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Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Friends - Local Makers - i.love.milly.mu

Happy Friday readers! The weekend is nearly here, it is meant to be very wintry in this part of the world so it might be an indoor weekend down here. I was thinking of making some more tiny terrarium gardens if I can find some pretty things to put in them. This week I am exceptionally pleased to re-introduce the lovely talented Elizabeth of i.love.milly.mu who took on this feature at the very last minute. My scheduled feature artist for this week could no longer commit to being a featured artist. Thank you Elizabeth from the very bottom of my heart for being Maddablings Friday Friend this week♥ You rock! 
Having featured Elizabeth many moons ago, it is delightful to see how far she has come creatively. Her beautiful work is forever evolving. I love the clever things that Elizabeth creates and have long been a fan. I have made a few purchases from i.love.milly.mu - some pieces were for me and others for nieces and nephews, to share that love of handmade. I love these Super Bunnies that are ready to take on the world
and I really do adore this most darling Fearless Fox
In fact, there are an absolute plethora of Forest Friends and other sweetly strange creatures who are just waiting for you to take them home. 
Readers, I invite you now to sit back with a nice cup of tea, or hot beverage of your choice and read more about Hooked on i.love.milly.mu! Stay warm and dry this weekend xx
Hooked on i.love.milly.mu
Hello I'm Elizabeth, the crafty arty person behind i.love.milly.mu. My magical journey into crazy crochet lady with a ridiculous amount of yarn in her stash and too many patterns to speak of, began when I moved to Albany some 4 and half years ago.

I started out as a stay at home mum crafter, as a lot of us crafters do! Then turned it into a business, and even now that I have returned to work, craft is still a major passion in my life.
Craft as a business can be tough! Juggling work-life with home-life and craft-life has been interesting and a constant learning curve. It is draining, exhausting but most of the time rewarding. Recently I have had something of a re-awakening of my joy in the art of amigurumi and craft. I’ve come back to my roots, so to speak, making crocheted quirky weird things/creatures just for the joy of making something new and different! I’m addicted all over again.
My inspiration comes from all over, usually if it is crazy or weird or my kids love it then its something I want to try make! Showcases on facebook and custom orders are great for getting me to think outside the box too! My fav technique/kind of things I like to create/fav pieces can all be answered with one word – amigurumi! It's addictive and so fun to use just yarn and a hook (and some stuffing) to create a ‘thing’ that is cute, adorable, creepy, unique! Possibilities are endless!
Plans for the future – I would like to share my love, and any skills I might have, of crochet and amigurumi with others, with a group or even teaching a class. AND just keep crafting! Like the look of my handmade goodies? Feel free visit me online here..
...Or visit me in personI’m part of The Bendigo Bank Southern Art + Craft Trail again this year! I’ll have a display with my folks (who have Wonky Pot Potteryat Oranje Tractor Winery come September!

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