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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

There's Dust On My Guitar - Wednesday Wishes

My complete love of music was nurtured listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 on the Australia Day Long Weekend and it has inspired me to browse around for gorgeous handmade musical instruments and accessories. I hope you enjoy this There's Dust On My Guitar Wednesday Wishes blog post x
Cigar box slide guitar by Braxtone Guitars
Guitar Pick - sterling silver, saw pierced triangle. (Smashing) by GenuineArticle
Apple ukulele ( applelele ) by celentanowoodworks
Guitar strap RETRO CASSETTES by Backbeat Leather 
Electric resonator Guitar, Blues Guitar, Slide Guitar by dabeeman

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Friends - Australian Artists - Fruzsi Kenez + peachpatrol

Happy Friday and long weekend to Australian readers. What are you doing to celebrate the Australia Day Holiday? We will be hanging out at home, listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown as is my tradition as a long time devotee of Triple J Radio. We are also hoping for some family time to explore some more of our fabulous coast on the weekend. 

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce to you a new Friday Friend, meet the sweetest artist - Fruzsi from peachpatrol. 
Fruzsi creates beautiful art and I simply love the delicious assortment of goodies that she creates - like this "Strange Friends Sticker Set - 4 Extra-Large Handcut Stickers - instant graffiti"
and the gorgeous Limited Edition Large Illustrated Pocket Mirrors
not to mention this sublime artwork, New Woman For the New Century, a OOAK Original artwork in wooden frame original collage and illustration which is stunning just on its own or available to purchase as part of a set of three original artworks that were created for an 80's exhibition. 
Dear readers, I will leave you now to familiarise yourselves with The Fabulous Factsheet on Fruzsi + peachpatrol. Have a fantastic weekend xo 

The Fabulous Factsheet on Fruzsi + peachpatrol

Fruzsi is an Adelaide (South Australia) based illustrator with a cat called Jessie and an Etsy shop called peachpatrol designs. She creates lovingly handpainted illustration goods, selling prints, artist books, zines, pocket mirrors and other sweet goodies in her Etsy store. In her free time she enjoys tending her garden, reading in her hammock and going for long bushwalks. She is also often found making cheeky sketches of people in cafes, and on trams, and riding her beloved bicycle Fuji to the local Sunday markets.
Fruzsi (pronounced froo-shee) was born in Hungary and has since lived in Germany, the Netherlands and Australia. Being a storyteller, traveler and curious fan of the unusual and strange, themes of peculiarity continue to seep into her illustrations. She is best known for her lady portraits on wood which have been described as 'dream-like' and at times surreal. Most often the ladies feature peculiar expressions, frizzy buns and cups of tea, and weave intimate tales of love and longing. In addition, they remind the viewer to embrace their own quirkiness and the child within.
How and When did your artistic journey begin ?
My artistic journey began very early on, in fact my first ever exhibition occurred at the age of four, when my mum told me I could draw on the living-room wall because we were getting the house painted. This was probably the happiest day of my life, and I spent many hours working on my masterpiece. the end result was a smutty little girl with a very proud expression, standing before a white wall with a storm of colourful concentric circles. And I haven't stopped drawing ever since!
What inspires you ?
I derive inspiration from many different avenues. Cinema, history, folklore, my Hungarian culture and through looking at the work of other artists in different mediums like photography, sculpture and textiles. There's also funny interactions made in the everyday, and spontaneous observations that make me giggle which later inspire little drawings like 'The Strange Encounter'. 
In addition and perhaps most importantly, I draw on aspects of nature for inclusion in my paintings. People often comment on how many plants, birds and flowers they observe in my paintings. One of my newest works is entitled Amy Joy - Friend of Fruit and Fowl. 
I just can't help it! In all aspects of my life I strive to be close to nature - through buying organic/local produce and being vegetarian to tending my own garden of goodies, to walking, cycling or catching transport everywhere. In addition, all of my prints are on 100% recycled eco-linen stock, and my wares ship in recycled wrapping or recycled paper coats. How we live as community and society really matters to me, and all I can do is do my best to treat Mother Earth right and encourage others to do the same. 
What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite ?
In my painting practice I work primarily with watercolour, ink and gouache on wood. The wood lends the paintings a beautiful natural element as well as the gorgeous brown undertone, once again underpinning my closeness to nature. The materials allow me to build up colour and create different washes which result in dreamy and at times quite psychedelic artworks. 
The scale of my works has also increased over the last couple of years, making my use of materials evolve accordingly. I moved up from small watercolour sketches in Moleskine journals to now creating large 60 cm x 60cm boxed up paintings on wood. I think the scale of works is integral to the way the viewer interacts with the work, which is something I enjoy playing with. 

