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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Friends - Australian Creatives - Confessions of the Obsessed

Happy Friday everyone! Maddabling had a sensational weekend road trip with her dear friend Shevi to Southbound Music Festival in Busselton. It was a truly amazing laid back experience, even if the weather was somewhat on the warmish side! I will write a blog post in the next few days and share some photos of the things we saw! 

Dear readers, this week it is my absolute pleasure to hand over the blogging reigns to a young creative and blossoming writer - meet the very talented Emily Louise Winter. As you all know, I LOVE to support local talent through their works and projects.... I am a proud owner of a Confessions of the Obsessed book. I am really enjoying the story so far. Anyway lovely readers,here is Emilys' story! Be inspired :) 

My name is Emily Louise Winter and I tend to be a bit of a creative all-rounder with a love for music, writing, art, photography and animals.
Recently I released my self-published book Confessions of the Obsessed, which was initially an idea for my HSC major work back in 2009. Once I started brainstorming, I realised it could be more than just a 7000 word short story for a high school subject. And so I began plotting and planning, writing in my spare time until I started university where I put it on the back burner. Eventually I found myself surrounded by a need to write; fuelled by the creative people around meI knew this was what I wanted.
After months of procrastinating and indecisiveness, I made this happen and restarting from scratch I chose to write my story as a collection of short stories; something along the lines of episodes in a TV season, and ultimately hope to release five or six parts.
Inspired by life, music, TV and all the different aspects of the world around me, the stories follow the lives of four unconventional friends who are passionate about the arts. Michaela, the story’s protagonist, is also a music student who lives on campus and is trying to find her feet in the world. Through a series of intertwining events she meets Bailey, Sarah and Harlow; and finds herself entangled in a world she never knew existed- the world of the obsessed. It’s a complicated one, filled with drama and laughter- sometimes at the same time; all whilst trying to find their way through reality.

Hand over her mouth, the five words that changed everything
came tumbling out.
“Can you keep a secret?”
She had giggled with that same smile from our first meeting.
“Yeah...?” I replied cautiously. Of course I could.

Friendships with all their twists and turns… Love unrequited, former and infinite… Loyalty and drunken courage… Lies and over the top behaviour… Stalker-ish tendencies… Spilled coffee beans… Music shared and songs written… Hearts broken and forgiveness… Colourful art and photos taken…. Psychos and revenge… Food, films and festivities… Family, laughter and secrets... Gossip, fate and life…

These are the Confessions of the Obsessed.

Readers, do you want to learn more? Here are some links for you to explore!

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