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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist - Iconic

What does Iconic mean to you ?

The Oxford Dictionary defines these terms as :

1 relating to or of the nature of an icon:
he became an iconic figure for directors around the world
2 (of a classical Greek statue) depicting a victorious athlete in a conventional style

icon(icon)Pronunciation:/ˈʌɪkɒn, -k(ə)n/noun
1 (also ikon)a devotional painting of Christ or another holy figure , typically executed on wood and used ceremonially in the Byzantine and other Eastern Churches2 a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration:
this iron-jawed icon of American manhood
3 Computing a symbol or graphic representation on a screen of a program, option, or window4 Linguisticsa sign which has a characteristic in common with the thing it signifies, for example the word snarl pronounced in a snarling way

I used these words as "search terms" on ETSY and these are the different interpretations that the following indie Etsyians have chosen, as per the items shown below. As you can see it means different things to different people. I hope you enjoy my Wednesday Wishlist.

Retro Art Vintage Art Print-Mounted-8X10-Brigitte Bardot by trolleyla

Retro Rotary Black Telephone by VintageVivienne

Stay With Me by StephanieGuajardo

Iconic Antique Original Tulip Tiffany Lamp by ParisCoutureAntiques

the mARTyr tote by CallowLilyArt

Iconic Dreamer Camera Strap - Brown by MiniZarafa

Your a jetsetting fashion icon carrying this vintage 70's luggage.... by studio948

Anna May Wong Women's T Dress Asphalt by 57thirtythree

Tapiz de Suenos - Limited Edition print 6/100 by Ravenwolf

FASHION QUOTES OF COCO Altered Art Charm Bracelet by kimarijewelry

Co-Redemptrix by StLuke

Greeting Card blank MATURE La Sirena Mermaid by CiszekDesigns

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