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Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Friends - DUSTy Divas - Georgieva Art Studio

Hello lovely Maddabling readers, welcome to another Fabulous Friday! It looks like we are having an indoors weekend due to promised winter weather, which will give me a chance to catch up on things around the house. Not very exciting I know! 

This week it is my pleasure to introduce a new DUSTy Diva and Friday friend - meet the very talented Tatiana of Georgieva Art Studio,
Tatiana creates the most delectable fine art. Her paintings are beautiful and I have found that the landscape ones capture the essence of Australia perfectly. Living in a seaside town, I really appreciate these two works: 

I also really love the composition and colours of "Abstract no.17" don't you? 
I will leave you now to browse the virtual gallery that is Georgieva Art Studio. I hope you enjoy The Tale of Tatiana and Georgieva Art Studio as much as I did. See you all on Sunday for the Sunday night blog post xx
The Tale of Tatiana and Georgieva Art Studio
Who I am?
I am a passionate artist and mum of one beautiful little girl, living and working in Adelaide, SA.
All my life I have been fascinated with the world of art.  I studied at Minsk University of Arts and gained my degree in Visual Arts (Tapestry and Textiles) in 2001.  I moved from Belarus to Australia in 2006 and fell in love with this beautiful country. 
Having worked as a graphic designer/illustrator and art director for various companies and large brands, I decided after 10 years in the industry made to become a full time freelance illustrator, which has led me now to my artist career. 

I gain inspiration from every part of my life and I believe this is reflected in my paintings as I constantly evolve and develop.

Everyone has a story tell, and I love to put mine on canvas.
What inspires you most?
Nature! My works are heavily influenced by  the South Australian landscape. I am lucky to live close to the beach and I find most of my inspiration simply wondering along the coast, watching the waves and birds or a drive in the Adelaide hills where the colors are amazing and changing every season. All this is an endless source of inspiration for me. 
Plus of course the quality time I spent with my family always puts me in the right mood to create.  My munchkin is the brightest beam of sunshine  (that’s where a nickname for my little studio room 'SmileySunday' came from) and my partner, who is always supporting me and happy to offer a second pair of eyes for a fresh look.

What mediums do you work with - do you have a favourite?
I mostly work with acrylics, lately using a palette knife. I love the quick drying time as i prefer to create a painting in one go, so the first impression and emotions are captured.. I do love paint with oils as well. For sketches and ideas I use color pencils.
What do I love most about being an artist?
Creative freedom! I am extremely grateful for this possibility to do what I love most, express myself through art and also hear beautiful and inspiring feedback from my customers.  I think it’s very important to know that 
your art brings smiles and warmth to the other peoples homes. To see this connection is incredible. 
What are your future plans, dreams or aspirations?
I would love to paint as much as possible, keeping my style within semi-abstract landscapes and moving slowly towards abstract. I am also hoping to add some weavings and tapestries to my shop “handmade” using the same motifs and colors. I really miss that period of my life (8-10 years ago) when I was creating these and loved the process.
Dear readers do you want to see more? Here is how you can connect: 

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