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Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Friends - Local Australian Artists - i.love.milly.mu

Welcome dear readers to the last edition of Friday friends for 2011. I hope the festive season has been kind to you, nearly time to pack away the Christmas Tree and decorations for another year. The leftovers are all gone now, gift wrap recycled, the pace of daily life seems to have returned to its normal hum. 

This week it my great pleasure to introduce a wonderful local artisan whom I met recently at the Denmark Markets - meet Elizabeth of i.love.milly.mu ! Elizabeth is a clever creator of toys, stitched or crocheted.

I went to the Denmark Markets for a spot of last minute Christmas Shopping and I was fortunate to stumble across the i.love.milly.mu stall.  I found this gorgeous Owl and Pussycat set (the ones on the left) which became a Christmas Gift for one of my nephews

and this beautiful Heart Doll which became a Christmas Gift for one of my nieces.

Both gifts were well received and are much loved already in their new homes. It's wonderful when a younger generation appreciates and treasures items that are handmade with great care, attention to detail and much love.

Personally, I adore these little foxes, aren't they just the sweetest ?

I really like this moustache man too, he reminds me of a dear work colleague who sports an amazing mo !

And of course, I am a self confessed, well a bit of a collector of softies and handmade dolls. I really must admit that I do covet the most crazed Mr Bunnyford.

Dear readers, I invite you now to take some time out just for you, and to read through The Marvels of i.love.milly.mu, to see what inspires Elizabeth, a very talented creator. See you all next week for the Wednesday Wishlist - have a fantastic weekend ....... oh and I hope you get to enjoy a Happy and Safe New Years Eve !

The Marvels of i.love.milly.mu

Hi I'm Elizabeth,  the crafty person behind i.love.milly.mu ! You may have seen me around at the local markets, cos that's where I love to be :)

I'm the one with all the soft toys, crocheted goodness and fabric toy delights! I've been doing markets for just over a year now..... I love markets as they are a great environment to meet people who have a similar passion for handcrafted goodness! I have two little girls who inspire me on a daily basis to make and create and a super supportive hubby who lets me get away with my craft madness!

A few years ago our family made the big move to Albany and with that came a bit of a life change. I had a chance to try new things or go back and try old things again, although I had given sewing a go before, this time I really took to it! I started out making things from patterns out of books and learnt techniques by watching youtube videos (when learning to crochet youtube is your BEST friend!) then it just grew from there !

At the moment my favourite past-time is crocheting things, I am totally addicted to it... I am on the border of actually carrying yarn and hooks with me everywhere! If I am sitting still, I just feel the urge to be crocheting something, ANYthing!

My favourite softie friends that I've made is the peoples with the furry hair, they are fiddly little things but when they pop right side out i know they were worth it!

So what does the future hold for milly.mu? I really hope to continue doing markets, I enjoy them too much to give them up just yet! I'm also hoping to start up an online store where people can find me out of market times. Apart from that I just hope to keep creating and enjoying what I do, and hopefully pass on the love of handmade goodness!

Dear readers, do you want to connect and see more i.love.milly.mu soft toy and crochet goodness ?

You can connect through Facebook here :  https://www.facebook.com/i.love.milly.mu 

or catch i.love.milly.mu at the Denmark Markets on Saturday 7th January, 2012.

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  1. What an adorable range. Thanks for finding another great local seller