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Sunday, April 28, 2013

**GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED** Maddabling Mother's Day Giveaway

Hello dear readers, I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! As promised, Maddabling is holding a little giveaway to celebrate the milestone of 750 Lovely Maddabling Likers on Facebook. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to support the Maddabling Facebook Page, to read my blog and most importantly, for the sweet comments that you leave for me to read. It really means so much to me and I do enjoy spreading the handmade love! I sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy my blogging journey with me.

So I hear you ask, what is the prize pack that is up for grabs ? 

There are two divine bath tea bags
a cute mothers day card 
 a sweet flower and key necklace with matching earrings
and a set of three pretty hair pins. 
All in all, a beautiful set of handmade Mother's Day treats ready for giving! Note: The bath tea bags are single use only; the bath tea itself is made with beautiful soap making grade botanicals and ground oatmeal. 

How to enter the Giveaway - rules, terms and conditions:
1. Be a fan on Facebook and let me know in a comment here that you are AND 
2. In the same comment, for an additional bonus entry, let me know if you are follower of the Maddabling blog 
3. In the same comment, for an additional bonus entry, tell me why your mum (or mother figure i.e. grandma, aunt, stepmother) is so special to you? 

The all important fine print : 

1. The Giveaway is only open to Australian Residents this time around.
Giveaway Entries will close at 7pm West Australian Time on Wednesday 1st May 2013
2. I will draw the lucky winner using random.org
3. The winner will be announced on the Maddabling Blog by 8pm Wednesday 1st May 2013
4. A link to the blogpost will be placed on the Maddabling Facebook Page and the winner MUST contact Maddabling by 8pm West Australian Time on Thursday 2nd May 2013 to claim their prize. If contact is not made, a new winner will be drawn.

As I am promoting this on the Maddabling Facebook Page, the Facebook Promotion Guidelines state that I must make the following disclaimers :
1. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Maddabling and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for this giveaway.
2. In the promotion's rules 
(a) A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant. 
(b)Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.
(c.)    Disclosure that the participant is providing information to [disclose recipient(s) of information] and not to Facebook.

Wishing each one of you the best of luck for the giveaway - let the fun begin !


  1. I like you :)
    My mum is special to me because she's the only one I've got! Maybe even more so since I almost lost her a little while back. I'm not ready for my mum to depart my life yet!

  2. All the women in my life are inspirations. Especial the women who help raise me. My grandmothers, aunty and of course my mother and women I've known in childhood who treat me like their own daughter.

    I'm also a fb liker

  3. I am a Maddabling Facebook fan and a follower of you blog. :)
    My mum is very special to me because she so willingly sacrifices to help out her loved ones and those in need, even though she's suffered serious loss, grief and hurt in her life. I am just so amazed how she can help so many others in need even while dealing with her own pain - that is love!

  4. Love my mum dearly... not only is she my best friend, she also cares full time for my dad, who has alzheimers/dementia. She very very rarely takes any time out to treat herself. I am not in a position to be able to buy her anything for Mothers Day so would love the opportunity to give her some of your beautiful work, which I know she would love dearly.

  5. So nice to read your comments ladies, Sherree - I know you are a follower on facebook too :) Good luck everyone x

  6. Facebook fan
    My mum inspires me to be all I can be, she has been there in times of trouble and times of triumph. She understands me like no other and you only get one mum

  7. facebook fan, following GFC kha1234
    My mum passed when I was a teenager. She showed me to be strong and guided me to the woman and mother I am today. I have patience and love and in adversity can rise on top, thanks mum x

  8. Fan on facebook, following blog and my Mum is special because she never rests in always looking after us, no matter our age!

  9. My mum aspires me to be what I want to be and to follow all my dreams

  10. Im following on Fb and google

    my mum is the best because she has always loved us unconditionally and taught us right from wrong

  11. I'm a FB fan and follow.

    My Mum is special as she has travelled across the world three times to be at the birth of all her grandchildren.

  12. Liker and follower!

    My mother is so important to me because not only did she love us and care for us, but she pursued her own interests outside of us thus teaching me that it's good to have a balance between mothering and being yourself!

  13. From Adelle (who experienced technical difficulties with blogger)
    So 'like" you
    "like" your blog
    "like" your FB.
    Mums are just the best - well mine is. She is unconditionally there for me always. She is a friend, A guide, A teacher, Amazing and I could not imagine life without her. Everyday we either catch up or chat on the phone . I don't think there is anything she would not do for me. As a child , she nurtured my creative side and patiently showed me how to do things, like knit (which is a challenge to teach a 10yr old, I know, I have tried).
    I heart my mum

  14. Following blog on GFC
    Liked on Facebook
    I adore my Nan for instilling in me valuable morals and ethics for life!

  15. My Mum, my friend, my teacher, my go to person, my "I have something exciting to tell" person. Now she is gone, and I realise more than ever how much she shaped my life, and the person I am today. I realise how much I miss her. How many times I have picked up the phone to call her, to remember she isn't there. She showed ME how to be a Mum, she showed ME what was good, and not so good, and inspired me to be the best Mum I can be. She showed me how love is truly unconditional and nothing is more important than your children and giving them that love, time and understanding (and the odd telling off!). I credit her with enabling and empowering me to feel I can be a great Mum too, and I hope she looks down from wherever she is and is proud of us all. I love you and miss you Mum, Happy Mother's Day. xxx

    Likey lots on Facebook
    Follow your blog

  16. My mum is one of the most important people in the world to me. We may have our issues, but I love her dearly.

    I'm a FB liked and follower on here :)

  17. wish my Mum was still here... and my Nanna... both have gone on ahead... but they were two of the most influential and inspiring people in my life... both extremely creative, caring, faithful, giving - loving... and strong... tough, beautiful ladies!!!

  18. My Mum is special because she is mine. Every day I am thankful that I still have her with me.

  19. a maddabling follower and liker from way back LOL!!!

  20. and the giveaway has now closed! stay tuned for the winners announcement on the Maddabling Blog around 8pm WA Time tonight ♥