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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday Friends - Dusty Diva's Part 8

It's Friday again YAY ! and time to introduce a new Dusty Diva. This week I want you to meet Vicki of RedeemDesigns.

I must admit I am quite partial to Vicki's handbags, of which I currently own two - a sweet orange one

and this adorable retro print
aren't they seriously cute ?

And the repurposed Journals which I have found make the most wonderful gifts - I collaborated with Vicki recently on a custom order which I can't show you yet as it hasn't been received by the recipient but I got this one for my hubby and he loves it ! .

Now it's time for Vicki's story - Redeem - a handmade Revolution - enjoy !


If you ask my friends to describe me in one word most of them would say creative Not that I mind, it’s very flattering really but I happen to think that everyone is creative.
I was chatting to a girlfriend today about a girls get together I’m planning and we decided to ‘buy’ scones because neither of us know, how to make scones (my grandmother would be mortified!). I regard people who can whip together a 3 course meal without looking in any books as true artisans whose skills I can only dream of attaining. Creativity is core in everyone.

It’s true I do love to live creatively and usually approach anything I do with the attitude of ‘what can I do to make this better, funkier or different ‘(do not let me loose with a glue gun!) However, it’s my very practical and pragmatic nature that requires anything I create to have a purpose behind it.

To this end I started re:deem, my online store. The purpose behind re:deem is to take my love of crafting and combine it with my passion fuelled by belief that I can, and should do something to help make our world better.

With whatever I sell in re:deem (I say whatever because my products are always changing and evolving) I aim (or as close as) for it to be ethical, fair trade, eco friendly or recycled and the profit goes toward a micro enterprise or community development project. At the moment I support a micro enterprise project that buys a sewing machine plus 6 mths training for a poor, disadvantaged woman in India. Providing her with both the means and ability to support herself and her family.

I want to thank Samara for inviting me to be a DUSTy Diva. I did warn her that I can rabbit on a bit, especially when I’m passionate about something. I was going to try for short witty and funny but if you ask me about my craft interests and why I started selling online I would give the same answer as what I have given here despite the fact that I’m like totally funny….seriously, its usually 3 or 4 in the list of words given by my friends to describe me
Finally (YAY) one of the lovely things about craft is that it creates a wonderful sense of community whether it’s online or offline. I find myself fortunate to be alongside people like Samara in this crafting community of Aussie DUSTers.

Want to know more ?

Check out these links :

Online Store : http://www.etsy.com/shop/redeemdesigns

Blog: http://redeemdesigns.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/redeemdesigns

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/redeemdesigns/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/_redeemdesigns


  1. Wonderful post, and it's lovely to learn more about the DUSTy Diva's...

    ...from a DUSTy not so Diva.


  2. Well done ladies. Love that you've featured eachother! Vicki has gorgeous stuff, i am IN LOVE with that comic-style bag. I want one!! I ALWAYS wear her scarf I was fortunate enough to win!

  3. ((Hugs)) to you Samara. I think you do an amazing job promoting others I feel very special for being here.. I might have to offer you a frequent shopper rewards card though since you are my 'BEST' customer. x

    p.s. glad you're loving the scarf Bri, thanks for the kind comments :)

  4. wonderful post on a talented duster. I saw the journal that Vicki custom made for Sam and it was fabulous. I have a couple of books lined up that I am going to get custom made, it is a great way of recycling old treasures. Well done Vicki, and don't worry I still struggle with scones too

  5. oh and I like your new background Sam