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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Divas Part 6

Happy Friday everyone ! Today I would like to introduce a new Dusty Diva - Jess from Full Spiral Designs !
Jess describes her style as : Jewelry for the urban forest dweller. Handmade, organic, nature-inspired & eco-friendly adornment for your (r)evolutionary journey.

I so covet these earrings - Sterling Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings and 7 Sets of Gemstone Dangles - methinks one set of dangles for each day of the week
and I really adore the shapes and textures of the Super Natural Leaf Necklace in Copper, Amazonite, Turquoise, Teal Chyrsocolla, Jade, Amethyst, Iolite.
I will now hand you over to Jess who will tell you her story ......

Imagine finding jewels in the forest, and you’ve got the earthy elegance of Full Spiral Designs. While I find inspiration in lots of natural forms, it’s the foresty aesthetic that I’m most drawn to. The forest is a beautiful place, full of fascinating creatures and growing things, but it’s also got the edge of reality to it – twisty, creepy, and sometimes a little bit sinister. Therefore while my designs are organic, they aren’t overly precious.
I started wire-wrapping several years back and my practice soon grew from a hobby to an obsession. I invested many hours that ought to have been spent studying and dollars that ought to have been spent paying bills on honing my technique and stocking up on supplies. Eventually I also developed a passion for really thick wire, forged and hammered. My favourite style of piece to make right now are these earthy outlines, encrusted with gemstones wrapped intricately with thin wire.
There are so many materials that I love working with. I started out adoring the shininess of silver but lately I’ve been drawn more to earthy copper, and I’ve just started experimenting with gold and brass too. And I just can’t help myself when it comes to gemstones. Colour can be so playful and unexpected, and I like experimenting with different combinations to create moods and feelings in a piece.

Creativity is what makes me feel alive and gives me purpose. When I’m not busy making, designing, writing, learning or working on my business, I feel aimless. Luckily running an independent creative business pretty much takes up all of my time! But I do set aside creative time, and time for yoga, and time to just get out in the world and soak up some inspiration.

I have lots of plans for new designs, styles and techniques, but I’ll leave you with just a hint of my latest: a collection of swirly anklets and armbands for summer. These will look great with flowy clothes and loose hair at music festivals, parties, barbeques, and all those lovely summer events I’m pining for right now!

Thanks so much Samara for inviting me to be a DUSTy Diva!

Want to know more ? Check out these Full Spiral links :
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  1. lovely!! i love jess's designs and its a really nice feature samara :) well done u two!