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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas - caldidesign

Happy Friday lovely readers - the Summmer Street Fair is in full swing at the moment and is certainly keeping me busy. I have decided to continue on with featuring lovely local Dusty Divas in the ETSY Fashion World at present and it gives me great pleasure to introduce this weeks Friday Friend in part 25 of the Dusty Divas series - Steph from caldidesign ! I have long been a follower of caldidesign and to be honest, am quite in awe of her lovely creations.

Steph's ETSY shop announcement describes her label as "Original womens urban wear and accessories" and this is definately shown in her fantastic textural creations :
how intricate is the detail in this dress

don't you love the splash of colour in this skirt

perhaps a statement shrug in a beautiful bold hue

or add a little glamour to your working day with this divine skirt

how cute would this top look teamed with the caldidesign skirts ? Perfect for the office or play

and I must admit I have my very own piece of Caldi Design in my wardrobe - this funky hat which has become a firm favourite

Now lovely readers, I invite you to sit back and relax, and to read the wonderful story that showcases this inspirational West Australian designer.

Story behind the madness

Although I opened my etsy shop almost 2 years ago I only officially launched my label 'caldi' a couple of month back as a business. Before that I was still a fashion student here in Perth.

My roots are rather interesting I guess, as my mom is moroccan and my dad german. We spent most of my early years in Morocco before permanently settling in Germany. I think this uncommon background explains a lot about my work.

As a designer, I draw a lot of inspiration from the fabrics itself. When I go out looking for fabrics I often have no particular design in mind. Mostly the fabric 'tells' me what to do with it - I don't just see rolls and rolls of cloth I see tons of ideas and possibilities what to do with it.

I love texture, vivid colours and for some reason rarely work with prints.

Right now I am working towards my first fashion show since I left uni which is SUPER exciting! For this summer collection I work a lot with pleats, texture and plain strong colours and only a couple of prints. A main design element is how the garment is making you feel when wearing it. I never follow trends, but try to develop unique designs that I find interesting to wear. My garments often have unusual details and can be worn in various ways.

If I would have to choose a few words to describe my work I would say there's always structure, texture, contrast and a minimal element.

Often when sewing as the piece develops it will lead me to the next, that's why I see my work as always ongoing - I can't see myself making a clean cut and start a completely new collection, all my work is connected.

I sell my clothes at local markets right now and to see when people fall in love with them and take a piece home still blows me away. All my stuff is made in my little home studio (which is slowly taking over the whole apartment) by me and it feels great to create something that accompanies someones life. I often wonder how my garments are doing, what experiences they might be part of.

For the future I just plan to continue building my label. I'm already very happy right now taking the leap of working full time for my label. I hope to continue to grow, maybe find a stockist or two and take it from there.

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