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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Friends - Local Makers - Nazzy Beads

Hello readers - Happy Friday to you all. You may (or may not have) noticed the absence of a weekend blog post last Sunday. Maddabling had a little vacation and was a tad preoccupied road tripping. Never mind, I am entitled to miss one here and there *wink* 

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce you all to Naomi of Nazzy Beads. Naomi is a local maker and a dear friend of mine. 

I am a really really big fan of her work. We have given the gift of Nazzy Beads glass home wares on several occasions now; with the items of choice being a cheese board and beaded cheese cutlery set, a custom lamp work bead cake server set as a wedding gift and two bottle serving trays! Let me share some picks from Naomi's Madeit store now so you can see what I am on about.  

This is one of the fab Beaded Cake Server sets currently available - LOVE ♥ ! 
For a statement piece, you can't go past the vibrant colours of the handmade and melted Moretti glass necklace, this one is in Orange and Sky Blue - I really must get one of these, I do love the colour combination. 
And this is one of the gorgeous Beaded Cheese Cutlery Sets I mentioned earlier, it is just so delicious! 
Readers, I now invite you to put up your feet and read the inspirational creative story that is "Through the Nazzy Beads Looking Glass". Have a fabulous weekend xx
Through the Nazzy Beads Looking Glass
Hello readers, I'm Naomi, the face behind Nazzy Beads. From collecting antique glass from the age of 13, I have always loved glass over any medium. After trying many hobbies, nothing ever took my interest any further than trying it once. Then 3 yrs ago I was taught the art of Lamp working Moretti soft glass, well I was hooked!  
 The many designs,styles,patterns that you can make with glass, some designs that you can never ever recreate, the way glass moves,chemical reactions, the many other mediums that you can add and the absolute endless possibilities, opening up my eyes to the new and fascinating world of glass.
I've had great joy making Lamp work glass beads, modern jewellery,  beaded home wares such as cutlery, cake sets, salad servers, children's spoons and the ever popular cheese sets etc. Getting great joy of live melting demonstrations at art shows and festivals.
But my passion for glass grew, after looking at Antiqued glass I had collected, I toyed with the idea of going bigger, to recreate glass pieces such as platters and Vases that I'd collected, experimenting with another level of glass. 
Always having a passion for the large pieces of glass at art galleries and securing a few small pieces that Ive been able to purchase, I'd always admired the artists that created these beautiful pieces, never even considering that it would be something I could achieve,even in my wildest dreams! 
Well, guess what, with my beautiful partners encouragement, I took the extra step, with the purchase of another, much larger kiln, I have now ventured into Slumping and Fusing of glass; already knowing how glasses work together, I have taken to it like a duck to water.
My inspiration is constantly changing and quite vast, my latest inspirations are landscapes  the colours of spring , bright and bold jewellery. I also have great fun with recycling glass, such as window glass, and wine bottles. Using many mediums such as powdered & crushed glass, copper,silver,gold,granite and wood to name a few. Also incorporating the 2 styles of glass work-lamp working, slumping and fusing. I love being quite diversified with my work.
I do get super excited when I see someone wearing my jewellery out and about, or going to someones home and their using my home wares, that's probably my greatest joy, people enjoying my passion. 
I have many things in the pipeline, many ideas, but so little time to put them to fruition. It would be a dream of mine to be a glass  artisan as my full time career, there is nothing better than making a career out of your passion.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to email me at:

Where can you see or purchase Nazzy Items? Check below: 

Find me on Facebook here: 

and buy lovely things online at Madeit here: 

You can view my items in person at the following locations: 

The Vancouver Cafe + Store, Vancouver St, Albany, WA, 6330
The Denmark Visitor Centre, Denmark WA, 6330

and in person at the following markets: 

The Ivy Street Fair Sat 29th March 2014, 11am-5pm
Denmark Arts Festival in Denmark (during Easter) 19th April 2014
Vancouver Art Street Festival in Albany on the 3rd May 2014

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  1. Naomi does beautiful work, and she's only been making beads for 3 years!
    I love the blue and orange necklace.