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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Friends - Jen from Juror2 and SteamPunkGarage

This week I would love to introduce an extremely talented and creative etsy seller - Jenifer from Juror2 and SteampunkGarage !

I must admit I do adore Jen's t-shirts and have several in my possession including one in the lovely Goth Dolly design
and I am loving the work that is handcrafted by Jenifer Kirsch and Stan Chiao at Steampunk Garage
and isn't this t-shirt the answer to every child's prayers on why not to eat veggies ?

I will now let Jen tell you her story :

Life is funny. You can plan and plan, but nothing ever turns out
*quite* how you think it will.

In high school, I doodled on my notebooks.
Scribbles on the edges of test papers, scratches on the edges of my desk...
Through four years of college and 52 weeks of culinary school, little stick figures appeared on everything I had enough time to draw on (which was usually the back of my class notes). I remember sitting in class one day drawing a superhero chef when my Chef walked by and leaned over to see what I was doing. She cocked her head and said "I'd totally wear that if it were on a T-shirt."

I bought a video on Craigslist on "How To Silkscreen" and made her a shirt to get some brownie points, and then suddenly my classmates are all ordering their own shirts! So now, I am a certified chef.

I worship my cat. I have no feeling in my left thumb. And what I draw is 80% random thoughts in my head and 20% movies, books, tv, and requests from my roomate.

My name is Jen Kirsch. And I draw stick figures for a living.

In the immortal words of Greg Behrendt:

"You gotta be a weirdo, before you are a hero."

Jenifer Kirsch -Owner and Designer-

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  1. They are the coolest stick figures I have seen - which one is Jen?

  2. Hey Del - Jen is sporting the hoodie underneath the bathing beauty ! And yes they are Really Really Cool!