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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Friends - Australian Etsy Artists - Little Black Crow

Welcome to Friday once again lovely readers. What a week it has been, with Far North Queensland subjected to Cyclone Yasi while others are still cleaning up from the floods further South. My thoughts and very best wishes go out to those affected or who have family & friends affected by this tirade Mother Nature seems to be unleashing at present. Stay safe and remember, possessions can be replaced, lives can't x

I am excited to introduce a gorgeous Australian Artisan & Friday Friend this week - meet the very talented Grace from Little Black Crow

I love the Little Black Crow shop announcement :
Hi and welcome to Little Black Crows studio. Its a strange little place made up of odd little animals and characters.Look there's a bunny in a dress, and over there an elephant in bloomers! As a 5 year old I loved to sew my big panda back together. I still have him now and I love seeing my very early attempts at sewing...not much has changed except that I've learned to tie knots at the ends of threads! My dolls are made to look frayed worn and a little dusty as if they had once been much loved and played with by children long ago. No two dolls are alike!
Personally I have a passion for collecting OOAK Art Dolls and adore these creations from Grace, one day I would love to add a Little Black Crow creation to my collection !

How could you not fall in love with Netty the Elephant from this description lovingly written by Grace :
Netty was the first elephant we spotted when the marching band came through our town. She had a little drum hanging from her neck and she played out the drum rolls so proudly the crowd all cheered and clapped as she approched! Netty is a real little trooper! Netty and her clothes are a little worn and raggedy distressed using coffee and organic tea! Her little brown shoes and white socks are hand painted and her face hand embroidered.
and I so wish I had spotted this sassy Burlesque Babe, Art Doll sooner- isn't she divine !

Awwww - aren't these Valentine Bears just the cutest ?

I love the creations that aren't OOAK dolls too - this beautiful handpainted jewellery box for example

and this sweet "Silver Eyes" painting :

Lovely readers, it's time for you to take some time out just for you - sit back and relax a while, and indulge in the beautiful creative story of Grace & Little Black Crow.

The Story of Grace & Little Black Crow
As a child to European parents who had a love of the arts I was surrounded by writing, painting, music, theatre and food.

It was inevitable for me that I went into art school. Having attended City art institute, (Alexander Mackie) in Sydney and completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, lead to a career in animation. Over the 25 years of working on animation my artistic skills developed and in between productions I explored other creative avenues such as sewing, knitting, printmaking, mixed media and doll making.

Little Black Crow Studio has now been running as a business for 5 years.

I first sold online only my art dolls and only later my paintings, and prints.

Recently I was fortunate enough to have a 2 month artist residency at Clifton Pughs, Dunmoochin. It was a dream come true.The surrounding environment with its unmistakable round leaved eucalyptus polyanthemos, numerous fungi, native birds, possums and kangaroos so captivated and excited me. My paintings went through a series of changes during that stay and I believe that I have reached a point in my art where the things I love doing are all coming together.

My paintings are mixed media

My art dolls are extensions of my painting they are cloth dolls, hand painted sometimes with found objects used for their limbs. Other dolls I make are vintage like animal cloth dolls, coffee stained hand embroidered faces with vintage button eyes.

I have had exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania and sold my dolls and paintings all around the world.

When I’m, not painting, you can find me either cooking, photographing, gardening knitting and crocheting!

Want to see more of Grace's lovely creations or perhaps own a piece of Little Black Crow goodness for yourself ? Connect with Grace & Little Black Crow here :

on Etsy :

on madeit :

find Grace among the artists in residence at Dragonfly Gallery of Hurstbridge:


become a fan on Facebook :


or check out these wonderful blogs :






  1. Blush, thank you Samara, it looks great...I posted a link to your site on my blog today.

  2. It is all just so adorable - Great feature