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Monday, November 21, 2011

Postcard/Craft Swaps, Decadent Morning Teas, Bath Bombs and Buying Handmade

Hello dear readers, it has been a while since I have written a generalised blog post but there are a few things I thought were newsworthy, so to speak. I am in full swing to organise for the Summer Street Fair market later this week (more info below) and wonder if I will be ready on time......

Now onto general ramblings. I just want to say I love craft swaps.

And postcard swaps. They are so much fun to be involved in ! The October/November Postcard Swap over on the DUST Team forum is in full swing. I was teamed with Abigail ( Jades' daughter) and she sent me this card of Traffic Signal Boxes - she also told me that she had painted the one in the bottom row, second from left ! I think they look fantastic.

I sent Abigail a postcard of the Brig Amity replica and the Albany Town Crier. I really hope she loves it.

The DUST Team craft swap for September/October was a hit, I think all the recipients were happy DUSTers ! I was so spoilt by Tess, my swap partner but more on that in a moment. This is what I sent to Tess. I wrapped it all so prettily - I figure that when you are sending a craft swap parcel, it should feel like Christmas for the receipient :)

This is what I sent to Tess. A mixed media collage, some gift tags, some original photographs I took, some gift tags and a greeting card to say thanks ! I was so pleased that Tess liked my photos enough to include some in a swap.

and this is what I received from the gorgeous Tess from planettreasures ! She certainly spoilt me ! Where do I start. A postcard, a hoot oops I mean cute fabric Owl brooch, a greeting card, some earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a fabric business card holder. Turquoise is my birthstone and features in the earrings and bracelet :)

Decadent Girly Morning Teas - I was lucky enough to indulge with Del from DELicious Designz on Friday at a gorgeous cafe called Liberte in Albany. Beautiful decor and wonderful food, what more could a girl want, apart from a Latte and a Croissant !
A new project - I tried my hand at making bath bombs for the Summer Street Fair coming up from this Thursday night.  I think they turned out rather well for a first attempt. I love to make new things and love it even more when they work out first time round :) This photo is what they looked like when I pressed them out of the mould, now they need to air-dry for 1-2 days.

And finally, are you buying handmade this Christmas ? Deb from Two Cheeky Monkeys suggested for the November/December DUST Tea Craft Swap Secret Santa that we create a treasury list of things we like so that it makes things a little easier for our Secret Santas. There are so many gorgeous things on offer and they won't break the bank ! All of these items are $20 or under !

See you all on Wednesday for a Wednesday Wishlist................... have a great week xo 


  1. You will be ready for the market - it is always a panic beforehand but ends ok on the day, have faith in yourself. Great wish list, I have started mine too - I thought we were just making it up from those participating though. We must do liberte again soon xo

  2. Lovely blog post, your blog is always so interesting, and thanks for talking about the craft swap - it was fun!

  3. You've been a busy girl! wow! I love the look of those bath bombs! except I don't really have a bathtub and would have to get in at midnight to fight the kids off if I DID have a bathtub... The swap looked like fun. Thanks again for including in your treasury x