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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 30 - Think Pink - Part 2

Welcome to Blogtoberfest Day 30 dear readers. What has been going on in your collective worlds ? I have been baking ( I can offer you a virtual slice of this vanilla cake I made ) and crafting as well as admiring the vege patch that hubby planted while I was unwell.

Today I want to share with you today a rather delicate and confronting topic but one that ties in strongly with Frocktober and Pink Ribbon Day. This post is dedicated to feeling and looking Beautiful during Cancer Treatments and Recovery. A lot of us wouldn't have given this much thought. I recently came into contact with an inspirational woman by the name of Robyn and she has decided to share her story and website for today's blog post. I think that you will find this interesting and informative. It may even help women that you know, whether it be yourself, family members or friends. Robyn started her own business after undergoing Cancer Treatment and the products she offers are both cosmetic and beautiful. 

At 44, I was diagnosed with, and treated for, ovarian cancer. Fortunately it was caught early. As predicted, I started losing my hair three weeks after my first chemotherapy session, and by four weeks it was all gone. While I had no problem with my new hairless state (saving heaps on hair products, not to mention the time!), my kids weren’t quite so understanding.

Fairly fashion-conscious, I went in search of stylish options to cover my head. I found wigs uncomfortable and unnatural looking, many hats irritated, and I hadn't worn a baseball cap for 40 years, so why should I start now!? Most of the chemo headwear looked like just that - chemo.

I wanted headwear that looked like a fashion item—not a necessity: something that reflected me, not my medical condition. I couldn't find Australian sites with fashion-focused headwear, and none with a specialised special occasion or custom-made service. I resorted to experimenting with tying large scarves and adding my handmade accessories, many of which received positive comments, but often ending with ’’but I could never tie it’’. Thus Beautifully Bald was born. With some millinery experience, a creative mind, lots of research, and even more trial and error, Beautifully Bald designs were born.

I focused on headwear that was easy to wear, comfortable and, most importantly, made to be seen. In particular, I wanted to offer headwear that befitted special occasions, as well as a custom-made service. 

I am also committed to keeping everything locally-made and limited edition: no mass-production. As I travelled on my own hair loss journey, I also discovered the paucity of options for disguising eyebrow loss. There were many choices for cosmetic eyelashes - but not many for eyebrows. So I set forth sourcing the world’s best, and most economic, cosmetic options for false eyebrows.Without exception, I receive comment on my headwear every day - I hope you do too. (And no-one ever comments on my eyebrows, which must mean they look realistic!)

There are many items available on this fab website to make women recovering or undergoing Cancer treatment to  feel comfortable and beautiful. The range includes :

Headwear - Ezy TurbansHats and Caps, Head Wraps, Scarves, Custom Made & Special Occasion and Accessories
Cosmetic Eyebrows - an exciting range of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos and human hair eyebrows and  Areola Tattoos - a natural looking, inexpensive alternative to getting a permanent repigmentation tattoo which can be very painful and very expensive, or unnatural feeling prosthetic nipples. These removable Areola Tattoos are easy to apply and remove, and they can last up to seven days. Ideal for those who are you planning to have, or have already had, breast reconstruction surgery.

Robyn's website can be found here : http://www.beautifullybald.com.au/

A beautiful song to finish off today's post - Adele covering a song that Aretha Franklin made so famous - You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman). Personally I think she did a fantastic job. See you all tomorrow for Blogtoberfest Day 31. Be kind to one another xo


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