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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Friends - DUSTy Divas - Conversations in Clay

Hello dear readers, it is Friday once again. Have you had a busy week? What exciting plans do you have for the coming weekend? I am looking forward to catching up with a dear friend who will be visiting my town :)

Today it is my great pleasure to introduce to you all a new Friday Friend, DUSTy Diva and Australian Maker - meet Keryn of Conversations in Clay. 
Keryn makes the most beautiful jewellery from Polymer Clay. And I mean strikingly beautiful. Let me share some of my favourite pieces with you now. Firstly, the Shield Pendant Mokume Gane Technique in Copper and Teal. Oh my! What a gorgeous statement piece. 
Next on my list are these cool minty Green Wiggles Polymer Clay Stacking Bangle Set. They remind me of the colours in the shallow waters of our white sandy beaches during the summer months. 

Lastly this stunning Large Leaf Pastel Batik Polymer Clay Brooch.  Isn't it just divine?
Dear readers, I invite you now to pop your feet up, perhaps indulge in a cup of tea and a biscuit and read The Conversations in Clay Chronicle. Have a fantastic weekend everyone xo♥

The Conversations in Clay Chronicle.

"Conversations in Clay" is me....chatting to myself as I experiment with yet another clay technique ... excitedly yabbering on to my husband about my latest project (and sometimes muttering about a failed one - sorry, learning opportunity) .... debriefing with my long term friend over our weekly cuppa ... And more recently, joyfully swapping tips and clay experiences with fellow clayers on a Facebook polymer clay forum. Since the teenage years I have rarely been without a craft to busy my hands - sewing, crochet, embroidery, all dabbled in as a novice - it is a joy to create. 
My jewellery-making started out with woven seed bead items a few years ago and in purchasing beads from Heather Richmond at "Over the Rainbow" noticed her sway towards polymer clay. With a little guidance about my first purchases from Heather I have gone on to learn from the many tutorials available online (isn't technology wonderful!).  I have been lucky enough to do workshops with Melanie Muir and Tory Hughes when they came to Australia and enjoyed meeting them along with other clayers. I usually work in isolation.
"Conversations in Clay" is a bit of a mouthful, but I think it serves to form a link between 2 major aspects of my life - polymer clay +; speech pathology.  It also describes the way in which I hope to communicate different messages and moods with my work.  Polymer clay, with its boundless versatility is a soothing haven to me after a full-time week of nutting out speech/language/literacy solutions for children in bustling schools.  It provides such satisfying play with colour, form and texture. 
I love to cane, extrude and emboss.  I am equally drawn to the free form organic as I am to the clean lines of geometric patterns.  As well as creating jewellery I have decorated vessels and plan to take my work in this direction as I hone my skills. 
As I work my way through each day I find my eye is drawn to all sorts of images that stir my creative juices, and always find myself asking..."How would I achieve that look in polymer clay?"  I love to browse places like Pinterest, Flickr and dedicated websites to keep abreast with what clayers all over the world are doing and it is wonderful to see polymer clay making its way into the world of art in its own right. I am inspired by so many peoples' work, and their influence is seen in my pieces.  What I am really working towards is creating a look of my own - so back to the studio!
The next few images below shows some more of some of my work... and I will share a little something about each one.
This is one of my earlier pieces - a collection of eclectic beads in the same colour way that was created with canes and Skinner blends. 
These are Stacking "Wiggle Bangles" that have been decorated with extruded canes.
Here are a series of earrings that were crafted following Melanie Muir's techniques for mokume gane, framing and backing of beads. 
This piece is a bangle of firm polymer clay structure and covered with a caned veneer.
Earrings in Faux bone and Jade, inspired by Lynda Moseley's caning techniques.
These BIG beads have been caned using  Sarah Shriver 's caning techniques.

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