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Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Friends - Australian Makers - Bags'n'Bags

Hello there readers, did you have a nice week? Maddabling is making a special guest appearance this Saturday only at the 
Bo Laidler Pop Up Gallery next to the Activ Thrift Shop at
26 Spencer Street, Albany. Why don't you pop down and visit, we are there between 9am - 2pm and a generous portion of all sales made is donated to Activ. 

This week it is my pleasure to introduce to you all a new Friday Friend and Australian Maker - meet Lynne of Bags'n'Bags
Lynne makes the loveliest bags from gorgeous classic clutches 
to unisex mini messenger bags especially for kids.  
The Necessary Clutch Wallet with removable shoulder strap is so sweet and there are many other styles of bags that Lynne creates. 
Dear readers, I invite you now to read the inspiring The Tale of Bags'n'Bags. Have a fantastic weekend everyone, see you all on Sunday for the weekend blog post xo♥
The Tale of Bags'n'Bags
What a journey I have taken to end up here with a registered business in the name of BagsbyLynwam. My name is Lynne Wambeek and after a horrendous couple of weeks working for other people (of which I am still there too) I came home and decided I just needed to do something for myself…
As I have always been creative and have used many mediums over the years, my first love has always been with the sewing machine. Over the years I have put my hand to many different things and have been sewing since long before I can remember, some years ago I completed my certificate in Clothing Technology – thought I wanted to be a pattern maker, but no that wasn’t for me and doing mass sewing holds no interest for me as there is no creativity involved.
I have a great industrial machine that takes up loads of room in my wee study, so decided one night that this machine would have to either go or be very useful – so with bags of enthusiasm and a bit of research Bags’n’Bags was born…  my first creation of a spotty tote bag was snapped up quickly once I opened my Facebook Business page, so using money from initial sales I gradually added more fabric and supplies and watched what were the more popular styles that sell…..
There are many great bag makers out there which initially scared me as I thought maybe this is not the path I should be taking, but with more research I find that there is room for us all as we are all very individual in style and fabric choices.

My range consists of anything from the Basic Tote Bag, which I always include a Matching pouch for all those bits and bobs that get lost in the bottom of bags
to Nappy Bag Sets which include a little matching change mat and either a pouch or clutch wallet for quick changes. 
I also make Clutch purses that are always a hit
as are my Funky fun little handbags.
For me I will try to accommodate peoples wishes – if someone wants a vintage bag, I will go to lengths to ensure I can get the fabric they are after and make up a bag that they will love to use….
Along this journey I have met some wonderful supportive people who are happy to share knowledge and tips as am I although I tend to keep my suppliers close to my heart after many long hours of research but am happy to share how to solve a tricky problem that sometimes crops up with bag making.
For me now, I am working really hard to be able to say goodbye to paid employment and be solely earning income from my own sales. 
As this is a fairly new business, less than 12 months old, I use all the networking tools on Facebook (I haven’t made a website just YET), word of mouth and am also doing markets this year to gauge what is going to be a good seller. 

My next market is on 21st June at The Handmade Show in Glen Huntly where I will also be in July – from August to December I will be at the Abbotsford Makers Market, plus whatever else pops up in between.

You can also come visit me on www.facebook.com/BagsbyLynwam
Having this business page is amazing – So far I have had 2 sales into the UK and am just waiting to hear from a girl in Ireland for my third international sale. Also being a new business I am donating to certain charities to help get my name out there.
So after many years of sewing either formal clothes, baby clothes, kid clothes even quilts and dolls I feel I have come full circle back to the machine with something I have not tried before and that would be my Bags/Purses – I am so loving watching these bags grow and move forward and I can only hope that my work develops and moves forward with the times.

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  1. What a wonderful inspiring story. The bags certainly showcase the fabrics beautifully and visa versa. I am sure the day of saying goodbye to your current job wont be too far, given the popularity of your outstanding bags Lynne :)