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Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Friends - Australian Artists - Georgia Morgan Designs

Hello there! Welcome to a new edition of Friday Friends lovely readers. How was your week? I am so looking forward to a long weekend :) Today I introduce to you a new Friday Friend and an exceptionally talented designer and maker, meet Georgia of Georgia Morgan Designs. 
I find Georgia's designs to be strikingly beautiful and these pieces will resonate with anyone that has visited the Kimberley region. 

Let me share with you the Georgia Morgan Pyramid Style Resin Ring, which features Australian Red Desert "Pindan" Sand and a 7mm highest quality Australian Saltwater Keshi Pearl.
I also want to share these two stunning bangles. On the left is the Georgia Morgan Resin Thick Wave Bangle with real Australian pristine beach sand and 4 highest quality 7mm Australian Saltwater Keshi Pearls. On the right is the Georgia Morgan Resin bangle with real Australian Red Desert "Pindan" sand - Thin with Ellipse inlay. They have such a WOW! factor - love!
And for those fond of bubbles, how about this stunning Lily White Resin Ice Bucket Featuring Leaf Silver Raised Designs and 6 X Australian Mabe Pearls? Keep those bubbles cold in real style!
Dear readers, I will now hand the blogging reigns over to Georgia so she can share The Georgia Morgan Designs Diary with you all. Have a fantastic weekend everyone xo ♥
The Georgia Morgan Designs Diary

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a 3rd Generation pearler; my Grandfather Alfred Morgan originally started pearling in Broome in the early 1900’s. Pearling and pearls has always been in my blood and I am very proud of that fact and very passionate and creative when it comes to designing pearl jewellery. In 2000 I opened my first Gallery here in Broome on Dampier Terrace, which mainly focused on Mother of Pearl shell carved jewellery. 
I also had a second shop in the Cable beach area years later. In 2006 I won a JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia) Award for Computer Aided Design, and was also a finalist in the Pearl category. After pulling out of retail I moved over east to learn new elements and broaden my field by exploring new ideas, mediums and technology. I moved back to Broome last September as I have always felt Broome was my true home and have been very happy since and now as well as being a Jewellery Designer I also am a Graphic Designer, CAD Jewellery Designer, Fashion Designer, Welder / Metal sculpture and photographer. All these fields interlock to allow me to be as creative as I can be which is very exciting!
How would you describe your designs?
I try to Design things that haven’t been done before or have that WOW factor. Making the customer who is wearing my design feel enhanced and beautiful. Using different materials is also a favourite of mine. Pushing the boundaries of what’s conventional, exploring new technologies whilst still encompassing the pearls raw beauty.
What inspires your work?
Broome and the Australian Outback has been a favourite source of inspiration for me for as long as I can remember and I’m sure will continue on. I live in such a unique special environment, with such passionate colours, raw textures and the salt of the earth feeling that for me enlightens my spirit and makes me feel alive. An excellent awe-inspiring muse!
What success have you had as designer?
Opening my first shop at the age of 22
2006 JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia) Computer Aided Design Award
2006 JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia) Finalist Pearl category
Di Morrissey novel The Kimberley Sun – there is a Jewellery Designer character in the book Di based on me.
Numerous Newspaper and Magazine articles and a feature on Postcards WA TV show.
What is special about Broome to you?
Apart from its raw beauty that captivates me I have a lot of Pearling Family History in Broome. A legacy that only few have ever been apart of in the world makes me very proud. Proud to be apart of Broome and the amazing history that has shaped this rustic town and to know the legacy will continue on and forever keep me inspired.
What is up and coming in the future for Georgia Morgan?
Currently working with a new CAD (Computer Aided Design) Software that allows me to do custom jewellery and designs for customers and enables me to push the boundaries of my up and coming jewellery collections. As Fashion design interests me as well I am working on a range of Crocodile / Stingray leather and Mabe Pearl Corsets, belts and jewellery fashion.  I also love welding and metal work, so have been busy designing and making amazing Candelabra’s, chandeliers, lamps and sculptures using rusting steel, Mother of Pearl shell and lights.
Dreams for the future?
I definitely want to design and make striking fashion and jewellery using different materials and technology to do some amazing photo shoots around Broome. 
To also have one of my Steel / Mother of Pearl Shell custom chandeliers featured in Vogue living and to bring Sculptures by the sea to Cable Beach, to name a few.
Where can people buy your work?
To view/buy from the complete range in person; including up and coming Jewellery, Custom CAD designing, sculptures and Crocodile / Stingray leather fashion visit: 
Artissimo Gallery @ 15 Dampier Terrace Broome *next to Streeters Jetty. 
You can view/buy Resin Jewellery and Home Wares in person at:
Willie Creek Pearls or
The Broome Visitor Centre 
For a full list of current stockists visit this link: 
You can also view galleries, buy online and read history on Georgia Morgan Designs on the Georgia Morgan website here: 

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