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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - Delicious Designz

Welcome to Friday lovely readers - how was your Easter ? Ours was very busy with family coming to stay and the house became filled with the laughter and tears of my young niece and nephew. We even had a frosty morning Easter Egg hunt in the back garden - it has been a beautifully hectic week and I have loved every moment ! I digress - this week I am thrilled to feature again a dear Friday Friend and divinely DUSTy diva - Del from Get Spooned!

and DELiciousDesignz

Coming up to the cooler months here in Australia, and of course Mothers Day, it is the perfect time to showcase the DELicious Designz woolly wares. I LOVE Del's work so much and shhhhhh don't tell but I am planning to purchase a pair of mary-janes

and a beanie

all for myself ! The hardest decision will be which design and colour to choose *wink*

For all of those in the Great Southern Area of WA, you can check out Del's wares at the Mothers Day Market on the 6th and 7th May at the Vancouver Arts Centre. This annual Arts & Crafts Market brings together a group of artisans offering a wide variety of hand crafted items including cards, pottery, soap, weaving, paintings, textiles, plants ,jewellery, woodcraft, spinning and more. There will be entertainment and a raffle to win.

Maddabling will be there alongside DELicious Designz SQUEEEEEEEE ! Del is just the best market buddy a girl could have.



Anyway enough talking from me, here is Del's Crochet Story - put your feet up (hmmm think how nice those crocheted mary-janes would feel), brew a pot of Tea (did I mention how much Del LOVES tea) and enjoy !

The DELicious Designz Ditty

Hi! My name is Adelle and I am a craft addict. I have featured before on this blog with my resin and spoon jewellery, but today it is all about yarn and crochet.

Where did this addiction begin? The art of crochet has been around for many years and is often associated with grandma's.

But not anymore!! The revolution of young crocheters is here and we are making it cool to crochet.

For me it is something that has always been a part of my life. As a young girl I watched my gran and my mum busying themselves at every opportunity with yarn - whether it be knitting or crochet.

There were many attempts to teach me , and after countless dropped stitches I eventually had enough of the basics to get me on my way.

Many years went by when I had far better things to do with my time - teenager, young adult, and motherhood - so crochet and craft in general was pushed aside.

But the addiction has come back stronger than ever. I just love being able to create so many things with a hook and ball of yarn.

My gran is now 87 years old and she still crochet and knits. She used to make things to sell at markets but now she does it for charity, making blankets and beanies which are given to the needy.

Now I can WOW her with the things I make and she is proud that the craft has been passed on.

I love the bright colours and textures and find crochet to be very relaxing.

I have lots of things ready for my next market like these warm and comfy mary-jane slippers
crocheted eco friendly face scrubbies

cute monkey hats

and a few more ideas which I have a week to work on !

Want to see more ? Check out these links below !

You can purchase these wonderful goodies at :

Etsy :



Zibbet :


or connect through :

Facebook :



or through Del's gorgeous blog :


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wednesday wishlist - put a needle on the record

A wednesday wishlist inspired by the humble LP. Enjoy xo

Impacto Recycled Record Album Cuff by Tresijas

handpainted recycled record clock by kaileyhawthorn

Angel Recycled Record Comb by Tresijas

Vintage 1960s The Rascals Greatest Hits Record Album Recycled / Upcycled LP Cover Blank Comb-Bound Journal by BetheAbsurd

Record Player Spin The Vinyl Necklace by CuteAbility

Vintage LP Record Puzzle, 70 pieces, Handcrafted, Repurposed, Raffi, One Light One Sun by Fruitionlab

RED Vinyl Record Bowl Grim Reaper- Lust for Freedom by thesmurtis

Rockin' Roll'er Coasters by redshoes26design

Custom Vinyl Record Bookends by nerdnest

Bombastic Cat Vinyl Record by thehermosakid

Record Store Window, Amsterdam - 8 x 10 Fine Art Photographic Print by Blurrylens

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Friends - West Australian ETSY Artisan - Polyclarific, KeLu & BeadPile

Welcome dear readers, I hope you are well on this Good Friday. What is the meaning behind Good Friday ? I found this interesting spiel on Good Friday on http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/australia/good-friday.

Good Friday is a religious and national holiday in Australia, and is held on the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day, Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

What do people do?
In Australia, Good Friday is the start of a four-day weekend and falls during the Easter school holidays. Many people take a short vacation around this time, often within Australia. Others take the opportunity to spend time with their family or friends.

