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Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Friends - Local Artists - Bam Bam and Sugar - Janelle Peterson

Happy Friday lovely Maddabling blog readers. What have you got planned for your weekend? Maddabling doesn't have a whole heap planned, perhaps some new online listings and meeting a friend for coffee - a nice relaxed weekend I think. 

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce the exceptionally talented local artist - Janelle Peterson of Bam Bam and Sugar. 
I first saw the work of Janelle (Bam Bam and Sugar) at the Phone Box Pop Up Gallery that I blogged about earlier in January - you can read about and see some pictures here if you missed it http://maddabling.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/sunny-saturday-adventures.html  
Snooping through the Bam Bam and Sugar Face Book page, I must confess have fallen in love with these pieces too   "Kingsley goes to Richards House" 
"el dia dellas murtos ofrenda's"
and "Call Me"
Dear readers, I now invite you to make a cuppa, put your feet up and to  turn the brightly coloured virtual pages of The Bam Bam and Sugar Comic Strip. Wishing you all an absolutely wonderful weekend xo
The Bam Bam and Sugar Comic Strip

My name is Janelle Peterson, I studied art through ECU and Curtin, I started seriously making art in 1997. 

I like to use all mediums.
Predominately my work is about myself, who I am, where I belong and what everything means to me.
 Love Hurt and Loss would be common themes in my work
I am interested in nostalgia. love old childrens book illustrations and romance and war comics

At the moment I am making textile pieces out of recycled blankets and appliqueing vintage tattoo designs
I like to think of the tattoo( like the saying death by a thousand cuts) as thousands of tiny hurts to create a picture , and as people we have many hurts and scars that never leave us.
like visible emotional baggage.
I have made light boxes with images of barbie clothes my nan made for me. I enjoy making soft sculpture and toys.
This year I am having a solo show at the Vancouver Art Gallery so I am busily working toward that.

Dear readers, want to explore the work of Janelle more ? Here is where you can connect : 

Become a facebook follower here: bam bam and sugar

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