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Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Friends - Local Artists - Simply Britt Photography

Hello lovely Maddabling blog readers, welcome to a new edition of Friday Friends. Maddabling is going to a Halloween Party this weekend, hoping the costume lives up to my expectations - it's the first (and possibly last) time I will endeavour to play with putting on false eyelashes and punk eye makeup.

This week I am going to hand over the blogging reigns to a special guest blogger - meet Britt of Simply Britt Photography! Britt is the sweetest lady who I originally met through my husbands work a number of years back and recently re-connected with through the Blogtoberfest 2012 Maddabling Photo Challenge. Britt is a local "hobby" photographer, I think her images are simply stunning and that she has a really keen eye for natural beauty and fabulous composition. I will let you see that for yourself through the images chosen to illustrate Britt's passion for photography. Time now for me to let Britt tell you her story - which I have called: The Brilliance of Simply Britt Photography

The Brilliance of Simply Britt Photography 
Hi everyone - my name is Britt. I’ve always loved taking photos but didn’t really get into photography until 2 years ago when my husband bought me a canon EOS 500D for Christmas, I was so excited, no-one or thing was safe, if it moved I’d click. 
After awhile I started buying photography books and magazines to learn how to actually use my camera, as I wanted to be able to use the manual settings.

A few weeks ago I started a beginner’s photography course which is helping me put everything I have read into perspective and hopefully helping me to take better pictures. 
My favourite medium would be macro, there’s something about making something so small large enough to see all its intricate features. I also love to take lightning photos. If I hear thunder at 2 in the morning I WILL get up and go outside with the camera (it has its own special rain jacket unlike me.lol) and to try and capture it. My kit now includes a Canon EOS 500D camera, Canon EFS 18-55mm lens and Canon EFS 55-250mm lens.

I have been married for 20 years and have 5 children. My husband and I have a brick making business on a semi rural block which is where a lot of my macro shots are taken when we are not busy (I can often be found head down bum up in the bush stalking bugs.lol). I also work a regular job at a local supermarket. Because my family life is so busy (and i really wouldn’t have it any other way), I will often get up before the crack of dawn to catch a sunrise, its so peaceful that time of day.
After much coaxing from my family and friends I have started printing and hanging my photos around the house and I must admit that there is nothing more satisfying than to walk into a room, see your photos and think, I took that. And that would be my best advice to everyone, Don’t leave your photos on the computer, it’s like putting them in an album in the cupboard, blow them up and hang them on the wall and enjoy them.
One of my favourite photos would be my “Lightning over the Port” shot, which I won people’s choice for in the Albany Gateway photo competition earlier this year, another would be my black and white bee photo.
I’m not sure where I’d like to take my photography in the future, at the moment it is my hobby/ passion or as my husband refers to it, my obsession.
Want to explore the wonderful images produced by Britt ? 
You can connect on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/simplybrittphotography

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