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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Friends - Western Australia Street Team on Etsy - BananaMonkeyLove

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone ! Are you staying warm ? Geez it's been cold in my part of the world. It is winter after all I guess. I had a lovely week, I chose the perfect postcard to send to melanie in the DUST Team Great Postcard Swap, my wonderful giveaway prize from Rie of Zakka81  arrived all the way from Japan (more about this on Saturday) and it was with a twinge of sadness that I realised the Savage Kitten Photo Challenge is nearly at an end.

Now readers, are you ready for a cuteness overload ? This week it is my great pleasure to introduce the wonderful Cat of Banana Monkey Love ! Cat is the third WA Artist to be featured in my special 4 part Handmade for Children series this month !
Cat is a fellow sandgroper and member of the Western Australia Street Team on Etsy. Cat creates the cutest critters in the form of dollies, koala's, sock monkeys and cuddlebots ! I have my own collection of handmade soft toys and dolls (maybe it's because I never grew up - call it Peter Pan syndrome if you will *wink*) and totally adore these gorgeous creatures - here are some of my faves ! If you can find it in your heart to adopt any of these lovelies, I am sure Cat would be super thrilled ! Firstly I want you to meet this plush Koala in green - he is looking for a home with lots of trees.
Then there is Jacob the Pirate who is seeking a new mate to sail the high seas with.......................
and lastly these cheeky cuddlebots who are super cute, super soft and just ready to share cuddles ! 
Have a wonderful weekend lovely likers - enjoy yourself, dance like there is no one watching - and enjoy the colourful tune that is Hey Hey It's Banana Monkey Love ! Don't forget to check back on Sunday for the final instalment in my Savage Kitten 30 Day Photo Challenge series showcasing photos from days 22 - 28. See you all next time :D
Hey Hey It's Banana Monkey Love ! 
Who is Banana Monkey Love? 
Banana Monkey Love is just me, a lot of socks, a vintage Janome sewing machine and a passion for creating something special that brings a smile to people of all ages.
How did your handmade journey begin? 
It all started with a string of baby showers. It seemed that 2010 was the year of the babies in my circle of friends. One by one the invitations rolled in, I knew I wanted to give each child a one of a kind gift, a keepsake, as individual as the child itself. I started my research, what would appeal to a child but also an adult? Then I found them…Sock Monkeys! Somewhat unheard of in Australia, they have been made by loving mothers in America for over 100 years. This was exactly what I had searched for, an item I could create with my own hands, adding my own personal touches. A gift that would be made with love, not cold, mass produced. 
What inspires you? 
Children inspire me most they have such wonderful imaginations. My nieces happily tell me what I should name the monkeys, what colours I should mix together and what the monkeys would eat. I admire their honesty they provide me with great feedback.
What kind of things do you make? 
I started by making Sock Monkeys, my mother taught me to sew at a young age but I had been out of practice for a long time. Once I got back into the swing of things I started adding cloth dolls, robots, owls and koalas into my range of plush toys.
Do you have a favourite piece that you have made? 
Every item I make is my new favourite! Sometimes it’s hard to part with my little buddies but I know they are going to good homes. At the moment I am making a pink koala, she is so cute, I want to keep her!
What are your plans/dreams/aspirations? 
I would love to have more time on my hands to attend different markets. I like meeting new people, hearing their stories, indulging in the local food, the music, every aspect of the market. It doesn’t seem like work when it is something that you enjoy so much. Really I just want what everyone does, to be happy and my little business provides me with a great deal of joy.
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