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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Friends - Local Makers - Spoon of Cement Garden Features

Yay for Fridays dear readers, what are you up to on the weekend? I have a recipe to share from my childhood in the weekend blog post and I am hoping to get out and do some whale spotting - or looking for the elusive giants at least!

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce a new Friday Friend and Local Maker - meet Jill from Spoon of Cement Garden Features
Jill creates things to make your garden beautiful and unique, things to inspire the imagination in young and old alike. And all of these beautiful creations are loving made from cement! Take for example these darling Fairy Mushrooms, how cool are they?
The sculpture titled "Forever" is so beautiful and would make a gorgeous feature in your garden.
And for one who loves mermaids, this stepping stone is so amazing, look at the details in this piece. Love! 
Readers, I now invite you to put your feet up and enjoy The Spoon of Cement Garden Features Story. Have the most fantastic weekend, I hope you will join me on Sunday for the weekend blog post xo♥
The Spoon of Cement Garden Features Story 
There isn’t a specific start to my creative journey; I think it has just always been there, right from a child with imaginative play, sheet cubby houses, box creations and tip site scavenging, back before we had ‘Tip Shops’ we would often come home with more than we went with.  I remember my dad laughing at me with my ‘it would be perfectly good if’ statements, do chairs REALLY need four legs? I didn’t think so and the entertainment value, and peace I am sure was well worth it for both my parents!
I love to create something out nothing, and have often bought material and then decide what to sew with it. Nothing in life is quite as it first appears and I love just to get that little bit more out of everything. I have always loved my garden, having my whole front garden in pots struck from cuttings long before we managed to buy our house, and yes the garden was in well before most boxes were unpacked.  But to me a garden is more than just the plants; it needs a purpose, to create a picture, a story or an adventure.
My cement moulding started after a trip to the museum a couple of years ago with my children painting plaster moulded creations, inspiring my ‘I can do that’ crazy plan! I have lost count of how many ‘I can do that’ projects, and half complete projects surround me.  
After a bit of time on line I came across fairy door moulds. How much like real wood these doors looked amazed me, so I had to get a set. After my first cast I was hooked, how could such an industrial product like cement, that we build with, walk on, drive on be formed into something so beautiful with such intricate details.
With the moulding process I can re create a piece that has taken weeks or months to sculpt/carve so others can share in the beauty, for a fraction of the cost and is durable enough to be out in the weather.  I am limited only by imagination. Create a garden of animals, that you don’t have to feed and clean up after, grow paths to special destinations or create a little bit of magic with gargoyles, trolls and fairies.
It has only recently sunk in that now my creations, my imagination and dreams are inspiring and creating gardens in other people’s homes, to be shared and enjoyed by many, just how they should be.
My every growing range is available on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/spoonofcement and I pop up at markets when I can.

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