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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Misery Beach, New Arrival and Beetroot,Pumpkin,Spinach,Feta + Walnut Salad

Hi readers, sorry for the delay in getting this blog post out there. It was to be done Sunday night, but this didn't eventuate. Better late than never hey! This week I share with you Misery Beach, New Arrival and Beetroot, Pumpkin, Spinach, Feta + Walnut Salad. Happy Reading ♥

Misery Beach
We set out early on a Saturday morning to the somewhat secluded and beautiful Misery Beach. I was on a mission to do some creative photography. 
Ideas had set in my mind, and it was time to make them happen. 
Why is pristine Misery Beach called Misery Beach? It appears to have earned it's name from when the Whaling Station, located a few hundred metres to the west, was in operation. Apparently the blood and whale guts would be carried out from the Whaling Station on the currents and they would wash up onto Misery Beach, which definately would have earned it this name. Don't quote me on this, it is but hearsay. 
With prop bags on my arm, we set out down the beach track. My long suffering other half knew what I was up to...... I think I truly confused and amused the seagulls with my antics....setting up props in the freshly washed sand on the waters edge, making sure that the odd wave didn't take my props out to sea and dodging the blue bottle jellyfish that seemed to be washing up in the waves. 
The result was a fab range of photographs that I had made into Christmas cards. Original Photo Image Christmas Cards. They are subtly festive, a lot are in black and white, it's a modern take on the classic Christmas images. These will be available at Summer Street Fair at the end of next week. 
New Arrival
Excitement was on the agenda last Friday, with the arrival of our first grandchild. She is just gorgeous and we are completely smitten with this tiny bundle. 
Mum, Dad and baby are doing well, we just can't wait for the next lot of precious cuddles with her. 
Beetroot,Pumpkin,Spinach,Feta + Walnut Salad

This is a super tasty and easy salad to make. Perfect for summer entertaining. I sourced Gourmet Italian Balsamic Glaze at my local supermarket. It is a little syrupy which makes it easy to drizzle over, and gives defined lines. 

500g Beetroot, peeled and diced
500g Pumpkin, peeled and diced 
150g baby spinach leaves, washed 
200g low fat feta cubed
Handful of Walnuts
Gourmet Italian Balsamic Glaze


1. Roast pumpkin and beetroot until tender and just cooked. Allow time to cool. 
2. Arrange baby spinach on a serving plate, top with pumpkin, beetroot, feta and walnuts. 
3. Drizzle over Gourmet Italian Balsamic Glaze to finish. 

Lovely readers, I hope you enjoyed reading Misery Beach, New Arrival and Beetroot,Pumpkin,Spinach,Feta + Walnut Salad. See you all tomorrow for a new edition of Wednesday Wishes xo♥

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