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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fountains, Candy Girls and Fringe World Frivolities

I recently had the good fortune to attend a Fringe World Event in the big city.  My friend and I walked to our venue and I am so glad that we did. We came across an amazing steampunk inspired piece at the Perth Cultural Centre. It was used in the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre production "Mechronos"
"Time stands still. Time flashes past in a second. The guardians of time have arrived on their ship Mechronos. Their purpose - to keep time alive - to keep Mechronos alive."
Mechronos is described as a monumental steam punk industrial performance machine that was created by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre on commission from FRINGE WORLD Festival and Lotterywest. After a few happy snaps, we ventured on to the The Brass Monkey Pub for some eats. 
There was lots and lots of tasty share plate goodness here.  
With bellies full, we wandered on to our Fringe World venue - the Lunar Circus Tent perched atop the Roe Street Carpark in Northbridge. Readers, you may know this venue better as the Rooftop Movies
There were darling vintage caravans, pink flamingos and strings of plastic basket lanterns strung as far as the eye could see! 
Then for the main event, the Candy Girls.
The blurb goes something like this : "mix three professional aerialists with candy and chaos and you get the Candy Girls! They will fly, clamber,swing and spin out of control while performing high skills high in the air. Performed by local and international artists, these performers know no boundaries to the tricks they can achieve, while putting their feet in each others faces. Cute, Choreographed, Cheeky and Comical, the Candy Girls will wow you hundreds of highly skilled tricks and hundreds of reasons to play tricks on your mates" . 
We were certainly not disappointed. These girls were fabulous, an evening of hilarity ensued, with many gasps and giggles from the audience as the show went on. There skills at both ground level and up high were sensational, even slapstick at time! Wow! 
There was lots of Candy inspired music which provided the backing track for the show - gems such as "Candy" by Iggy Pop, Bed of Roses (roses chocolates were thrown about to make a "bed" of roses) by Bon Jovi, Sugar Sugar (possibly) by The Archies and My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small.  
We then meandered back to our previous destination. The night lights of Fringe World were so much prettier and brighter on the way back through the Northbridge Piazza 
and we had a quick wander through the Urban Orchard venue at the Perth Cultural Centre. 
The Aquarius Fountain bar looked spectacular in the evening light, the fountain was so picture perfect! Yes that really is a working water fountain on top of the bar!
It really was an amazing night, filled with Fringe World Goodness, which I got to share with a really dear friend. I hope you enjoyed this little slice of Fringe World 2013, seen through the eyes (and camera lens) of Maddabling xo 

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