers, Punctuation Mug - HandMade TO ORDER from LoveArtWorks
Vintage Letterspress Type Punctuation in a Box for Altered Art Collage Jewelry Making
Exclamation Mark Adjustable Ring from MintRainbows
Vintage Typewriter Key Cufflinks - Punctuation, Asterisk and Dash 5/8" from ReActiv

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Friends - Australian Makers - Little Green Cat

Hello Friday my dear friends. Another week passes and the Spring weather is being somewhat temperamental on the South Coast. There are still plenty of orchids to be found on bush walks if you look carefully and the elusive Southern Right whales seem not to have made much of an appearance this year. Have you got anything special planned for the weekend?  

This week I have a really scarily creative Friday Friend and Australian Maker for you to meet, it's the lovely Hillary of Little Green Cat.
I love these monsters which could easily hide under the bed. They each have their own distinct personalities and features.

For example, meet this sweet "Totem Pal - Lemony Chomp. This lady just LOVES to sunbathe! Her super soft fluffy coat is the product of many hours of careful massage by the sun's rays and is ready to warm your hands and your heart. Those fangs may look a little vicious but don't fret- they are just for juicing lemons, Lemony's favourite sunshiney food! She is 100% people friendly and just loves to cuddle."
There are also miniature monsters - Dustbunnies in fact. "Dustbunnies! Little balls of cheer for your desk, kids, pets or wherever the rainbows don't quite reach."
With Christmas coming up, why not order a custom sloth to delight your niece/nephew/son/daughter/grandchild/inner child! Choose your fur colour and then request the features i.e. horns, multiple eyes, big teeth (remember these can be tailored to your wishes, your imagination is the only limit). 
Dear readers, I invite you to explore the world of  Monster Mayhem with Little Green Cat, this weeks super Friday Friends Edition. Happy Reading xx
Monster Mayhem with Little Green Cat
Little Green Cat is a weeny toy business based in Adelaide, SA. It is run by a fat cat called Hillary and supported by a tall handsome fox and their two dogs.
I have always been a creative sort. Even as a kid I used to prefer drawing to social interaction. Nothing much has changed, although I think I’m a little better at both these days. So many crafts have passed through my hands- crochet, knitting, scrapbooking, painting, Perler, soaping – none of them quite felt the same as sewing. I love texture, interaction and the tactile experience and fabrics just push all the right buttons.
In April 2014 I was made redundant from my job as an I.T. Trainer. After working long hours for almost seven years and about to turn thirty, I figured now was my chance to kick start my creative dream and my wonderful, patient, endlessly supportive husband told me to go for it. So I funnelled my redundancy pay into starting Little Green Cat
At the moment I am focusing on plush toys based around the drawings and doodles my brain constantly spews forth. Big smiles, bright colours, beady eyes, simple forms and lots of character are the key traits that guide my creations. I love working with super soft premium faux furs, felt and fleece, anything fluffy or soft and I’m totally smitten!
Seeing each character come to life is immensely rewarding, as is sending them off to adventure through life with their new owners. I value quality and durability in my toys as I want people to play with them, for people of all ages to be able to pick them up and feel that childlike glee when they find a fabulous new friend. It is my greatest wish for every one of them to be a lifelong companion and end up so worn and threadbare that they are almost unrecognisable; where every balding, tattered inch tells a different story.
Colour, texture and animals inspire my critters, as do the works of Chris Ryniak, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Chelsea Bloxsom, and Hanna Mancini. I have a deep affection for all kindly monsters, the misunderstood folk who might look a bit scary on the outside but try not to let it change who they are.
My goal in life is to bring smiles to the faces of as many people as I can, through generosity, stupid jokes, word play, surprises and hairy monsters. Not a huge achievement really, but it makes every day a little brighter! Hoping one day to exhibit at Designer Con in the US and ToyCon in the UK. 
Until then, here’s a list of places you can find my hairy friends:

Also at:
Flinders Street Market in Adelaide, South Australia
Nov 21st-23rd 2014 at Wayville Showgrounds, Adelaide
Dec 6th-7th 2014 at 230 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA

Plus selected markets around South Australia- please check my Facebook page for market dates.