For example, with a small artist book the viewer comes up close, cradles it and turns the pages by hand. There's intimate contact between the viewer and the object. My large portraits sit on a wall, and are viewed from a greater distance. Yet they also confront in the way that they challenge the viewer's gaze by returning it. These portraits are hung head height, in essence creating a little staring competition between the painting and the viewer. 
What kind of things do you make and create ?
I create quirky lady portraits on wood in addition to smaller items such as prints, artist books, zines, pocket mirrors and badges, all featuring my illustrations. There are lots of goodies to be found at peachpatrol.etsy.com!

Do you have a favourite piece that you have created ?
I have a shortlist of favourite works that I have made, which mean something to me or represent a particular chapter of my life, however I could not pick a single favourite. That is like asking a parent to choose a favourite child! What I can say for now, is that I am really excited by my newest large-scale series, and the direction that my practice is taking. I'm a happy chappy.
What are your future plans/dreams/aspirations ?
This year's mission is to pat more cats, travel to Indonesia in January and finish my Masters in Art History by the end of the year. For the long run I just hope to be happy and healthy, and granted the opportunity to keep creating art and do what I love!

Dear readers want to see more ? Here is how you can connect : 

buy beautiful things at the peachpatrol Etsy store here: 


browse the Fruzsikenez website here: 


and become a follower on Facebook, an active happy place for giveaways and works in progress updated daily:


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Handmade Aussie Icons - Wednesday Wishes

with Australia Day just around the corner, it's time to celebrate Handmade Aussie Icons! I hope you love these quirky finds, the inspiration behind this Wednesday Wishes blog post xo

Australian black swan stamp cushion cover by TouchWoodDesign

All Australian Hills hoist by melisamu

Pack of 6 - Australian Native Flower Collection - Handpainted Linoprint Greeting Cards by trees4thewood
Southern Cross Constellation Hammered Titanium Sterling Silver Ball Chain Necklace by jesikajack
a word about WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Australia 8 x 10 inch art print by hunterandsmile

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunny Saturday Adventures

Hello lovely readers, happy sunny Saturday to you all! Are you all having wonderful Saturday Adventures ? Let me share what Maddabling has been up to today. 

What a super busy morning Maddabling has had. First off, a breakfast date with hubby at Tonic Juice Bar 
then on to the "Pop-Up Phone Box Gallery - Guerilla"  in the old red phone box on the corner of York Street and Stirling Terrace, Albany.  
"Artists Eve Young, Meleah Farrell, David Edgar, Leanne Fry, Janelle Peterson, Kate Houderrani, Jillian Green, Katie Ambrose and Serena McLauchlan will present different takes on the change in communication styles from old school to new tech. Offered will be contemporary small works - drawings, photographs, prints, paintings, frottage and small things that will be the price of a coffee or less" 
I picked up this sublime polaroid by Meleah Farrell, love this image! 
If you haven't had a chance to pop in yet, the gallery will be open until 4pm - you still have time!

Maddabling also dropped into the WA Public Library Book Sale and got a great selection of titles for a mere $12...will possibly visit again tomorrow for the last day of the sale. 
I would love to hear what you have been up to - leave a comment if you like! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Friends - DUSTy Divas - jewelflyt

Happy Friday lovely readers, hoping everyone is happy and well, and that you have lots of exciting weekend adventures ahead of you. 

Maddabling is heading to"Pop-Up Phone Box Gallery - Guerilla" in the old red phone box on the corner of York Street and Stirling Terrace, Albany on the 19th January.
"Artists Eve Young, Meleah Farrell, David Edgar, Leanne Fry, Janelle Peterson, Kate Houderrani, Jillian Green, Katie Ambrose and Serena McLauchlan will present different takes on the change in communication styles from old school to new tech. Offered will be contemporary small works - drawings, photographs, prints, paintings, frottage and small things that will be the price of a coffee or less" It is so nice to see something different and innovative from local artists, don't you think? 

I digress, back to this weeks featured artist. Today it is my great pleasure to introduce to you a DUSTy Diva and Friday Friend, the gorgeous Vickie of jewelflyt.
Vickie makes beautiful jewellery and specialises in unique handmade creations using fine silver, glass and semi precious stones. I confess, I am a long term fan of jewelflyt and want to share some favourites with you now. 

