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Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Friends - Australian Artists - Very Cushy Homewares

Happy Friday dear readers. Have you got lovely things planned for the weekend ? I am starting prep for Summer Street Fair, there are some lovely new things I am planning - watch this space!

This week I want you to meet some new Friday Friends and Australian Artists - mother and daughter team of Diane and Karen from their new venture Very Cushy Homewares. 
Diane and Karen make really beautiful things to adorn your home - here a few favourites that I have found to share with you! 
Beautiful and unique, this 5" Hoop Art - Yellow/Orange Colourburst really is a one of a kind piece. 
For the tea lover, the gorgeous Hoot Owl Tea Cozy/Cosie
and brighten a room with Cheery Cherries, a 14inch x 14inch Cushion Cover. 

Time now readers, to take some YOU time and indulge yourself for just a short while, while you explore the wonderful wares that Very Cushy Homewares have to show you. Have a great weekend everyone!
The Comfortable Tale of Very Cushy Homewares

Very Cushy Homewares (VCH) is the grown up version of MooBeeTees!  Moving on from creating lots of lovely handcrafted items for children, VCH allows the mother and daughter team of Diane and Karen (Victoria, Australia) to keep creating together, but this time for the whole family.
We decided to create homewares as it was a concept that allowed us to make unique items for everybody.  We love using fabric and yarn to create colourful, fun items that can be enjoyed all year round.  Our idea is to keep the items at a reasonable price, so that people can change them when they want.
Mum and I take our inspiration from different things, but our end result seems to be cohesive.  I like the fact that this is something that we can share together - mum brings years of experience with yarn, both knitting and crochet (she was a professional knitter at one stage!) and I share a passion for sewing which was something I learned from mum at a young age. (I also have a not-so-secret love of buttons which I can blame on both my mum and my nanna!!)
We like to try and use natural fibres where possible and enjoy using recycled media where we can (that would be those buttons again!). Depending on the mood we can keep things simple (like our 14" cushion covers) or go out on a limb and create more detailed items (think wall art).
The thing mum and I like about VCH the most is that there is no pressure to create specific items - we create what we like, when we like and then share it with everyone!  Nearly everything is OOAK and we love that most items won't be found anywhere else - even our simple cushion covers will have fabric prints in different places. 
As VCH is so new, we are really looking to just keep exploring ideas and seeing what people like. And have fun doing it! We look forward to continuing to make what we like and share it with the world!

Dear readers, would you like to see more ? Here is how you can connect. 
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Madeit shop: www.madeit.com.au/verycushyhomewares
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