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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - Part 11

Happy Friday everyone ! It's Dusty Diva time again and this week I am thrilled to introduce a relatively new duster and adventure woman extraordinaire;
Tia of NotWeeds ! I have found Tia's story to be an exceptional tale - but won't spoil it for you as you can read it for yourself !

The NotWeeds website product statement is
Herbal Teas and Legal Highs for Wellness and Relaxation!
NOTWeeds specializes in Herbal Teas and Legal Highs - Weight Loss, Womens Health, Cold and Flu Prevention, Relaxing Blends and Aphrodisiacs.
Got Weeds ?
Take the opportunity to get to know them and make friends..., discover their true nature and simply call them Herbs instead.
Herbs can become your closest allies in your quest for Wellness, and we are excited to offer you our herbal blends to help you get started.

I seriously could have done with some of Tia's Cold & Flu Herbal Tea during this winter season and some of Nourishing Herbal Tea would do wonders for my long blond locks. I have always had an interest in alternate therapies including Aromatherapy and Herbalism, so I truly found this information fascinating.

Now, to let Tia tell you the story of NotWeeds and the woman behind it !

The Story of NotWeeds
A few years ago I willingly threw myself out of a perfectly sound plane over Hawaii and this event has changed my life!
It was then that I decided - after 28 years of nursing in the conventional sense - it just was not possible for me to continue with this career; my work ethics and morals were constantly compromised with the advance of 'technologically focused' nursing. I retired in style - my uniform was strapped to a couple of stakes and burnt in a bonfire ... I guess I really meant it!

It was time to get back to my roots! Herbal Health has been part of my life since my birth, my mother - also a nurse - was a great herbalist and readily employed their services to her family whenever she could. Herbs were well accepted in German University Hospitals (which is where I started my nursing career) - every day a big pot of chamomile, peppermint, hibiscus or fennel would be placed in each ward for the patients to help themselves freely and Valerian Tincture was given at nighttime to help patients settle.
I know prevention is the key and good health starts from within - this has now become my area of focus - and I support others with their journey to wellness and health by providing well balanced herbal blends.

First things first though, in order to refresh and deepen my herbal knowledge I studied Home Herbalism with Belle Gibbons
and thus NOTWeeds was conceived. My background with nursing is mainly in Women's Reproductive Health ( I was one of the early certified Nurse Practitioners in NSW) and Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation - both of these areas are also a focus of NOTWeeds.

NOTWeeds offers safe, non addictive relaxing blends that can be consumed as a tea or smoked for people that seek an occasional 'adventure' outside their usual sphere. 'Kite' and 'Smokin' Hot' are the blends that can provide such an experience. Every body is different, so the response will be individual too ;)
Other NOTWeeds Blends include the popular 'Nourishing Blend' - a great 'every day' blend (which has the wonderful 'side effect' of producing lustrous hair)
'A-C-E' - a wonderful alkalising blend which gently re balances an acidic body and assists with weight loss, and many more.

Thank you to Maddo for giving me the opportunity to 'show and tell' in this blog!
For more details on the NOTWeeds products available head over to these links :



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  1. thank you Samara, I love it!
    I feel very honoured to be part of the DUSTY Diva feature and this wonderful team that we have.

  2. A wonderful feature on a fellow Duster - I will have to check out this store and indulge in some" Legal Highs"..