Traditionally, people eat hot cross buns on Good Friday. These are small, bread-like buns flavored with spices and raisins or currants. Some modern recipes add cocoa to the the dough and replace the dried fruit with chocolate chips. All hot cross buns are marked on the top with a cross. The cross is sometimes cut into the top of the bun and sometimes made with a different, paler dough. Some people eat hot cross buns just as they are and others split them in half, toast them, spread them with butter, jam or cream and eat them warm.

A lot of sporting events are held on or start on Good Friday. The Three Peaks Race in Tasmania starts in the afternoon of Good Friday. This event is three-tiered , consisting of a section to be sailed and a section to be walked or run. During the sailing sections, all members of a given team sail a set course down Tasmania's west coast. During each of the running or walking sections, two members of each team leave their boat and run or walk up and then down one of three mountains. Other well-known sporting events that start on Good Friday are the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race, the Stawell Easter Gift, a long distance running race and the Easter Racing Carnival in Sydney.

So there you go. All you could need to know and more. This week I have a new Friday Friend and fellow Sand Groper to introduce to you all - meet Amanda

of Polyclarific,

and KeLu !

I have really enjoyed reading more about Amanda's craft, and am a little in awe of the many talents she has ! I am totally loving the way Amanda captures the vintage retro look with her 1950's Collection - make sure you check it out, the pieces are just darling !

I adore the bright colours in these Inspired by India earrings - they remind me of pictures in travel brochures of coloured silk saris
and I also heart the delicate daisy design in this Daisy Chain Necklace, it makes you think of fine porcelain, wouldn't you agree ?

How cutely kitsch is this calorie free Lemon Meringue Pie Ring - a guilt free dessert if ever I saw one *wink* you really can have your pie and wear it too ?

I am really quite taken with this Paisley Swirls in Black, Green and Silver card too !
Lovely readers - there is no excuse for you to not take it easy for just a little while over this Easter long weekend, pop your feet up, maybe munch on a chocolate egg and read the sweet tale of Polyclarific. Wishing you all a safe and happy easter, enjoy this special time with your loved ones xo

The Sweet Tale of Amanda - Polyclarific, Beadpile & KeLu

I have always been inclined towards creativity, particularly drawing and painting so it may suprise you when you look at my shop 'Polyclarific' to find that there is none of that in there. In 2005 I graduated with a BA Arts (painting) and a few months later gave birth to my first daughter.

Any thoughts of setting up a studio went out the window, mainly because of the lack of space and being worn out. Instead I started to play around with polymer clay (FIMO, Sculpey) and quickly learnt that this was more than just a plaything for kids. It was easier to pack up at night, cleaner and took up less space.

I found the courage to start a shop on Etsy and combined the words Polymer Clay and Terrific to come up with 'Polyclarific'. It was meant to be temporary and I have always intended to return to my first love, painting and drawing.

However, five years later I am only just starting to do that, but still enjoy all that polymer clay has to offer. I found a guild on Etsy called the Polymer Clay Artist's Guild Of Etsy (PCAGOE) and have been part of it for a few years now.

Through this guild I saw the versatility of the medium and that each piece I create is really a small artwork in itself.

Everything I create with polymer clay is unique, mostly one off and my own design. I have enjoyed the versatility of the clay and I think in the last five years I've baked it onto nearly everything you can think of
from metal boxes to spoons, jewellery, beads, tea light candle holders and keyrings (and much more). Last year I started making cake toppers (found only on my facebook page) as well and its a lot of fun to create something original in such 3D form.

About a year ago I opened up my second and then third shops on Etsy. I separated my beads into a different store called 'Beadpile'
and then opened my print and paper shop called 'KeLu'.

I have found that I love all the different mediums and will continue with polymer clay anyway, even as I ramp up my focus on the print and paper shop and get back to my first love of painting and drawing.

Balancing life as a Mum of two, wife, friend and artist is very hard and at times my artwork and creativity has gone on the back burner. It never completely goes though, I'm fairly sure that art runs through my veins, I love it too much!
Want to see more ?

You can find Amanda's wonderful goodies online at :




Connect with Amanda at :




Catch Polyclarific tweets on Twitter : PaintPrintClay