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Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Friends - Local Artists - Ria di Cola Art

Hello lovely Maddabling readers, what did your collective weeks hold? I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend after a most hectic week. All I hope for is a good book and some sunshine :) 
Today it is my great pleasure to introduce to you all to a new Friday Friend, local artist and very talented creative, meet Ria di Cola Art. 
I happened upon the works of Ria through social media and I want to share a few pieces that caught my attention. I love the strong women in her works, the vibrant colour and the portrayal of the female form. 

Readers, I invite you now to make a cup of tea perhaps and settle in to read The Wrap on Ria di Cola Art. Have a wonderful weekend, see you all on Wednesday for the new edition of Wednesday Wishes xo 
The Wrap on Ria di Cola Art
Hi my name is Ria di Cola, I recently moved from Perth and have settled in Albany (born and raised in Katanning).  For the first time ever I have a lovely light studio all to myself, along with looking after my 4 children (7 combined). I am working at making art my life and getting involved with the art scene in Albany.
I am a part of The Proud Love project (Make A Scene), a pop up gallery /shop. We are a group of emerging artists from Albany who create handmade, high quality, original artworks. 
Our mutual vision is to create our own hub in a shared retail gallery space, for both creative and community development. It is through this amazing collective that I have gained more confidence in my art.

I have always drawn. When everyone else was doing their maths in school I was drawing and being told off! From very young when asked what do you want to be when you grow up? It was a no brainer. An Artist! I have always viewed life and art as one inseparable whole. 
It was when I saw an exhibition by Salvador Dali in Naples Italy when I was 13,I witnessed the reaction of people and realized that by creating a piece of art I could evoke emotion in a complete stranger…this fascinated me. On finishing high school (where art was the only reason to go). I was accepted into Claremont School of Art and Design which further thrust me into the world of art. Seeing and being involved with art daily was a dream come true.
I love stories. Everyone has a story. I want my art to be more than just decoration. I have always been inspired by my children, and they feature heavily in my art…and especially now so as recently my 8 year old Jonty was diagnosed with Autism…this journey we are on, with Autism is a ride that I feel I will document through my art.
The mediums I like to use are pencil, pen, wash and oils. I find that as I am developing I am moving towards exploring mixed media. I no longer believe that only one medium should be used at a time. My influences at the moment are Margaret Woodward and Alex Powers. I like the movement and speed, by which they tell their stories.
One of my favourite pieces I have created was “Maudlin”. It got highly commended at the 2013 Great Southern Art Award. “Maudlin” was a self-portrait which I painted during the breakdown and end of my marriage. It sold straight away and I take pleasure in the fact that it now resides on a wall in Peru! It was only just by chance I met the lady who bought the painting and heard her story and realised that I had now touched someone through my art.

Dear readers, this is how you can connect with Ria di Cola Art. 

Follow her facebook page here: 
or buy lovely pieces from the Make a Scene Pop Up Store here: 

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