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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Friends - Australian Makers - Magic Earth Mumma

Happy Friday to each and every one of the lovely Maddabling blog readers. The last of winter is certainly here, we have drenching rains here this morning and a bushwalking adventure for this weekend will need to be postponed! Stay warm and dry :)

This week it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you all a new Friday Friend and Australian Maker - meet sweet Nette of Magic Earth Mumma. 
Nette specializes in complimentary therapies and creates beautiful botanical perfume blends, home spa pamper products, fine herbal teas to name but a few of her talents. Let me share some of the things I found in her gorgeous store. How good does this Peppermint Perfection Tea look, almost too pretty to brew! I can imagine that the blend of Certified Organic Peppermint Leaf with pink Rose and blue Cornflower petals would smell beautiful and taste divine! 
For that special someone who deserves an extra special gift, why not consider the "Isis Rises - Organic Home Spa Gift Set" Total organic luxury...if you can't bear to part with it why not treat yourself? 
I seem to be drawn to natural perfumes rather than synthetic perfumes and am putting this choose 3 set of organic aromatherapy Botanic Perfume Oils on my wishlist :) 
Dear readers, I hope you something nice planned for the weekend. In the meantime, why not make yourself a nice cup of tea and read the inspirational story that is The Magic Earth Mumma Chronicle. Happy Reading xo♥
The Magic Earth Mumma Chronicle
Magic Earth Mumma is an independent business run by one very busy mumma of four. I’m a qualified Holistic Feng Shui Practitioner and specialize in complimentary therapies like Reiki, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and Crystal Therapy.
I have always been involved in creating pursuits and love all avenues of creative outlet using all kinds of mediums. As a teenager I would draw and sketch and used to take commissions for sketches and calligraphy pieces to make some pocket money. MEM’s logos are my artwork, and actually, MEM started on Etsy as a place where I could sell my sketches!

Nature inspires me; the grandeur and majesty of wild places, people, and then the manufactured world and the various lifestyles of people on this planet. It’s a very holistic viewpoint and one that provides endless inspiration. 
Magic Earth Mumma is a venture born out of my own experiences of motherhood. Becoming carer for these little people and learning how to detoxify our modern lifestyle so we are more in tune with our environment. The products started as things for ‘me’ and the children and then blossomed very naturally from there through friends and family, and finally as a venture on Etsy which then led on to a full-blown passion and a ‘real’ home-based business.
My current passion is Botanical Perfumery from the local environment. I am sourcing some base ingredients from flowers and plants that grow around the pristine environment of Tamborine National Park. I’ve had a connection to the mountain since childhood (we were taken on regular rainforest ramblings and bushwalks all over the area) and the magic of the place is palpable to everyone and anyone, regardless of whether they think they are receptive to such things or not. 

It is a sacred Aboriginal place of Dreaming and a vibrant community with many artists now. My current inspiration surrounds the language of its energy from past to present…this ‘message’ of slow change, deep connection, reverence and sublime peace. It’s a delicious thing to immerse myself in on a regular basis!
MEM is all about integrity of ingredients.  I use basic, raw or unprocessed ingredients; Certified Organic or Wildcrafted mostly. These constituents have such a pure energy signature that working with them literally alleviates stress and makes it a pleasure to create. My intention is to pass this blissful energy onto the person who purchases the product.

I guess my favourite things to work with are the scrub bases like Himalayan Salt, Oatflour, Riceflour and Arrowroot Powder. Nutritious and luxurious. Then the ever-growing collection of essential oils, tinctures, essences and infusions (that seem to be breeding in my ‘cabinet-o-magic’) which I use intuitively to mould a particular energy signature. ‘Solaris’ Body Ritual came about like this (as do most of my products) and is one of the most popular scrubs I have.
Magic Earth Mumma grew from just a selection of Body Ritual scrubs, Rescue Remedy items and some useful sprays, to now having a range of Skin Care, Organic Botanic Perfumes, Mists & Sprays, Teas & Infusions, Essence Remedies and Aromatherapy Treatments!
The future for MEM is opening up to include a regular spot at a local organic market or two, doing seasonal dates where I can showcase new products (like the lovely lockets of solid perfumes!) and provide access to the regular range as well. I love to personally interact with my clientele, and speak with people one-to-one, especially when they are just beginning their exploration into natural and organic products.  The minefield that is modern mainstream personal hygiene needs to be explained, and labelling is way too confusing. These things need simplifying, and one of the best ways for me to do this is to have my products speak for me with ingredients that are 100% organic and natural.
One way I am connecting with people is by running workshops on using natural remedies. It is called ‘Simple Family First Aid with Essential Oils’ and is a very basic introduction to using just four essential oils in a myriad of ways. The workshop booklet and pack will be able to be purchased separately online through the website too. I'm also grateful for the input from clientele about what they want. This brings more ideas to me and has been responsible for the introduction of solid Organic Botanic Perfumes, and solid Aromatherapy Treatments, or the new aromatherapy car diffusers and lockets. I wonder what I'll be asked to create or stock next??!
There is plenty of information about MEM and the processes I use on the website at www.MagicEarthMumma.com
or you can find me on Etsy www.MagicEarthMumma.Etsy.com 
and I am pretty regularly on Facebook www.facebook.com/MagicEarthMumma 
Pinterest and Blogger www.MagicEarthMumma.blogspot.com

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