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Friday, February 11, 2011

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED Sublime Saturday & Spincushions Giveaway

Hello to all of my lovely readers. I hope that you have the most Sublime of Saturdays. I have felt extremely blessed of late. Life has been kind to me. While others have been enduring hell on earth through bushfire's, floods and cyclones, I have been muddling along in my own little corner of the world.

As Summer draws to a close, I find myself enjoying those last few rays of sunshine as dusk falls, discovering beauty in the most simple things in our garden, which is a constant pleasure to me. I would love to share these photos taken recently

I must share this too - recently I won the most darling prize pack from the gorgeous Kim of Savage Kitten through The Hatchling Society comprising of a felt pin brooch, matching earrings, ring and hair slides. I have long been a fan of Savage Kitten and own many pieces that Kim has lovingly created. Whilst on the subject of Savage Kitten , I now own a special piece from Kim's new Hair Candy line -

Hair Candy in Austen - A soft luxurious hair accessory in honey, creme, peach and noir. The Savage Kitten signature flower, with a purpose covered button and stunning feathers. Topped off by pearls, what more could a girl want! seductive, pretty, burlesque inspired !

I have also been very fortunate in my quest to keep my new years resolution - to try new things. I won the opportunity to be a product tester for Shelley at Spincushions in trying out her new pincushions kits.

I am not an accomplished seamstress by any means - I can mend a hole in the underarm of a shirt for example but my attempts are quite primitive and clumsy. So imagine my absolute joy when I was able to create this gorgeous pincushion simply by following the instructions and taking the time and care required. I didn't rush through the project and was quite the perfectionist (in my eyes anyway).

This is a step - by - step photo collage of how I achieved this goal :

To celebrate the launch of her new line, Shelley of Spincushions is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a pincushion kit of their very own to create their very own pincushion !
There are five kits to choose from - Sunflower, Bonsai Tree, Penguin - Blue, Peacock and Penguin - Red. These amazing little kits come with almost everything you need to complete the project including :

~ Detailed instructions
~ Pre-cut recycled felt shapes
~ Felt for you to cut some pieces
~ Patterns
~ Embroidery thread
~ Embroidery needle

The only thing you will need to buy to complete the project is stuffing fibre
and plastic stuffing pellets or dry rice.

This giveaway is open to domestic and international readers - a HUGE thank you to Spincushions for allowing Maddabling to host this giveaway and wishing you all the very best with your new product line Shelley !

Rules of Giveaway Entry

Each of the questions listed below will qualify you for one entry into the random number draw.

1. Leave a comment below and tell me which pincushion kit you would like to win and why.

2. Visit Spincushions Etsy store : http://www.etsy.com/shop/spincushions and tell me what your favourite product is.

3. Share with me the most creative thing you have done of late.

Entries will close at 12pm Western Australian Time on Sunday the 20th February 2011, at which time the number of entries will be tallied and Random Org will be called upon to draw the winner ! The winner will then be announced on the Maddabling blog on the afternoon of Sunday, the 20th February.

Good luck and let the games begin !


  1. You did a great job on the pincushion Sam - and don't undersell yourself, I have witnessed your capabilities on the sewing machine years ago when you designed and made your yr 12 Ball Gown -

    Shelleys shop in in vacation mode - so can't choose my fav item.

    I love the sunflower pincushion. xo

    My most creative thing I have done lately is flag bunting

  2. Thanks Del - the Spincushion store is closed for 24 hours but would love if you pop back and pick your fave item when the store reopens !

    As for my Year 12 Ball Gown - I WISH I had sewn it - I did up the design, picked the fabric and then got a Professional Dressmaker to make it for me ! Sorry to have to shatter that illusion xox

  3. I'd love to make the sunflower, also the peacock! hmm.. might be tough decision ;)

    I love all the spincushions stuff, her shop is on vacation but I really love the white and yellow flower at the end of her banner - gorgeous!

    Most creative thing I've done lately is a mosaic planter pot.

  4. Thank you Samara for hosting this giveaway. :) I am sorry for the shop being on vaction. I had a stall today & a few items from my shop sold. I will endeavour to stocktake & get it active again tonight.

  5. Shop is active again :)

    Good luck everyone!

