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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist - Girls On Film

I got this song stuck in my head recently (warning this video clip contains adult themes) and thought it would make a great topic for a Wednesday Wishlist. I hope you enjoy the collection of images I have put together xox

Listen - 4x6 Original Signed Fine Art Photograph by

Intimacy - Fine Art Photography Print 20 x 30 by eleanors

Vintage Girl I- 8X12 Boudoir Fine Art Print by janeheller

Tempest - 5x5 Original Signed Fine Art Photograph by ellemoss

Sunday Poetry, 8x8 fine art print by aVeryStory

Summer - 5x5 Fine Art Photograph by ValeriaH

Secret Society No11 - Black and White Photography Art Print 8 x 12 by eleanors

Rolled Up - Signed Original 8x8 Fine Art Photograph by heatherevanssmith

Nude naked farm girl on hay bale, summer midwest, Fine Art photo by Luxopolis

Head Over Heels...conceptual fine art photography by Kelly Angard

girl photographer - original fine art print 8x12 by sixthandmain
Girl in Bakery - 12 x 18 Original Fine Art Photograph by taraville

Girl dream - 5x5 Fine Art Photo by ATigran

Dusk Redux digital fetish art print 5x7 model by Vivka

Butchers Block - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph, Signed by Meganzi


  1. nice snaps. i like the sunday poetry one!

  2. thanks Bri - I really enjoyed putting this collection together - there are some really talented artists out there !

  3. What great photos to inspire one for the rest of the week...They have me wanting to spend the day in my studio..

    Blessings Kelsie