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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DELicious Autumn DUST - Wednesday Wishes

Hello lovely readers - a special Wednesday Wishes this week, it is dedicated to a dear friend Del who had her very much HANDMADE  (this will link you to Del's blog)  Etsy store closed down,  I will not go into further detail as it would not be appropriate of me to discuss this matter on such a public forum. This Wednesday Wishes post Celebrates Earthy Autumn Tones and DUSTy Diva's from all corners of this wide brown land that is Australia - this is a HANDMADE Dust Team Feature - enjoy xo See you all on Friday for a new Friday Friend Feature !

a special ps : wishing my lovely husband a VERY HAPPY 14th Wedding Anniversary today too <3

Earth Native Feather Necklace. Copper, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Apatite, Fancy Jasper. Jewelry by FullSpiral on Etsy

                                      Earth Native Feather Necklace. Copper, Turquoise, Lapis  Lazuli,  Carnelian, 

                                      Apatite, Fancy Jasper, Jewelry by FullSpiral  

Caramel Vanilla Coffee Soap - Handmade Cold Process

                                   Caramel Vanilla Coffee Soap - Handmade Cold Process by innerearthsoaps

Goddess Pin Doll - Earth Tones/Tiger's Eye

                                                       Goddess Pin Doll - Earth Tones/Tiger's Eye by WhimsiGals

Eco-friendly paper flower embellishments - set of 8 SMALL flowers -  - style 'Milly'

                                             Eco-friendly paper flower embellishments -  set of 8 SMALL flowers - 

                                             style 'Milly' by JamboChameleon

earthy woodland shades Nuno Felt Silk Wool Scarf by plumfish

                            earthy woodland shades Nuno Felt Silk Wool Scarf by plumfish

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  1. Thanks lovely girl, for dedicating your wish list to me - I love all the support I have been getting from our fabulous DUST team - you rock xo