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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist - Sagittarius

As a Sagittarian, I decided to dedicate my first December Wednesday Wishlist to pay homage to Sagittarian's everywhere. Sagittarius is associated with The Archer and the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign and the birthstones are topaz, amethyst or turquoise. The narcissus is the December birthday flower, and it means respect,modesty and faithfulness. Not only this, this flower also has a hidden message which is "you’re the only one".

The characteristics most commonly attributed to Sagittarius are charisma and knowledge and they are also well known for their fun loving sense of humor. Generally speaking the people of the Sagittarius sun sign are often honest and sincere with a moral outlook. They are also freedom loving and independent with an adventurous attitude. The Sagittarius people work well as risk takers and can be ambitious and enterprising. Sagittarius can also be intelligent and versatile with an idealistic and optimistic nature. They can also be impatient and temperamental with an intellectual air about them as they do not like being doubted. Sagittarius appreciates honesty but can be flirting and resistant to conformity. extract from http://www.universalpsychics.com.au/astrology/the-zodiac-signs/sagittarius-the-archer.html

I hope you enjoy this Wednesday Wishlist xox

Robot Centaur Horse Man Wood Statue of Sagittarius by buildersstudio

Red and Blue Topaz Cluster Wrap by shopshrew

Book Voyager Matte Print by LavennzOsy

SAGITTARIUS Zodiac Art Doll OOAK by parsnips45


Illustrology - Sagittarius 11 x 17 print by illustrology

Tabrett - a white and yellow daffodil comb by gardensofwhimsy

SAGITTARIUS Constellation Ring with Diamondlonegarnetgirl

Smile - silhouettes of whimsical bare branches, stars and a smiling moon in a teal and turquoise sky at twilight - A magical winter photograph - fine art nature print - 30x30 by Raceytay

Narcissus,Tiny Flowers in Transparent Red vase by Mycraftgarden

Zodiac Channeling Oils by The Dirty Housewife. Sagittarius-The Generous Psychic by thedirtyhousewife

Green Earth II necklace (Green Turquoise, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver) by ElleBernard

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  1. wow! what great wishes! We shared the smile photo, and I love the ring : )