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Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Friends - Summer Street Fair Makers

Welcome dear readers  to a different kind of Friday Friends Blog Post.  At Summer Street Fair today, I spent some time talking to the other stall holders and thought it would be nice to share their stories with you.

Firstly, a virtual tour of Summer Street Fair. These are some all encompassing snaps of the fair layout and all of the wonderful stalls for you to look at.
Now, it's time to introduce to you all the lovely folk that make up Summer Street Fair 2012.
Meet Judy - creator and the wonderful soul that runs Summer Street Fair each year. Judy says this about her craft:
"I am a draw-er of fish and creator of steam punk models bordering on sculptures. I also make jewellery from vintage pieces.  I have been running Summer Street Fair for 17 years now and was a stall holder for 5 years before that. It’s interesting to see the way the fair has morphed and developed over the  years and that people who first came here with their mums are now coming here to shop handmade and vintage with their children."
Joanne Adams – Antique Linen and Collectibles
Meet Joanne - the face behind Joanne Adams - Antique Linen and Collectibles. Joanne says this about her craft:
"I source and supply vintage linen and collectibles including vintage jewellery. I attend local Fairs and Markets in the Albany area."
Jules Jewels
Meet Julia - the face behind Jules Jewels. Julia says this about her craft:
"I have always loved jewellery and love creating things. I am currently obsessed with my brass
Steam Punk style pendants and necklaces."
This Paper Cut Life
Meet Sue – the creator behind This Paper Cut Life. Sue says this about her craft: 
"I create paper cuts, wood cuts and laser cuts. My designs are created from life experiences and tell stories about places and family, making them quite personal. I find that people are drawn to, and connect to my art because of this."
DEL-icious Designz
Meet Del – the creator behind DEL-icious Designz. Del says this about her craft:
“I create lots of different things and specialise in Spoon Jewellery and Crochet Goods I also make Festive Flag Bunting, Tea Cosies and Crochet Toys. I have designed patterns for and made my own line of Cabbage Patch style hats and lots of other character hats.”
Meet Samara - the creator behind Maddabling. Samara says this about her craft.
"I make pretty things and never leave home without a camera. This year I have added to my Bath Milk and Herbal Bath Tea Bags and tried my hand at making some Goats Milk Soap with great success! My Signature Line is Kilt Pin Brooches which I have been making ever since my very first Summer Street Fair.  I am also committed to promoting Australian Handmade on the Maddabling Blog and I am one of the Team Admins for the DUST team (made up of the cleverest bunch of creators in Australian ETSY land)." 
Sugagirl Cakes
Meet Shevi – the creator behind Sugagirl Cakes. Shevi says this about her craft :
"I specialise in novelty cakes and cakes for all occasions. I really enjoy getting into the kitchen to create unique goodies especially  Christmas Goodies like Cherry Bourbon Balls and brandy Christmas Cakes just to name a few."
Sherree’s Stitches from the Heart
Meet Sherree – the creator behind Sherree’s Stitches from the Heart. Sherree says this about her craft:
“I have fun sewing and quality matters to me. I make things that others don’t including custom orders. It’s the creative urge that keeps me sewing and I find it very relaxing.”
Margot’s Creations
Meet Margot – the creator behind Margot’s Creations. Margot says this about her craft
“I started to knit when  I was young, before I could read and write.  When I arrived in Australia I became passionate about working with wool and creating colours which makes me happy. I also enjoy spinning. At the Denmark Markets I am known as the Sock Lady. I specialise in knitting and dying natural fibres, including Alpaca Wool, Cotton and Silk.
Sew What
Meet Carol – the creator behind Sew What. Carol says this about her craft :
"My passion is Colour and I am addicted to fabric. I am a Fabric-holic. I started to sew when I was ill and this helped to bring out my creative side. I specialise in hand sewn bags and toys. My next project is to start painting and drawing on fabric to create my own fabric designs and to start to create my own fabric patterns."
I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the Summer Street Fair Makers, and if you haven't had the chance to visit us yet, we are open for a little longer. Pop in and say hello - and remember: "Keep Calm and Shop Handmade This Christmas"

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vanilla Bean - Thursday Thoughts

I sampled some delicious Melting Moment Biscuits today from Sugagirl Cakes - they had the most sublime Vanilla Bean Creme centre - hence the inspiration for todays Thursday Thoughts. I hope you enjoy these divine picks x 

VANILLA BEAN (Vanilla planifolia) Artisan Alchemist (TM) 

Essential Oil 10% f by ArtisanWitchcrafts

Benevolent Vanilla Bean - Organic Lip Scrub - Handmade with Raw Vanilla - 

.5 oz Tin by TheSimpleSiren

Vanilla Bean (Leather/Suede Vintage 9 West Stilettos Size 7.5) by impshop

12 Vanilla Bean Gourmet Artisan Vegan Lollipops by BAMBIcreations

Vanilla Bean and Almond Loose Leaf Rooibos 2oz (57 grams) by Amitea

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Friends - DUSTy Divas - Tractorgirl

Happy Friday everyone! It's nearly time for Summer Street Fair, you can check out the facebook page here to see all the details - photos of lovely things that the Summer Street Fair Elves have been busy making, plus opening times and dates. The Summer Street Fair opening night is next Thursday night (29th November 2012) and Maddabling would love to see you there! Buy handmade this festive season, give a gift made with love. 