  6. i would like to win peacock kit as it looks so cute to make and i love peacocks

  7. bright fushia pink orchids one i love the best

  8. most creative thing i done is making a shirt for my barbie doll once i was small lol

  9. Hi, Really love your pin cushion. Your sewing tactics sound very similar to mine.

    I would love to win the sunflower, as they bring so much sunshine to my life. Just love them.

    the most creative thing i have done, now that is a hard one. Perhaps the necklace i made that won the Bead Guild of WA comp in 2009. It was in the seed bead section.

  10. I really ♥♥ LOVE the giant lady bug pin cushion. those eyes how can you not love those innocent eyes!

  11. These pincushions are a great idea and look awesome, much more interesting than the boring chain-store ones.

    While I really like the Peacock PinCushion, my fave is the Red Penguin

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  12. My fave item at Spincushions Etsy is the Lovely Lilac Pincushion.

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  13. The most creative thing I have done lately has been to sort out an Itty Bitty Bin bucket that was full of beads into matching lots. Not creative in itself but will led to some of my most creative ideas.

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  14. Hi there and thanks for the comp!

    I'd love to win the PENGUIN-RED version.
    Not for me though - I still use my Grade 6 model!

    It would be a great little project for my young niece, and hopefully she'd have such a pretty pin cushion for as long as I've enjoyed mine! :)

  15. I'd love to win the Blue Penguin one please :) x

  16. My favourite from website is ladybirds on green leaves http://www.etsy.com/listing/65511818/red-ladybugs-on-green-leaves-felt

  17. My most creative project lately has been crocheting a blanket which is much more detailed than I am used to. Love learning how to be more creative with my hobby x

  18. Too hard to choose- but I think I love the peacock - the design speaks to me. From the Store, likewise - but I loved the teeny ladybug and the Redback Spider on purple felt- they made me smile. I have been working in my pen and ink fish on vintage navigation (shipping) charts and I think I really like the one with the deep sea fish - they look kinda weird and threatening and people assume they aren't real.

  19. Well, I would love the bonsai tree because I have always loved bonsai and can't grow one where I live, so this would be a good substitute!

  20. I like the ladybug miniature bottlecap pincushion.

  21. The most creative project lately has been my 'jardin' mosaic pot.

  22. I'd love to win the Peacock because it looks so cute!

  23. My favourite is the Red Ladybugs on green leaves felt pincushion recycled felt

  24. The most creative thing I've done of late was making a really pretty looking cake.

  25. The pincushion kit I would chose would be the Sunflower as they are my favourite flower.

    Bold yellow sunflower hand sewn felt hair clip is my favourite product becauseas again I love Sunflowers and also because hair clips are my best friend.

    The most creative thing I've done as of late is make cloth nappies for my little baby boy.

  26. Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments - you are such a creative bunch ! It also provides some really great feedback for Shelley at Spincushions. Good luck everyone - just over 12 hours til the prize is drawn x
    ps thank you so much for taking part, there is still time to share it with your friends if you like x

  27. I would choose the penguin, to give to my friend Judy whose mum had the biggest penguin collection imaginable. Judy is a quilter so I know the pincushion would be used, enjoyed and valued.

  28. I love the penguin pincushion the best. I collect penguins, and living in Oz I donate to a local penguin sanctuary and make the trip a few times a year to see them. My favourite thing are the bright blue and green hair clips! My favourite colours and just gorgeous.

    Lately the most creative thing I've done is work on my Wueen of Fables Cosplay. it's involved fiberglass, sewing, work in plaster, and with friendly plastic. I have a bunch more to do, but it'll be ready by this weekend!

  29. I like the Sunflower Pincushion! So sunny and bright!


  30. I love the Peacock brilliant blue green olive green embroidered handsewn recycled felt pincushion, the colours are fantastic!

  31. My most creative thing I have done of late..... well I have started my own blog on all the lovely products I find as a Mummy including reviews maybe one day I will be lucky enough to review one of your pincushions! too cute!

  32. My favourite is the Peacock, I love the colours and he is cute.

    My favourite item in the store is the Red Ladybugs on green leaves felt pincushion ... so cute!

    The most creative thing I have done lately would be a couple of bracelets and a pair of earrings I made while on holidays in January.

  33. And STOP ! Thank you - the giveaway has now closed ! I will tally the entries and announce the winner shortly. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comment contributions !