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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Friends - Australian Artists - Bridget Farmer; Printmaker

Welcome to another Friday lovely Maddabling readers. This weekend sees exciting things afoot in the Maddabling household, hopefully we will get to spend some time with a (pending) brand new arrival in our extended family! More to come on this. More Summer Street Fair preparation will also be underway. Busy times on the not too distant horizon. 

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce to you a new Friday Friend and Australian Artist - meet the clever creative Bridget Farmer, Printmaker. 
I have great respect for printmakers and the work that goes into creating the finished pieces that you see. I remember trying my hand at etching in high school and it was no mean feat to get the correct depth, line and textures on the tiny etching plates that we created. I also recall that it was terribly difficult to work with lino cut tools, often fingers would get in the way of the sharp tools you worked with. 

So it should come as no surprise to Maddabling readers, that I had a good snoop through Bridget's online portfolio and have found some favourites that I have chosen to share with you all today. 

The first piece is the "Finch III" Etching, I find this so beautiful, so full of cheeky character, it really captures the nature of these little birds.
I adore this darling wooden Gum Leaf Necklace, which has been laser etched and painted.
I also love the "Dancing Magic Moon Hare" Linocut, it reminds me of a sweet children's book illustration. 

Dear readers, I leave you now to read and learn more about the fabulous Bridget in "First Edition; The Story of Bridget Farmer, Printmaker".
Have a wonderful weekend and remember to be kind to one another. See you all on Sunday for the Maddabling weekend blog post xo 

First Edition; The Story of Bridget Farmer, Printmaker

I am Bridget Farmer, I am originally from Ireland but came to Australia in 2005 intending to travel and visit friends for 5 months. Of course, the age old story, I met a man and stayed. I now live in Daylesford in the highlands of central Victoria with my Australian husband, our naughty dog Eddie and currently a bump growing in my belly!
How and When did your handmade/artistic journey begin ?
From the very beginning of my memory really. I guess it's the same with all artistic people. I began painting giant fat cats at nursery school which progressed onto horses as a teenager and then birds at art college.
I've sort of stuck with birds ever since. I've always made things and when I started to be able to make money from my creations at the end of art college I knew that that was what I wanted to do full time. I've had the odd part time job here and there but these days I do my work full time.

What inspires you ?
My surroundings inspire me. I mostly draw from life and from these drawings I make my etchings. I love sketchbooks and try to have one on the go all the time.
Recently I've started making linocuts. They featured curled up animals in circular shapes. I didn't really know where this idea came from until someone asked me if it had anything to do with my pregnancy! It's funny how you don't even realise what it is you're doing and where your inspiration comes from at times!

What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite ?
I work in a few different mediums. 
I make dry point etchings which I call my serious work. I exhibit these through galleries around regional Victoria and Melbourne and sell online. I also make linocuts which are quicker to make than my other printmaking work so I can sell them for a bit less at local markets and again online.
I've also started a range of etched wood jewellery depicting my bird drawings. My degree at Edinburgh Collage of Art was in jewellery and silversmithing so it's nice to utilise some of those skills again, even though these days I would consider myself a printmaker.

Do you have a favourite piece that you have made/created ?
I made a giant dry point etching of a pheasant. I think it's one of the largest prints I've made and I really enjoyed the challenge. I only made 10 in the edition and I didn't even keep one for myself which I am sad about.
BUT! I intend to make another large piece soon, this time depicting a peacock. I even have a neighbour's peacock lined up as a model!
What are your future plans/dreams/aspirations ?
My baby is due in February 2014, so really my only aspiration at the moment is to be able to balance my work and motherhood. I know things will have to slow down work wise and this is why I've been making pieces that don't take as long, trying to stockpile prints and starting the new range of jewellery which will hopefully tick along nicely. I want to spend time with her (it's a girl!) making lots of things and I hope she will inspire me further.

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