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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Friends - Australian Etsy Artists - Raechel Saunders, Aboriginal Artist

Hello Maddabling blog readers, welcome to another edition of Friday Friends! Maddabling is hoping - weather dependent - to embark this weekend on a delicious walking adventure with hubby and two dear friends. If all goes well, I will share some photos of the walk in my Sunday night blog post. On the agenda is wildflower and whale spotting - hoping for sunshine and clear skies, even though it is winter! 

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce a super talented Aboriginal artist from the Biripi Nation on the Mid North Coast of NSW, meet Raechel of Raechel Saunders Aboriginal and Fantasy Art. 

I stumbled upon one of Raechel's gorgeous geckos and knew I had to explore her work some more. Here are some wonderful pieces that I just had to share with you all. Firstly, some Koori Art - this beautiful Shark painting. 
Also, meet the adorable Jeremy, a Clay Gecko from the 2013 Gecko Collection. 
And just to show you something completely different, how stunning is "Beautiful Lady and Dragon with Orchids" - an OVERSIZED Postcard Art Print in Pink and Mauve.
Dear readers, time for you to put your feet up for a short while and to enjoy The Tale of Raechel Saunders - Aboriginal Artist. See you all on Sunday evening for my weekend blog post xo
The Tale of Raechel Saunders; Aboriginal Artist 
Hello, My name is Raechel. I am an Aboriginal Artist from the Biripi Nation on the Mid North Coast of NSW. I have been selling my sculptures and paintings from our small family Gallery for the last 12 years.
Working in clay and painting canvas with acrylic paint just came naturally to me.
I have grown up in an Artistic home, my father being a well-known Aboriginal Artist in my local area Pastor Russell Saunders OAM. I often spent many hours working alongside my dad, watching and learning.
My inspiration for my artwork comes from my love for the Creator, my people, the culture, and the beautiful animals and stunning nature we are blessed with in Australia.
When I create new artworks it feels like I am carrying on the traditions and stories handed down by my father. I love that my artwork is seen by many and travels the world as gifts and keepsakes.

I prefer to work with acrylic paint when painting. It suits my fine line work and dot style. I enjoy the instant burst of colour on a canvas and quick drying time with easy clean up. 
I paint Australian animals in x-ray style art and spend hours dotting tiny dots on small canvas boards. Over the last 12 months I have enjoyed sculpting in clay again. 
Making - clay masks, witchetty grubs and gecko's. The gecko's would have to be my favourite to make. 
They come alive in my hands as I sculpt them. I adore watching their cheeky little faces evolve as I sculpt/fire then paint them with acrylic paint.
Everyday my life consists of art. Making, looking and dreaming of artwork. And I am thankful I have been given the chance to live this wonderful life.

I would like to continue to build my shop on Etsy and create new works for our family Gallery. Early next year I hope to have an Art Exhibition with my father, it’s been 8 years since the last one and I am bursting with stories to tell on canvas and in clay.
Dear readers, would you like to explore more of the Raechels lovely creations? Here is how you can connect.

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  1. i absolutely love your work. its fresh new and unique