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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Friends - DUSTy Divas - Ariom Designs

Welcome dear readers to the very first edition of Friday Friends for 2012. How is everyone going with the New Years Resolutions they made ? I decided that my resolution is not to make any resolutions this year.

I am very pleased to introduce quite fresh dust this week - a brand new DUSTy Diva and Friday Friend - meet Moira of Ariom Designs.

I met Moira recently at the Denmark Markets and was taken with her beautiful original work. I was also thrilled to me a local Etsy Seller. It was wonderful that I could pass on information in person regarding our beloved DUST team and am so happy that Moira decided to join us :) Welcome to DUST Moira  !

I want to share with you a few of my favourite pieces from Ariom Designs. The pieces speak for themselves in their raw beauty I feel. I hope you love them too. 

Handmade Leather Journal - remember to remember - the creative instigator
What a precious gift this would make for someone ! Moira describes this journal :
A special book can provide just the amount of encouragement you need
to jot down that special thought from a moment you share or
the “quote of the day” that provided just the inspiration
or laugh that when treasured can provide endless enrichment!
This journal is made from an old suede jacket and features
a little Amethyst bead paired with a bigger Eye Agate one on the cover
and on the back I couldn’t help but add a little bit of fur I found
in one of my bags of rescued scraps which I think maybe is rabbit...
I’m not really sure but it is really soft! Turning discarded
or unused materials into a precious and practical part of creation
creature-cuff  features ( as detailed by Moira) a rainforest jasper, prehnite/tourmaline
and carnelian combination and is made from recycled suede and cow leather - stunning !
Fluorite, Tourmaline and Ryolite bliss.... (with a touch of agate : )
How incredibly striking is this gemstone necklace ? I love Moira's description too :
Roughly polished pieces of watermelon tourmaline, the beautiful
bands of agate, clarifying pieces of fluorite topped off with
a deeply coloured piece of Rainforest Jasper....
the most delicious cocktail of supported love.

When creating something fresh something new I often love
the simple beauty and don't use too many different stones
in the one creation but I would say this one is one of
my favourite deviations from that :) it just works and I love it!
I look forward to meeting the one who loves her just as much as I do!
Time now dear readers to turn those virtual pages, and discover the wonders and treasures of The Ariom Designs Oracle. See you all next week for a Wednesday Wishlist and a New Friday Friend Feature x

The Ariom Designs Oracle

Hi all ! My name is Moira Stanley and I am the creature behind the label Ariom Designs. Currently I live in Denmark, Western Australia amongst the beautiful Karri trees and absolutely LOVE it here. After moving around a bit I have finally found the environment which supports my deep hunger for creativity. A very clever woman once said to me that once you find your “niche” your hands won’t be able to keep up with your creativity....now I truly understand what she meant.

I have always loved creating jewellery with gemstone beads but I think my specific love affair with combining this with leather began a few years ago when I entered the world of shoe repairs. I am a Cobbler by trade and it is a job I love but it does not support the sort of working environment I need to feel truly fulfilled. So that is when I really looked at what was I was creating whilst I was running Cobbler shops and said to myself “this is what I truly love”. So I now fill my days creating what I love supported by nature and I couldn’t be happier !

I create use several different mediums from Seashells and Driftwood to Australian Gemstones and leather and paper. After working in a field where I witnessed a lot of waste when it came to leather I have taken on the mission of using only recycled leather so all of my materials I seek from the off cuts of larger companies like Upholstery warehouses and am always on the lookout for old leather jackets that have been sitting in Op shops for centuries. I pull them apart to make something unique and one of a kind.

I do all of my stitching of my beautiful much loved 1932 hand wheel sewing machine “Ruby”. She has come a long way and is still going strong! They just don’t make them like this anymore!

I create everything from beaded jewellery, leather pouches, wallets and hand bound books. I absolutely adore bookbinding and the endless possibilities that lay within it. I find it to leave me in an almost meditative state with the careful intent of tearing page by page to fit your creation and folding and stitching the paper bringing several different mediums together to produce a bigger picture.

I have recently been doing several custom jobs for people and I really enjoy co creating projects. To combine my creativity with another’s vision is something truly inspiring and I look forward to my future being filled with many more projects like these ;)

My mission is to sustain myself in my life from every angle by sharing what I love doing with the world.

Dear readers - do you want to see more ? You can connect with and shop with AriomDesigns

on ETSY here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/AriomDesigns

or catch Ariom Designs at the Denmark Markets on Saturday, 7th January 2012 !

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