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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Friends - Local Makers - Bellapash

Hello readers, it has been a bit of a frustrating blogging week, we have been missing our internet for several days now due to a cable being cut in the city as I understand it. Trying to blog has been a tad impossible, I will do an extra long weekend blog post all going well to catch up on last weekend. 

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce a local maker and Friday Friend; meet Renee of Bellapash.
If gorgeous bags are your vice (like they are mine) then you are just going to adore Renee's creations. Let me share a few with you now. I just love the sunny style of the Bucket Bag - it's a real statement piece. 
This cross body bag is divine, I heart this print! 
For those who prefer a more neutral tone, this lovely leafy bag might be right up your alley. 
Dear readers, I invite you to put up your feet, make a cup of tea and read The Tale of Bellapash. Have a fantastic weekend, be kind to one another. xo♥
The Tale of Bellapash
A little about me... Having grown up in South Africa my boyfriend and I did a stint in the UK for 7 years. Now his wife and a mum to 2 gorgeous bubs we so privileged to live in beautiful Albany WA. Life is busy and hectic. I learnt the basics of sewing in high school but it was something I hadn’t done for many years. 

My very special gran bought me a sewing machine in 2012, so with a couple sewing lessons from my mom, lots of practice and YouTube tutorials - I learnt to sew again.
The journey... My bag making journey was totally unplanned but essentially it started in early 2013 when my daughter was born. Finding it hard to purchase a bag locally, big enough to act as a nappy bag whilst allowing enough space for the essential items for 2 kids, as well as myself - I decided then that I would make myself a bag. It turned out to be a simple bucket bag with a few extras, but I surprised myself at really enjoying the creative process of making it. 
I continued bag making, trying out a few different designs, altering things here and there to suite the construction and functionality of the bag and ultimately, it was the finished product that inspired me to pursue. I made a few for myself and then friends - and with lots of encouragement (not to mention nerves), Bellapash was born.

Finding a name that I liked that looked pretty and sounded good, was a trial and error process. But in the end I wanted something sentimental. Pash is my nickname that I've had since I was 11yrs old - and BELLA are the initials of my hubby and babes, therefore Bellapash is a combination of our names.
My bags are crafted out of luxury screen-printed fabrics, local fabrics and quality WA sourced leather. Carefully hand-sewn, they are as individually unique and as beautiful as the person who carries one. I offer customers ready made bags, or (if the time allows) custom bags to suit. From totes to beach bags, handbags, sling-bags, little pencil cases and vanity bags, the creative process never ends and so new styles are always added to my repertoire. 

My inspiration..... I am inspired by the creative process, as well as gorgeous, exclusive fabric. My main source of inspiration comes from the finished product - I then think of what next I can create to look equally beautiful. Perusing pics online and receiving feedback from customers is also inspiration to me. I like to chat with people, to get a sense of what they need, and what they would find useful in a bag. I love sewing with unique fabric, that you cant find anywhere else. 
That what sets me apart - and that whats my customers really like, as they end up receiving a really unique and beautiful item. I hand cut genuine full -grain leather for the straps, and use genuine leather in assorted colours as bases to some of the bags. I combine hand screen printed fabrics with neutral cotton duck fabric, as well as locally sourced fabric.
My favourite piece.... I love combining the leather screen printed fabric and creating exclusive pieces, but I cant choose a favourite, as I think they are all beautiful. 

What's next... I would love to have more time to sew and maybe one day, expand a little. However - I also love that my bags aren’t pumped out ‘factory style’ and have the hand-made, special quality to them.There is a Vancouver Street Market coming up in May that I'm hoping to be a part of, and a few different local ideas in the pipe line, but for now I'm keeping it simple and sell through word of mouth and direct from my Facebook page - Bellapash.

Readers, do you want to see more? 
Connect with Bellapash here: 

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