Cloudy Skies, a fine silver pendant is a favourite piece in my jewellery collection, "square in shape, the surface has been textured using a handmade stamp. Raised curls of cloud decorate the surface and the pendant is set with 6x4mm pear shaped spinel sapphire (lab created), which is a deep, rich blue."
I also adore these unique fine silver earrings - "the slender triangles have been handcrafted from precious metal clay and feature raised, curving lines. They have been given a dark patina and the raised lines, along with the edges, have been rubbed back and burnished to shine and provide contrast.The faceted, 4mm trillion and triangular stones are lab created cubic zirconia. Above the triangles, pale, faceted carnelian disks (10mm) are strung on sterling silver wire between faceted topaz glass beads. Leaf shaped sterling silver ear wires (hand made) complete the earrings"
and the shapes and textures in this fine silver necklace "silver dawn" are equally beautiful. "Drops of silver dew gather in the fold of the leaf textured pendant, along with a sparkly 3mm clear cubic zirconia (lab created). The necklace is strung with a myriad of dawn colours - soft blues, greys, greens. The beads are a combination of amazonite, banded agate, tourmalinated quartz, pearl. czech glass and sterling silver."
Dear readers, I invite you now to take some time out, to indulge yourselves in the enchanting tale of jewelflyt. Have a fantastic weekend xo
the enchanting tale of jewelflyt 
Hi, I’m Vickie and jewelflyt is my jewellery business.
I’ve always loved making pretty things and started making beaded jewellery many years ago. Then about six years ago, I tried PMC for the first time and fell in love. PMC (precious metal clay) is microscopic silver particles in an organic binder, which can be rolled, shaped + textured like clay.  
After firing (where the binder burns off and the metal sinters) what remains is fine silver. I still love working with beads (the colours!) and I love learning new skills and techniques, but PMC is probably my favourite.
I’m inspired by nature, colour, pattern, nice light and daydreams. With my silver jewellery I love to make simple, but detailed pieces.....and I love adding texture and pattern to the surface.
My beaded jewellery is usually designed around colour – I start with a pendant or bead and build a colour palette from there.
My aim is to keep making jewellery and to grow my business – which means working on my etsy store and marketing and finances...as well as creating, of course. I don’t think I’ll ever stop creating – even if I’m not making jewellery, I’ll be drawing, or taking photos, or baking, or something.

Dear readers, here are some links for you to explore, I am sure that you would love to see more of Vickies' gorgeous work. 

Check out the jewelflyt Blog: unusualmagic.blogspot.com.au/

Buy lovely things on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/jewelflyt

Catch sweet tweets on Twitter: twitter.com/jewelflyt

Become a follower on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jewelflyt

and see beautiful photographs on Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/jewelflyt/

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

dream a little dream - wednesday wishes

dream a little dream, it may just come true 
dreams are the inspiration for this Wednesday Wishes blog post. 
enjoy x 

Follow Your Dreams - Fine Art Photography by happeemonkee

Pinky dream double rose fascinator headband in chiffon and satin by ButterflyFromAshes

Rustic Word Bracelet by DreamingTreeCreation

POSTCARD: In Dreams (A6 size) by WhitebirdArtDesign

SWEET DREAMS Hessian Bunting by collectingfeathers

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Friends - Australian Creatives - Confessions of the Obsessed

Happy Friday everyone! Maddabling had a sensational weekend road trip with her dear friend Shevi to Southbound Music Festival in Busselton. It was a truly amazing laid back experience, even if the weather was somewhat on the warmish side! I will write a blog post in the next few days and share some photos of the things we saw! 

Dear readers, this week it is my absolute pleasure to hand over the blogging reigns to a young creative and blossoming writer - meet the very talented Emily Louise Winter. As you all know, I LOVE to support local talent through their works and projects.... I am a proud owner of a Confessions of the Obsessed book. I am really enjoying the story so far. Anyway lovely readers,here is Emilys' story! Be inspired :) 

My name is Emily Louise Winter and I tend to be a bit of a creative all-rounder with a love for music, writing, art, photography and animals.
Recently I released my self-published book Confessions of the Obsessed, which was initially an idea for my HSC major work back in 2009. Once I started brainstorming, I realised it could be more than just a 7000 word short story for a high school subject. And so I began plotting and planning, writing in my spare time until I started university where I put it on the back burner. Eventually I found myself surrounded by a need to write; fuelled by the creative people around meI knew this was what I wanted.
After months of procrastinating and indecisiveness, I made this happen and restarting from scratch I chose to write my story as a collection of short stories; something along the lines of episodes in a TV season, and ultimately hope to release five or six parts.
Inspired by life, music, TV and all the different aspects of the world around me, the stories follow the lives of four unconventional friends who are passionate about the arts. Michaela, the story’s protagonist, is also a music student who lives on campus and is trying to find her feet in the world. Through a series of intertwining events she meets Bailey, Sarah and Harlow; and finds herself entangled in a world she never knew existed- the world of the obsessed. It’s a complicated one, filled with drama and laughter- sometimes at the same time; all whilst trying to find their way through reality.

Hand over her mouth, the five words that changed everything
came tumbling out.
“Can you keep a secret?”
She had giggled with that same smile from our first meeting.
“Yeah...?” I replied cautiously. Of course I could.

Friendships with all their twists and turns… Love unrequited, former and infinite… Loyalty and drunken courage… Lies and over the top behaviour… Stalker-ish tendencies… Spilled coffee beans… Music shared and songs written… Hearts broken and forgiveness… Colourful art and photos taken…. Psychos and revenge… Food, films and festivities… Family, laughter and secrets... Gossip, fate and life…

These are the Confessions of the Obsessed.

Readers, do you want to learn more? Here are some links for you to explore!

Visit the COTO Website here: 

Become a follower on facebook here : 

and watch the trailer again on youtube here: