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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Friends - Australian Etsy Artisans - Faunfare and Hyde

Welcome dearest readers to the newest edition of Friday Friends. Firstly, I want to make special mention of those folk affected by the awful bushfires in the Perth surrounds this week - my thoughts are with you and your family & friends. It has been a terrible time for Australian communities of late with flood, fire and cyclones - an end to this torrent must surely be in sight.

This week has a bit of a focus on Valentines Day and scented things .... I am very excited to introduce the sweetest of Australian artisans - Helena

of Faunfare

and Hyde
Helena runs a small perfume atelier based in Sydney. Helena explains that she founded and wholly runs this enterprise, Helena is a researcher by day, and a devotee of natural fragrance by night.
I adore perfume, especially those that are natural scents, do you know any girl that doesn't ? I believe in & covet the scents that Helena blends and I have tried the Huntress Natural Perfume Oil

the Hoof and Horn Natural Perfume Oil

and Nyctanthous Natural Perfume Oil

also the sublime Seven Scent Sample Pack

and I can certainly recommend Helena's products- they really are gorgeous and so much nicer than commercial scents. Let me set the scene for you with this description of Initiation - the signature scent of Hyde (which sounds delicious - can't wait to try this one for myself)
"Italian red mandarin is the cool blade pressing against your throat, rich, smoky cardamom is the lace veil held across your eyes. The perimeter around you is scattered with petals of sweet Turkish rose and the night-flowering blossoms of jasmine from Egypt. You inhale the censers that overflow with the fragrant smoke of sandalwood and myrrh. Initiation is our signature fragrance that invites you into the circle where the mysteries of Hyde will be revealed."
I hope you enjoy reading about Helena's craft as much as I did - girls, I insist that you take some you time right now and indulge in this lovely story. Oh and PS Maddabling LOVES you - Happy Valentines Day - may Cupid be kind to you all xox

The Alluring Story of Helena, Faunfare and Hyde
I have always been drawn to the evocative yet elusive qualities of scent. I began studying perfumery seriously two years ago with a vision to create a niche perfume house that catered for those who stood outside the norm.

I'm fascinated by mythology and Western esotericism and it influences me to strive for scents that are complex and mysterious. I wanted to create fragrances that offered a tempting alternative from commercial perfumes, fragrances with an artistic vision and an aesthetic intent, with the sole purpose to provide immense sensual pleasure to its wearer.

I choose natural essences for my palette because I find their complexity, ephemerality, and temperament incredibly alluring. Natural perfumes are blended from pure essential oils, absolutes, concretes, and oleoresins (derived from trees, plants, flowers, fruits, resins, and spices) and occasionally animal essences, although my perfumes are vegan.

Most commercial perfumes today are synthetic, made from chemicals that approximate the scent of natural essences, but natural perfumery is experiencing a renaissance with other perfumers like me who are captivated by its enduring beauty and mystery.

I currently run two brands--Faunfare and Hyde. I began Faunfare last Autumn, surrounded by the cool, crisp air and the woodsy scent of falling leaves, wanting to capture the raw, earthly fragrance of nature.

I was stunned by the positive reception to my perfumes, met some kindred spirits along the way (like Samara, who was one of my first patrons!), and became inundated with sales by the winter. I took some time off in October to reflect on my business and came to the realisation that I needed to become independent if my dream to keep creating niche, artisanal natural perfumes was to be realised.

Recently, I've begun moving more and more of my business off Etsy, to my own websites and storefronts. I started Hyde, which is the "Mr Hyde" side to my perfumery that has allowed me to bring many of my darker fragrance concepts into fruition.

It houses some of my more avant-garde and experimental work, including de Sade, a dry, smoky leather perfume that has recently received some great reviews and is for some reason, unusually alluring for men.

One of my greatest victories happened just around the beginning of the new year. I was discovered by Merchants of Milton, a charming store in Milton, NSW, which specialises in organic and fair trade goods. They have become my first ever wholesale stockist, a milestone I never imagined I would meet in my first year of a part-time business.

Starting my perfume business has been one of my most fulfilling endeavours. Admittedly, it has recently become overwhelming as I juggle being in my final year of a full-time PhD while tutoring at university. However, I can never imagine a life without creativity and I hope to always find a way for my avocation and occupation to co-exist.

Do you want to try these beautiful fragrances for yourself ?

Visit Helena's online websites at :



Purchase through Etsy


And connect with Faunfare through Facebook


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