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Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Friends - Australian Artists - Isobel Von Finklestein

Happy Friday gorgeous ones, the weekend is almost here! I am super excited this week to introduce a new Friday Friend and Australian Artist, meet the super talented Isobel Von Finklestein! 
I adore the work of Isobel Von Finklestein and reckon you will too. It's a little bit cheeky, a little bit naughty and a whole lot of fun. Here are some of my favourites :) 
I invite you now to explore The Wonder of Isobel Von Finklestein. Have a wonderful weekend everyone xo Happy Reading ♥
The Wonder of Isobel Von Finklestein
Who: Isobel Von Finklestein – The Von Finklestein Studio
How and When? As all artists say, in the womb! I graduated from Certificate 4 in Visual art in 2003 and briefly started my Bachelor degree in Visual art at Uni S.A but found myself broke as and decided to go back to work ( finishing that course is on my list of goals). I airbrushed plaster statues for a few years.
I started working seriously towards my art career about seven years ago. My husband introduced me to the Kustom Kulture/ Lowbrow world and I knew I had found my art ‘home’. It was everything I loved but now had a name for it. Before that, I was much more of a surrealist and tended to hide most of my work in private journals.
What inspires you ?  Hmm… so many things! I’m a daydreamer, a lot of work just pops into my head and I’ll paint it there first before ever picking up a pencil.
Other artists inspire me -the Old school pinup gods; Gil Elvgren, Petty, Bill Ward. I also love Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt. From the modern era – Keith Weesner, Sylvia Ji, Tara Mcpherson, OneQ, Tyson Macadoo… so many more!
Tell me about your creative side, how did you get started? I’ve just always drawn, it’s just what I ‘do’. There was no starting point, that I can remember. I just ‘have’ to create, it’s like breathing to me.
What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite ? I work with graphite, Ink (nib), Copic Markers and sometimes guache and watercolour for drawings. I mainly use oils for painting but have recently dabbled with acrylics and Uni Posca paint pens. I also use the digital art programs, Photoshop and more recently, Manga Studio. My favourite is oil painting – I don’t get to do enough of it!
Do you have a favourite technique? Gosh, if you were to ask me one favourite technique it would be scumbling - painting with a dry brush to create shading, it’s satisfying, somehow. But I probably have a number of favourites.
What kind of things do you create ? Drawings, paintings, I carve wooden sugar skulls and paint shoes occasionally. I also do digital art. I mainly draw girls for some reason. I do like drawing men – my husband has featured in a few paintings but not as himself. Skeletons and cats come up a lot too
Do you have a favourite piece? My favourite is the painting that I have just completed ‘Halloween Happy hour’ That bar is always moving.
What are your future plans/dreams/aspirations ? I would love to take my art overseas – Japan and America are on the list. I’ve recently decided to start doing shows again after a couple of years off. I’ve recently decided that I want to do more painting, it’s what makes me happiest and it’s challenging.

Do you have any exhibitions or markets coming up? I’m having a stall at Adelaide’s Kustom Kulture Weekend which starts this Friday night! I also plan to go to the Goanna Run in Mildura and possibly one or both Greazefests.
Want to see more? You can connect through: vonfinklesteinstudio.com
This will link you to so many awesome things including social media, gallery, original art, t-shirts and stores, contact details and blog. 

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