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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Friends - Australian Makers - Missa Made It

Yay for Fridays lovely Maddabling blog readers! After a short bush walk last weekend, and spotting some gorgeous wildflowers and orchids, we are planning to visit another walk trail this weekend. I will try to get some baking in too, so that I can share a new recipe with you all in the Sunday blog post. 

This week I am thrilled to introduce an Australian maker - meet Melissa of Missa Made It! 
Melissa makes the most gorgeous things for babies and kids - here are some of the treasures I found while snooping through her page! I love the colours and design of these tactile teethers - there is a little one due to arrive for one of our close family members in a few months time and I am starting to look around at what is on offer in the Aussie handmade world for babies! 
I really truly adore this Foxy Sweet Dreamer softie cuddle toy - so so cute! 
And I must confess I am a little excited at these uber cool Owl Cushion Covers coming soon to Missa Designs - the newest branch of the Missa Made It empire! They will be available for purchase soon. Did I mention lately how much I love Owls? 
Time now dear readers for me to leave you to read The Marvels of Missa Made It. I hope you enjoy Melissa's story as much as I did. See you all on Sunday, and have a fantastic weekend xx
The Marvels of Missa Made It

Who am I?

I am a 25 year old stay at home Mum of two who has always had a passion for art and design. Thinking back to when I was younger, I have always been a bit of an entrepreneur, designing and making all sorts of crafts to sell at the markets my parents attended to earn a bit of pocket money. I just love being creative! Sewing was never a passion of mine, but the design side has always been my driving force. All of my designs are made from my own concepts, and patterns, in fact, I've only ever sewn a handful of things from store bought patterns.
What is Missa Made It?
Missa Made It (Mmi for short) is my creative outlet. It is a place I have created where I get to be 'me' (any Mum would understand this!). Missa Made It is pretty much just as the name suggests, a place where I bring together and sell the things I have designed and made, all of which are little pieces of 'me'.
When did my handmade journey begin?
I have been doing this as my part time job for the past two and a half years. It was never really planned, it just sort of evolved! I started making toys for my own children when they were babies, and from there I started selling my original design softies online on Ebay and madeit.com.au. I still remember the thrill of selling my first few designs online, and getting positive feedback from strangers which was pretty cool, and encouraging to keep at it!
What inspires me?
I am inspired by my children mainly, most of my designs have come about as softies I have designed for them. Also current trends play a part, I started making babushka dolls because they were popular at the time, the same with owls. I'm also inspired by patterns, colours, textures and fabrics in general.
What mediums do I work with? What is my favourite?
I mainly work with fabric including quilting weight cottons, minky, felt and corduroy. I have to admit, I am pretty addicted to fabric shopping, so I guess that is my favourite! I just love 'collecting' different patterns to use in my creations, but the coolest fabric I have is the patterns I have designed myself! That is something else I really enjoy, the design side of things. It's such a thrill to create something using a print no one else has, because it's my design! I am also interested in, and work with a few ECO products. The toy fill I use is made from recycled plastic bottles which I think is really cool!
What kind of things do I make?
I design and make children's toys, and other bits and pieces. My softie designs include the 'Sweet Dreamer' range which is designed to be the perfect bed time companion for little people. 
They are made from super soft swirl minky which is perfect to cuddle into, and they have no arms of legs to get in the way - the perfect cuddle buddy really! I have also dabbled in screen printing my designs onto children's clothing and canvases.
Favourite creation?
Everything I have designed myself is my favourite! It is really cool to be able to make my own patterns, and sell designs that no one else does!
Plans and dreams?
A year ago my plans were to get my designs into children's stores - which I can happily say I have done! Mmi has been stocked in four different stores which is really cool! My other dreams for Mmi were to have my own website, an official www.missamadeit.com, which I now have! From here, my dreams are to continue to grow Mmi, and the number of people I reach, and more importantly the number of smiles I put on little people's faces when they are given their own little piece of 'me' to treasure.
Dear readers - do you want to see more? Here is how you can connect. 

Become a fan on facebook here: 

And buy lovely things on the Missa Made It Website here: 


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