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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Silver Princess Gum and Lunchbox Sandwich Ideas

Hello readers, welcome to the weekend Blog Post. Today, the blog post is short and sweet. Not much at all to share this week. 
I give you "Silver Princess Gum and Lunchbox Sandwich Ideas." 
Happy Reading xo♥
Silver Princess Gum 
When I was growing up, I remember that there was a beautiful tree that stood in my Dads garden - it was a Silver Princess Gum.
We have been looking getting a third tree to fill in some space on our front lawn - we already have a Claret Ash and Jacaranda planted, and have decided to add a Silver Princess Gum to the mix. As with most of our front garden, we have slowly been converting this from traditional plants to a native garden that is waterwise and self sufficient to a point. This lovely tree also gets the WA Water Authority tick of approval as a waterwise plant! 
photograph credit to Torbay Treefarmers 
This particular tree is described by Torbay Treefarmers 
"With the hardiness of a plant native to the wheatbelt, the Caesia can make a unique contribution to any water-wise garden or landscape. Bark peels in strips from the main trunk and the pinkish or white branches and nuts (which earns it the 'Silver Princess' name) that hang down are contrasted by long pendulous green leaves. It shares the open growth habit of most sizeable mallee and can therefore share its site with other suitable plantings." 
photograph credit to Torbay Treefarmers 
I can't wait to see this little tree all grown up, and to see those gorgeous contrasts between the bark, gumnuts and flowers. You can visit the Torbay Treefarmers website here: 
Lunchbox Sandwich Ideas
I am trying to be good and take my work to lunch more often, this is an adaptation from a roll I recently got at a lunch bar when time was not on my side, so to speak. 
I used a combination of baby English Spinach, super thinly sliced apple and celery, some Salad Cream dressing and some Roast Pork from the supermarket deli (although you could use left over roast pork from a Sunday Roast or thinly sliced home cooked lean Pork Fillet). It is a bit of a new take on Pork and Apple Sauce, I made my sandwich from a bake at home Sourdough Bread. Do you have a favourite sandwich filing that is not so mainstream? By the way, this sandwich is best assembled just before eating :) 
Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed "Silver Princess Gum and Lunchbox Sandwich Ideas." See you all on Wednesday for a new edition of Wednesday Wishes xo♥

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