This week I am thrilled to share with you another wonderful maker, DUSTy Diva and Australian Artist - meet Julie from Tractorgirl.

Julie quite simply makes lovely things. From Homewares to unique jewellery, there is no end to her talents. Here are some favourite things that I found while snooping around the Tractorgirl store. 

This cushion/pillow,"Bohemian Byzantine" in vintage cotton prints looks a tad too comfortable don't you think? Perfect for lazy summer days..

Simple but truly elegant, I am loving this Flower brooch in gold, anodised aluminium and sterling silver

and last but not least, for the crafty folk out there, a perfect gift in the form of a PDF Tutorial for this gorgeous Fleur de lis cushion cover.
Dear readers, time to make yourselves comfortable, perhaps put your feet up with a nice cup of tea and enjoy The Terrific Tale of Tractorgirl. See you all again soon - have a fab weekend everyone xo 

The  Terrific  Tale  of  Tractorgirl
My partner and I live on a farm, with cereal cropping and sheep, near Wagga Wagga, NSW. We moved here about 17 years ago and love it, despite the hardships that come with unreliable weather and variable income. We have three small children (8, and twins 6). It’s a great adventure for them, they love going and checking the stock and crops with their dad, and it’s nice having so much space for them to run around in.

So why tractorgirl? – because I can drive a tractor, of course!
I make homewares and accessories from vintage and upcycled fabrics. You will at times also find some precious metal items in my shop - I studied jewellery and silversmithing at Uni, and I love it. However, with small children around, it has been difficult to do, so I sew.
I always try to be gentle on the earth, and use upcycled components somewhere in all my pieces. For me, upcycling refers to fabrics that are remnants from old projects and other sources, and from clothing, homewares and remnants found in op shops. This saves it from going to landfill, and besides, some things are too beautiful to throw out!
My aesthetic loves are texture, pattern, and colour, and I think this shows in my work. I’m a bit of a bower-bird, so anything and everything is a possible source of inspiration. I’m always inspired by the beauty in the everyday, and especially in the forms and the way of nature. Also, because of my Fine Arts background, I have a large aesthetic resource to draw on - for instance, I use classic motifs from various time frames and cultures for some of my designs.
Right from when I was little, I have always felt compelled to make something somehow, and it didn’t seem to matter too much what type of medium – drawing, textiles, then linocuts, and metal.  
I have been selling things now and then ever since I finished Uni, but have always had a ‘proper’ job to provide my main income. Now, however, I’m a stay-at-home mother, and consequently I have become much more involved in selling my work. Lately though, a large chunk of my time has been devoted to my blog http://tractorgirl.com.au. In it you’ll find all the things that I love – contemporary craft, surface design, photography, books, and food.
I originally started the blog simply as a way to share the things I like, but it is growing into more than that – I see it as a bridge between Fine Arts-driven craft and design, and everyday beautiful things that we all use and appreciate. I intend to build it up to become a useful resource for both formal and informal students of art and design - I trained as a teacher in that field and taught for several years at Uni and in high school, and I guess I can’t help myself. I can see all the benefits that art and design can bring, and just have to share!

Readers do you want more ? Here is how you can connect with Tractorgirl!

Follow the Tractorgirl blog here: http://tractorgirl.com.au

Buy lovely things from the shophttp://tractorgirl.com.au/shoppe

and on Etsy:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/tractorgirl

Become a fan on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/tractorgirlmakes

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peace on Earth - Wednesday Wishes

Maddabling has one wish for Christmas - Peace On Earth. 
This wish is the inspiration for todays' Wednesday Wishes blogpost. 
 I hope you enjoy these lovely finds xo
CHRISTMAS DOVE Peace on Earth CARD by AlexAndBixby

Peace on Earth Miniature Holiday Boxes by clayscenes

Christmas Banner - Peace on Earth - Vintage Inspired by FernEllaDesigns

Handmade polymer clay pears peace on earth, white by SkyeArt

Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Tags, Peace on Earth,

Upcycled Map Trees, set of 12 by NobleEarth